Friday, July 2, 2010

climbing rocks

The day starts cold and grey and i end up having to go to town,picking up my car,which is a long story and visiting a dear dear friend in the hospital.
On the way back the sun is shining hot again. I am in a skirt and sandals, no bear spray.
There's rocks to climb.I can't resist, i should have thought of this
I stop along the way at a 'new'(where i've never gone before) spot, Yukon Wild says the sign.I park at the end of the road where there is a no trespassing sign and a danger sing. Oh well i won't go far
Right where i park there are little ponds, more orchids and a duck with a duckling.
But the rocks are calling me.
The rocks are quite different again, then around my house.
I climb up a bit circumvent the vertical once. And do not go to far, because on top of it all no one knows i took this side trip.
:) Just one more place on a long list where i long to go again.

longing to climb a certain rock
longing to have it all a certain way
longing for a better life
longing for i actually don't know what
lucky lucky i can wish this way
lucky lucky i have been there
at least once
so let me long a little longer
yearning to be in your arms again
is it all just lust?

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