Saturday, May 28, 2011

tantalizingly close to the sea

glorious days
sunshine all over
in the wind salty spray
but the sea ain't the sea
and big drops falling
from the one cloud in the sky
they somehow don't touch me
i live fully
see bears in the forest
sea lions slip in the water
for breakfast we catch
two dungeoness crabs
even the rocks tell me stories of glory
yet it's more like a dream
not being able to live this most beautiful way

Monday, May 16, 2011


a reflection of emotions
so clear
i gasp
and cannot see
my love for you
i find it hard to breath

Sunday, May 15, 2011

All back to normal

summery hot purple
winter in the background
both close to my heart

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

don't you love it!

It's called...
hiking on a nice day in may
enjoying the spring flowers (we did see some!)
this is the yukon!

we do love it, soaking wet and freezing

Monday, May 9, 2011

i am trying

to figure something out :)
The thing is i lost my zoombrowser photoshop and now i have 'photo! editor' (not as good in my opinion. Anyway it's what i got right now. Sometimes my photos would appear laying on their side. Okay when i turn them in the photoshop they are turned!, even when the still show sideways.
I'll never know if computers will ever make sense to me.

i went birding

Green-winged Teals

Sunday, May 8, 2011

i fell through the ice

fear always intrigues me. I have fears alright, but the wrong kind :) a fear i am working on lately, is that i actually fear to stand on my own two feet.... to truly be independent.
Interestingly i have no fear of going places that can't support me.
I see my little lake, it's a lovely sunny day, warm. The ice is rotten, i sink in two inches in slush, but the ice hard under feet and still reaches the shoreline.
I step on, it hold me easily, why not go on? I walk so happily when suddenly!
You know it did not feel cold or scary. I just stood there thigh deep (luckily the lake is very shallow) i look around and realize if while trying to climb onto the ice it would break in front of me, it is a very long way to the shore! ahhh i crawl out quite effortlessly. Still.. seeing i am not far from the opposite shore, i think of continuing... It's not fear that has me turn back the way i came from, it's common sense.....

you think i can learn from this in life?

And what is the lesson for today?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

for Christopher

some giants gone

and i cry
why sometimes what is in our hearts
is miles apart
yes in my heart
i might think it's me and my husband that
are total oppositehere now
he said those trees they need to go
having explained it to me endlessly
i can't see the purpose
not at all
yet i love the light that trees gone do create

i love the light
last week i was surprisingly reminded of that
i was camping out not far from here
but in the dark forest beside a stream
the forest dark and dense
having beauty in it's own
but there is no true love there for me
you know how i love the openness more then anything
i felt this spot was not the Yukon that i love
now i know it's not the Yukon that i love
it is the light the openness
i love my Yukon because
i do live on a sun exposed hill side

aching because of trees, because they live of light too
(aching because i crave a cigarette:)

Rejoicing because of light,
because my son cared for a new born child!
Now how awesome is that!
He gave needles and they complimented him on how painlessly he did it
and the other deep felt experience he had this week;
He cared (with the nurses nevertheless) for this new born child.
What a privilege.
How good can life be!!!
(Alexander is studying to become a Paramedic and doing his first practicum)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The crocuses are now blooming in abundance
Kips' puddle is overloaded with Northern Pintails
And i will make it through today,
tomorrow and Friday are easy i will be in town.
So i quit smoking once again
and talking about seems to help me
thanks for listening again

snow and sky

Do you see the tracks on the mountain? these are made by skidoos 'highmarking'
I'll be writing more in a bit
i am quitting smoking again
the first day was easier than last times first day in the same circumstances
today is hard!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


We saw many beautiful creatures (and a blooming crocus) today around the LaPrairie's Bison Range.

But most amazing to see two caribou!

We know some live in the mountains around here, but none of us have ever seen one, and neither have we heard of anyone running into them.
Well today Virginia and i did. On the bank of the Takhini River.

friends with benefits