Saturday, September 5, 2015

a giant gobbler

a giant stone gobbler laying languidly in the forest behind my house. I assume he has been laying there for years, gobbling away. I just never noticed him, he so quiet, i might have walked by him once, but didn't pay much attention

You know that is really strange, i just looked on google earth, and this rock is 0.85 km away from the house. That is not very far. And i walk around here for 20 years.
Is that what the forest does, it hides things?
Yet i do know that i do not often go to that sidehill,
it is beautiful steep, deep moss, forested slope.

The gobbler he eats little girls and boys fingers, as you can see.

I go all other directions quite regular, to the lake, to the beach lines, to the hills, to the creek, in the other forests, but hardly ever there.

I am also in place now in another place i hardly ever a place of health issues. It constricts me in ways that i am hardly ever constricted in. First i found it kind of interesting, that somehow being preoccupied with this, it took my mind away from real issues, almost like i imagine mind altering drugs will do.