Sunday, March 21, 2010


I am going on holidays!When you look at this picture you can find the moon. It's coming into it's first quarter. I will be gone till the next new moon.
For two weeks of that time i will be in Holland. And i am looking forward to it very much. It's just when i am scrounging around in the forest and definitely on a gorgeous day like this, this is were i am on holidays, my vacation destination is where i live.

To be somewhat useful on the second last day of my 'vacation' (today), i went to cut wood. Don found some big ones. Here you see the roots of some of those spruce we cut.

When the tree is blown over you see how the roots are shallow and wide.

Don didn't cut down the following one. It was still standing, and still had a little life in it. You can see how it was damaged (probably animals, not people, because there... were no people here in our backyard.) early on in it's life.

It's spruce pitch you see, and it is so old it turned grey.

And the last picture, hmmmm i spotted an interesting mountain
sometimes how the light falls, it brings out a shape i didn't see before. Now that's what i think is a good destination for a holiday, and will only take me a day, to hike up to it.

ps Don thinks its a bit of a mirage. Yeah sure, i be hiking towards an illusion (and that sounds eerily like a preordaination of my life:)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Alexander Chisholme

There you go finally a picture of Alexander.
By Tom Patrick, Yukon News

quote: “I think Alexander’s strength was that his amplitude was right up there,” said Binsted. “Amplitude and clean execution were extremely important for these judges.”

Mary Binstead is Alexander's coach. She is great!!! I just use exclamation marks for lack of vocabulary.
I had to look up what amplitude means: greatness of extent, the maximum displacement from the zero or mean position of a wave or oscillation.
(I suppose you also know what oscillation means:)
ahhh but i will write it's meaning here too, because these are just such wonderful words. I love words, especially if it means something to me. Like something i always knew , but didn't have the words for.
So there you go, oscillation: the act of oscillating:). fluctuation, instability, variation. etc.

I know were Alexander gets it from, from me. I am an oscillator having amplitude. I love it :) Why not?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

green eyes

Susan came out today, and i was happy to go up the mountain again. It looks like she was dressed for freezing temperatures, but i am happy to say we were overdressed totally.
we could have been hiking in shorts :) My face is glowing and i know i got a bit of a sunburn.
And really even on a summer hike it is hard to dress for the mountains here, as there is often a cold breeze in places.

Susan wants to take a short cut bush whacking, which i love, and i am glad she does too. we go through this enchanted forest. The poplars (aspen) have little burls on them.
and we come across the fresh porcupine tracks. A porcupine leaves a love track, this one 9 inches wide. It is a continues wavy track, their footprints not clearly distinguishable, as it leaves a wavy line in the middle from its tail.
The moose tracks were fresh too, So they both live there at the moment, i wonder if they walk and talk together too.

Not many people know i actually have green eyes. They often look blue. But i love it when people actually see, i have green eyes. (Thanks Susan, for capturing it)

We had our lunch on the bedrock, a bird had been here before us, and left a little bit of down

I wonder what kind of bird, yesterday there where some chickadees and a bigger bird.

This fluff wasn't there yesterday, so i wonder who left it.

The chickadees are singing their spring song, both yesterday and today, beautiful!

Monday, March 15, 2010

photo journal

looking into Kluane Range

climbing exposed rock
trudging through snow

to get to the foot of the mountain
expecting it all quite hard

someone gave me wings today

wild creature

Finally, climbing again
once a week is not enough for me
as i walk there is coyote, lynx and moose tracks and maybe wolf.
they all come towards me
which means they are were i came from....

Partly due to my guilt, having no wild places to tell you about or show you, i came out of my inertia and.....

i will do another post tonight

but who do i meet; the innocent porcupine "free yourself of guilt and shame" is what the oracle cards tell me. Ahhh there you go.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

in inertia

in inertia
eyes closed images
in the silence i hear
a blue yellow spiral
colors unable to mix
always hungry
non words come to me
a library for liberation
wanting to be austerized
i look in to clear glass
it is black inside

Friday, March 12, 2010


In the snowboarding competition, Arctic Winter Games, junior male,
5 contingents were competing...

slopestyle, gold for -Mikkel Olsen-, Greenland
banked slalom, gold for -Ellan Cohen-, Alaska
half pipe, gold for -Pierce Mimura-, Alberta North
snowboardcross, gold for -Joel Dragon Smith-, Northwest Territories
overall, gold for -Alexander Chisholme-, Yukon Territories

Way to go Boarders everywhere!

(and why not have this count as a flash 55, check out Galen onspeeding


May i be the happiest mother alive?

Alexander finally phoned me, just now.
He won the snowboard competition in his division!

He didn't get a gold in any of the four events, but placed highest overall.

(the photo, is his bronze ulu he won 2 years ago)

As you noticed the last few days, i do have a competitive edge to myself, but i love it how miracles work; in his division, 10 snowboarders, junior men, there were 5 golden medals handed out. And as the miracle be, to 5 different boarders, i will check now, maybe even of 5 different contingents.


I wish i could post a photo here of Alexander with all the snowboarders he competed with. (i hope someone did take pictures)
I have to suffice with pictures of my own ventures.

first there is Sonja and Anja. Anja the beautiful model in some of my paintings
John and Tracy. Tracy the fantastic owner of the cafe.

and here is Don and i. Don my very proud husband.

It was a great evening!
And THANK YOU to all 26 or so people that came out!
And THANKS to my friends that actually bought some of my art.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Ahhhh, :)
In the qualifiers he placed first,
in the semi finals first
and it seems in the finals he placed third.

So i think that means bronze, maybe you can look for me for the official results later this day., because i won't see a computer till late tonight. I am on my way to town now, found a dress. I will first put in an hour at the daycare and then i hope to see you at Umbellula Cafe.

It does looks like Alexander is bringing home 3 ulus.
Which is fantastic. When you read his profile, he said his aim for these games is to medal.
He sure did.
I think he would have liked a gold, but i know he is very happy.
Alexander has been participating 3 times in these games now, always enjoying it thoroughly.
even the first year were he and his wrestling team lost most bouts.

Thanks 'Sports Yukon'!


Oh my, i am so nervous.
I never never worry about dressing up, but today my floor here is full of dresses, not knowing what to were, for my art-show tonight.
And!!! Alexander , i think... is in the lead.... Snowboarder cross.
cheer him on!

Yesterday he did get a silver ulu for Team Yukon :)
it's just i don't know how to read all the scores.

silver ulu

I think...Alexander got silver yesterday!
In the Half Pipe competition.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

monday's photos

On the way to Fish lake , Mcintyre creek. I am not sure, i didn't read the information signs at the look-out, but i think this creek stays open all winter. I was too busy looking for some ducks we could clearly hear, but never found. Some ducks do stay on all winter.

And this a beautiful Balsam Fir. It's needles are like spruce but thicker, the way i identify the tree immediately is by the bark though, which is smooth compared to the Spruce.
Down by the lake, it's spruce forest, with some Aspen and of course Willow (willow grows everywhere i suppose). Higher up we start seeing a fir here and there. Up to the tree line it is all firs.

And above the treeline....... you gotta love it.

yet another glorious day

in the morning, the wind from the east is warmand it blows in many things.
i haven't even finished yesterday (i will)
many many many good things.
there are a few ruffed grouse on my path.
we meet duke again and his companions. there's duke, he is 24! he's the dark one, cici is the lighter one.

as we are touring the meadows again, the sky in the west turns black and its coming our way. we look at the sky in awe, but really it's not the reason we return home (it's the lack of bison sign, my husband is hunting on all those trips we make)
As we glide into the yard, on now clear ice, there is still some blue sky in the east. We are not inside for two minutes, and there; a snowstorm!

more blue sky things; Alexander getting bronze (snowboarding),
receiving a sark book from Kara,Kara
and hearing... someones... heavenly :) voice,
or is that the dark cloud in my life, oh that dark dark cloud, it gave a brand new warm white blanket of snow, and i don't know, i just don't know.....

added 5 minutes later, after re-reading yesterday's comments.
:) i do know. it is all good! whatever will happen. after all the sky is striped pink right now!

fish lake

Coyote is in the yard as i speak, she tricks me alright. Sunday i said -i love the wind- and i mean it and am very passionately about it. Somewhere else that day i also spoke about, how i love my body.
Soooo yesterday on woman's day two most beautiful woman climbed the mountain, parking our car in the blistering wind on the edge of the lake. happy to climb most part in the shelter of the trees. (the trees, i 'll do another post about the trees, because iloooove those trees there)
Anyway in an hour we hear the roaring of the wind, we are at the tree line.
And finally finally i am on top of a mountain again, and the wind with us, blowing us on, we laugh and freeze, find a little bit of shelter in the barren land on the lee side of the the ridge we are on.

Glory oh glory, why do i love the wind, because really it would have been nice to just sit quietly there for a bit.

So where does coyote comes in, she gives me what i want, what i passionately love. That is really...... quite a responsibility i have there towards me.

(later i will post more, because you know i belong on the mountain top and it took me all winter to get there again, just 1 measly hour hiking up)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

the wind, i love the wind

i am still in my very good mood, it actually makes it hard to say anything, because it will be just
like; oh look how beautiful the snow, what the wind does to it, don't they make the perfect pair, wind caressing snow.
or; oh look at that root, it must have been a treesome; the wind, the sun, the root, their love lasts here forever.
and then the horses....., too bad i didn't capture them running in the wind. Well that would have be the ultimate, me galopping bareback, wind blowing through my hair.
i did try to mount the black stallion, he almost let me, but i don't know if because of the snow, i couldn't get enough footing to jump, and he was big and high, and maybe i haven't practiced getting on a horse for a long time.

today on this beautiful windy sunny day we went to the meadows again.
and really not all was perfect, Don is still don and i am still me, so we still fight once in a while.
hey! but we get over it these days, and had a truly wonderful outing
oh yes and the wind was sharp and cold, my fingers still slightly tingling.
we went into, what i called a gorge last week, again. it is such an awesome place, it's not like the meadows. but it is flat inside what seems to be grassy underneath the snow, plus here and there what appears to be ponds. And it's a long narrow strip, say on average 400 feet wide, lined by clay walls, that are falling in, the walls on average, (i am not being accurate) say 15 feet high (hmm maybe higher). today we went all the way to the end of this kilometer or mile (i promise measuring next time)strip. it ends with this clay wall, kind of rounded, a bowl at the end . so i climbed the wall at the end and... it just continues! me being me i would have found a way to get over the wall, but don always keeps me reined in a bit, time to go back.

on the way back we meet in middle of the 911-pond, Duke, Cici and Sundance! three old horses, Duke is 24 i think. It happened to be that their owners where there with them on their skidoos bringing them some oats. So we had a nice visit, remember that people were applying for land there, and i wrote a letter to objecting to it. Well Elaine, who has her horses free ranging there, was able to tell me that the people had not gotten the land ( it's a long story, i think everybody should be allowed to live her, but... anyway i am not going into that today)


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Headless Buddha

winter, spring
you tell me
dull black and white
golden blue and bright
i do not distinguish
a lie from the truth
sunrays in darkness
my heart from yours
all i know
is the light
i live in
you, you and you
all of you

your radiance

some of you
sunny robert, florida/yukon
golden cat, the giver of the print
for inspiration on the last added sentence:)

Team Yukon

Today we are bringing Alexander to the airport. He is going to compete in the Arctic Winter Games in Grand Prairie, Alberta.
If you are interested, here is the website

And these photos have nothing to do with that, and really they have more to do with the initial intention of this blog.
Remember, i posted a photo a while back of three bison skulls, well the wolfs dragged them away. Don found one shortly after they were taken, some 100 metres into the woods.
Yesterday i went searching for the other two. There are lots of wolf tracks to follow right around the place were we had them. On the edge of the woods, right by the yard.
We never see or hear wolfs! But there you go and they probably are very aware of us.
It didn't take me long to find the second one. It is amazing to me that they did take them as far as they did, there are just prints in the snow leading to the spot, no sign at all of dragging. and a bison skull is no small thing. But looking at the other sign left behind, a wolf is no small animal.
When you look at the skull you might be able to see, that the wolfs seem the eat the bone right around the nose.

The Yukon Game Branch, would like to see wolfs hunting Bison. The Bison here are an introduced species, and the herd is growing rather fast. I'll try to find a link for that, if you are interested. http://
(not the most recent site, but most informative of what i clould find. If anyone out there knows a better site, i would very much appriciate it)

Friday, March 5, 2010

yeh yeh yeh

This blogging, there is so much
I just have to go click and the answer is there,
i love it.

That's what blows me away, in life overall, that there is so much beauty and wisdom. That's why i love the wind, i love being blown away.

To be surrounded by love, in one way it makes me feel; who am i? i am nothing.
And i try to shift a bit they way you show me, because i like what i see and read.
and voila!

Wednesday evening i took a workshop with Joanne Baines 'Embodied Anatomy'
I am not going to explain it all here, but the essence of it for me is:
to be aware of your own body
So we were doing that, becoming aware, and miraculously, yes my body knows. Nobody really has to tell me, i could feel it in my body, what is right.

I can actually tell you a little example, so read on if you want to know, my own experience so far.
stop reading now, if you really don't want to hear about my bowel movement :)
I have a tendency to be constipated. And i have ways to deal with that, from not holding in emotionally to eating seeds and raw veggies.
Being with Joanne (who didn't focus on my issue, i didn't take the workshop for that reason) She let us feel our posture, what i felt is that i should shift my upper body ever so slightly to the right and my lower body slightly back. And there you go this morning i realized
this frees up the very end of my colon!
Now when you look at my body (see my other blog:) my left breast is bigger and i have a tummy roll, meaning for years i have let it hang slightly that way. (whatever the reason)

It's all so simple really.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Okay no more crying for me, i promise......
till i cry again.

Anyway i like to say, after i spoke out about my worries for Alexander, the next day he applied to a school!!! (i am so happy)
It's like when you finally decide to go the doctor, when you see him, the ailment is somehow gone. Do you ever have that?
Really it's a beautiful thing. For me it's not something i can control.
It's about letting go, totally admitting defeat.
I can not do that on demand.
Let go and let God.
To me it is the secret of life;
All is energy, the same energy.
When we hold on to something it cannot change, only when we let go it can transform. It is really so simple when you think of it.

Spring, comes every spring. Maybe we just struggle at times with life till the moment comes for us to let go. How come the birds and the buds know these things and we don't?

Maybe i should just altogether stop struggling, and know that the roses will smell again. ( i already did stop, really, for now, till...)

For now, i looooove this drawn out spring of the Yukon, it may last till May.
so (Christopher:) i can capture that moment of change.

(do you smell it? ....
the sweet scent of wild roses.....lovely ain't it?)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


why does the snow shines like ice
sheets of silver in the sunwhy after riding endlessly over familiar fields
along mountians that i know so well
clouds always moving
and the wind, i love the wind

why do i end up in this gorge i have never been before

why why why do i still cry

i know my morning was too stressful for me
i know for a year now i have been trying to find post-secondary education for alexander
and all i hear is;
mom i don't know

i do know

i am surrounded by beauty
and that
i do have a son
who is smart enough to be anything he wants to be

and i do know you love me

art opening march 11

The date for my art opening has changed.....
It will be Thursday March 11 still at the Umbellula cafe.