Monday, July 26, 2010


Kusawa lake
Just a soft day
the finest sand
hot sun cold water
i did swim but not so brave
now i am home
i will use some of what i seen today
water, sparkles, mountains, skin that glows
what colors do i use for something that is perfect as it is?

Hmmmm. someone gave me a beautiful astrology reading for my birthday. And it was right on. To feel contentment with what is, i threw pluto taurus and house 8 (i think) and the first draw, mars aries 10. Not so peaceful as in laying in soft sand, so this was a day to contemplate, what this messages really says.
I'll just paint. :)

I just found out there's another birthday, today,
in pink light Shaddaiah


He said...

He Jo

Ik wens je wondermooie dagen

He named her : so beautiful
He named her : flower of moonlight
He named her : lake of lost dreams
He named her : light of eternal remembrance
He named : madonna in the shadow
He named her : joy and melancholy
He named her : forget-me-not

Anja said...

Hoi Jozien
Happy 50
I have you on my calendar for tomorrow, is it wrong? Anyway I hope to follow in a few weeks turning 50. Is seems you already celebrated. Have a Happy Birthday! Do you think our old class will have a reunion this year? would have been fun. Ada, Nel and my parents have booked a flight to help celebrate in August.

jozien said...

He you, whoever you are, thank you :)
Anja , indeed my birthday not till tomorrow, it's just we celebrated it over the weekend. say hi to Ada and Nel! When was the first (and last) reunion? I didn't go. I would have liked to.