Tuesday, August 31, 2010

black and white

ORANGEis that so?
after coming out of black and white
thousands of years
there's orange
it's anything
you got to feel it
how many ions
till violet
till Oneness
we'll see :)
it's all One
after all
the spectrum of colors

black and white

i did
i smoked one
it's not that
not what you think
it's why
can't i deal
with emotions
like you, like all
you out there
so many shades of grey
why all these colors
why do i live in a rainbow
a rainbow
of Love

how do you do it?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

de vogel is gevlogen

Alexander, just phoned a minute ago, to say he is in Grand Prairie!!!
This time he is driving South not on a trip. But he flew from the nest. He left Wednesday morning, only yesterday. He is driving down.
He will be starting College in Medicine Hat. He will be taking the Paramedic program, Applied Health Sciences.
He said, see you at Christmas

And these are pictures of Sullivan the Seagull, from the story Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

Well it actually was at Sellkall Lake, almost 2 weeks ago. This the parent who was screaming over her/his one young, defending their private beach.

If i was a real writer, i made a story too

As i was waving Alexander goodbye,from the grocery store parking lot, who shows up; Mr Sullivan, one of Alexander favorite teachers in high school.
Thanks for the hug Mr. Sullivan, i needed it. It was not as bad as sending Alexander of to Kindergarten, but still quite emotional.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I can spot sheep!

from miles away

so the first photo is taken with telephoto lens and the second, how i seen it from the Haines road, (last week)

Today: What's going on, when one hangs out the laundry as it is raining?
This morning i just did that. I don't think i have ever done that before.
It just seemed to make sense this morning as i had a (for me) busy day ahead. Now here at 7.30 pm, when i'm already through with all the being busy. I think i could have waited till now, half past seven still a reasonable hour to hang laundry outside. The only thing; it is still raining.(what do you think; should i bring it in and put it through the spin cycle again? I do not have a dryer(don't want one.

Hmmm but you know what, i might be a little out of it. (Among other things, Alexander is leaving for college tomorrow.) But i can indeed spot sheep! which is no small feat. On the mountains here there are very many white rocks, as there are many little white cars on the road(i just felt like throwing that in). Not all are sheep.
So i feel i have indeed become some sort of wilderness woman, to be able to see that.
My husband, son (and many others) have always been better at spotting wildlife. The wildlife, they do not all (like the Eagle) sit above you in the tree, waiting to be seen.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

juvenile eagle

sitting silently above me
turned away, facing the river
it knows i'm here
once in a while it will turn its head 180 degrees to look at me

Friday, August 20, 2010

just a question

How do i delete any followers that just latch-on for, to me, no apparent reason.

Yep, snow

blue sky, a black cloud
lots of loving, hail
the highest tops here
covered in a fresh layer of white
it's true
the gentian my favorite blue
(Swertia perennis)
last weekend's evening light

the day does not come to an end
why, why do i not know a thing
this does count fifty five :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

flowers/ mountain peaks

open spaces

Whatever the reason i love open spaces. I did grow up on the flat country site, below sea level, with views reaching to Schipluiden and the Waterweg. Our farm house in a little oasis of trees. I love trees, my father and i we did. My mother had her flower garden, i had mine. So what made me love these mountain tops?
To camp here on the summit underneath the Three Guardsman right above Stonehouse creek. Open spaces among white peaks, creeks gurgling down giving life to flowers, in all sizes and colors.
To let me sleep here, wake up in the morning, i tell you, that for me is paradise.

Monday, August 16, 2010

reflection 2

And there we are underneath the Three Guardsmen on the Haines road.
to be continued..


:) no, i do not want to get all filisofical about reflections.
Just one thing, i do believe whatever i experience on the outside is a reflection of what i am on the inside.
I do like Dezadeash Lake :) You too?

Thanks Haagje, i will organize it somehow. The thing is i never quite know if i'm up or down. Am i the Mountain(Earth) reflected in the Water and what about the Air so still, where it's only me creating ripples. I don't know if you can tell, but truely i'm a Fire sign. It's heat! I'm loving it.

i fly

No, i did not fly.
I ask you; do i do that, do i insinuate more than what it really is, more than i can live up to?
My speaking in metaphorical ways, when it rains it does not necessarily pour.
Yes, i did had many peak experiences this week, in different ways.
At Al anon i will always say that; look, i do not want serenity (serenity one of the cornerstones/goals/consequences (whatever:) of the twelve step program.
I will say; i love my highs, let me grovel through my lows.

So this week i had many highs and really no lows. Just question marks.
When you go so high, see picture of a twin peak in the St. Elias Mountains (Alsek Ranges).
It is very very cold.
When you fly into the sun (this gull at Kellsall Lake)
The sun way too hot, to even get a little closer than we earthlings are.

This weekend many people here in the Yukon are having a fantastic weekend. It is a long weekend , today a holiday. And the weather is amazingly beautiful, the best of the summer (if you love heat)

So i was living many moments of bliss. Next i will post my pictures of a Saturday evening walk. I was camping in a place; my perfect place. My perfect place, i'll write about that in the next post with the photos.
But on that walk the light was soo beautiful. I thought i was in paradise, the only scare really, that somehow i could not capture it on film.
Anyway to know that everything is perfect as it is and on top of that IT IS perfect.
My question is, can a person live that way?

Now, me, earthling, not equipped to climb glaciers, not able to fly into the sun,
i feel whatever i decide, it does not seem right, someones missing out, and i am missing out, i can only flow into one moment at the time........

I might just drown.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


No, i did not climb this high,
tired nevertheless
i'll blog tomorrow :)
just wanted to post one picture, because i have loooooooots.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

turning over a new leaf

am i?
or is it just plain delicious lunacywhen fireweed is in seed
snow will be on the ground
in six weeks
one needs
angels in the clouds

when i walk up the mountain
which really is hill
when we talk and walk
up the flat rock
which is not flat at all
just the right slope
when we forget it's steep
and are on top before we know
and when
only then
i realize i did not see a thing
i have angels
when i lay back upon that rock
and there they are
now i see

Friday, August 6, 2010


golden forest
last tuesday evening
i sat among the swirling leaves
dying for a smoke
i'm still swimming
in the summer heat cold river
the dryness makes it feel like fall
i fear things might be changing
and behold they did
i love these changes
i have barely thought
of smoking
it's that summer heat

read the prediction for change at http://g-man-mrknowitall.blogspot.com

Thursday, August 5, 2010

seylynn and hoodlums

Watch this!!!!
it's Alexander on the bike
and Grant Mcwatters behind the camera

Monday, August 2, 2010

one more saxifraga

to positively identify.
these where maybe most abundant on the mountain.
i like to all know them by name, because.....
it's all just so amazing to me.
in my wild flower blog i will today first post the tiny fireweed, here down in the valley i am still immersed in magenta, and then to find that there is a tiny member of the family living on the mountain and to recognize her and say hi to her from her big sisters.
i love that

as for saxifragas, rock breakers, they are so many and varied

alpine flowers

Oops, on my own yukon wild flower blog i found that the Cladonia is now called Montia. It's a Montia bostocki. If i not already have i will post the following flowers there too, with more information about the flowers. cat's paw

a tiny dandelion
Taraxum lyratum

my favorite moss campion
put your nose to it,mmmmm

Arnica lessingii

moss campion again


and a darling saxifraga

i have identified this one before, hmmmm

these are just a few of the different flowers we have seen on jubilee

a Claytonia

Spring Beauty
You know, some days there is just too much to do, for example i would like to know exactly which claytonia this is. But the weather too beautiful to be on the computer, it's hot today (i do love heat:). Yesterday we picked lots of raspberries and so these beautiful summer days go by fast.
The photo;
This was one of the flowers that adorned the mountain. On the whole South side of Jubilee, there wasn't much water, just dry rocky slopes. This creek coming straight out of the mountain and flowing for maybe a hundred meters. Which makes it an oasis, with many flowers, bees of every size and birds.
I do want to say a little about how this hike comes about. In this instance Mary spots something from the air, goes on a reconnaissance trip, and brings us out there, she has figured out how to find the mountain. Which is easy in a certain way, but realize there is no trail, we're in the forest, we look at the map, discuss things, and of we go. The top which looked like the top wasn't the top after all, from the real top we pick a lake to go to, which proves that we need another meeting as there are a few hundred feet down and up again in between us and that lake.
Do you get the picture, beside being on a mountain, we love being explorers. On the way back we do get stuck in the thick of it, but eventually do come out, sore, scratched, full of bug bites, but very very happy:)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

acid lake

This is what i call austere.
I love austerity
i think...
but when i look it up in the dictionary, it doesn't quite say what i mean
I in a place like this, i am totally...
Climbing up the mountain when coming above the treeline, that is were i am in my element. It's exactly where i want to be.
Reaching the top of the mountain, is more than a bonus.
but to swim in a lake like this, naked, I am elated, beyond.

i guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, i think it's extremely beautiful.
Mary and i are trying to find out what kind of mineral is in those rocks, very many explorers have done so before us, so we might find out through their reports, whatever it was, it was luckily not worth mining. down below, the road we came up there is an old gold mine.

Later on i will post what most amazing flowers actually can grow close to a deposit like this, nothing grew right on the orange and purple rock, and to me it smelled like Sulphur. The water tasted like metal.