Saturday, July 31, 2010

what's up?

and who's down?
i cannot concentrate very well today
maybe it's because i hiked 12 hours yesterday
maybe it is something else
and now i cannot get in the groove of anything
this morning i woke up to an elk in the driveway
i love this life
maybe maybe i can just stand here royally
and know
it is all good
which it is
don't you love it when you know it is!
even if you cannot wrap your mind around that
in any possible way
oh and have you seen the moon lately? it apparently has been quite incredible lately, last night it was most awesome!


klaproos said...

als je zo'n spectaculair dier tegenkomt wil je wel even stilstaan en kijken wat is dat ??
het dier kijkt precies zo naar jou,
geweldig hé.
een fijne dag wens ik jou vandaag ,

jozien said...

geweldig inderdaad. dank je !

jozien said...

amazing indeed, i mean:) hey i like Dutch on my blog, i do! but i'll keep speaking English if you don't mind, and i will speak Elk to the elk.

Sue said...

I do love when I know it is.
And hiking helps me remember, too.
I missed the moon
but I've been really loving sparkles on the water

Brian said...

Hi jozien
I like your visitor I hope he comes to see you again.