Wednesday, March 29, 2017

knee deep snow

bridges are burned
but i want to go back
for hours i walk through knee deep snow
spruce trees, snow and willows
some poplars, the odd pine
in many different arrangements
to ski would be to float through it
but the turns i have to take are too thight
to snowshoe, to stay on top of it
i would get snagged too often
the sun shining profusely
i better keep going
i love to be lost
taking short cuts
or the round about way
wishing you all soft snowy days 
and diamond dust

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


what's the noise?
is it a foreign movie without subtitles?
the fridge kicking in again?
am i making this noise?
or is it the helicopter approaching
to take me off this
remote island in the South Pacific?

they announce that the being build new hospital wing is sinking,
people paying rent for places that don't exist,
a gravel pit right in the middle of the city, why not?

years now
centimeters or cityblocks
 millions of dollars

this silence here
i too have been trying to be quiet

no wonder it hurts and is stuck
it is too loud 
and too big

Monday, March 27, 2017

April Poetry Month

a helicopter approaches
i scan the sky
in the silence sounds reach me from far away
i spot it
high up
as it passes by
disappearing in blue sky

i entered the silence
a silence that hurts
in the pit of my stomach
i entered a silence
that is stuck in the throat
making me gag

what can i say
for certain?

the swans speak once
in all that time
just 3 snow buntings
chatter lightly as they fly by