Friday, July 16, 2010

celia made my day


It is one of those days today. I won't go in details, because i guess you all have them, once in a while. I just don't feel so good, and things do go wrong, and i am bothered by those things.
How often do you have days like that? Is there an acceptable standard?
I have them at least once a week, is that average, or am i in bad shape?

But than again sitting here pondering, this post is going to be quite uplifting.
Arts Underground sold one of my paintings this week!
There is two families of ducks with ducklings in the little lake here:)
Hmmm and now i can't think of a third thing.

But anyway, not wanting to cook dinner or do anything productive or pleasurable. Ha, i turn on the computer. And who is on my email it is Celia! She's got a beautiful new website. She is this amazing lady! I am sure she doesn't have days like this :)

For now she is going to be my role model. Because also after selling my painting, being on a high for two days, now i doubt if i can live up to my own standards and the ones of the Gallery, they only so so accept my best work. (writing it like this, makes me realize; my goodness they DO accept some of my work, that is no little feat, jozien)

When i look at Celia...... it's good.

And the amazing coincidence!!!
I love coincidences and they do happen a lot to me.
As i read her website, i see that the title of one of her movies is 'last stop for miles' Now i happened to borrow that movie yesterday from the library. Not knowing it is hers. I never really look what i take,i just take a quick pick, as they are for free anyway, so i have something to watch on an evening like this.

I'll cook supper first.


fireweed meadow said...

Congratulations on selling your painting!

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I have those days too!

Congratulations on selling one of your paintings! I am sure many, many more will sell too.

I love Celia's website also. Some days she seems to write exactly what I need to hear.

Hagazussa said...

Waarschijnlijk heb ik ook wel van die dagen, maar ik maak me er niet zo druk om, dan hebben ze minder invloed. Uit acteren kan je heel veel halen, ik heb jarenlang amateurlessen gehad en ik vond het heerlijk om te doen. Het was toen het ding dat me gelukkig maakte in mijn leven. Nu zijn daar andere dingen voor in de plaats gekomen. En is het acteren helemaal naar de achtergrond geraakt. Geweldig dat je een schilderij verkocht, dat zou je toch eigenlijk in een jippiejee stemming moeten brengen en je daar een tijdje moeten houden.

Liefs, Haagje

Brian said...

Hey keeper of the wid places. We have to have bad days so we appreciate the good ones. Im glad you sold a painting that will always give you a high. I also was on a high as I asked in a local gallery if they would be interested in my stools and chairs. And they took 2 stools so I was chuffed that day. Take care Jozien :)Brian(:

Spindrift said...

I am a tragic for the details. Do tell, although I am only joking to a point I am a big believer in getting what's in out.

It's good to question though, I'm trying to ask as many as I can in my life. I'm always looking for more, not the answers, the questions are far more fun.

I don't think the regularity is the issue, i think the issue is. I've just started therapy so you can tell where my head is at. All the best,


jozien said...

Thank you all!
Kara, i didn't even see her daily quotes, they are wonderful!
Jaja Haagje, i know about the jippiejee, i am still very needy :)Today i feel inspired again.
Brian, congratulations to you too, it's very exciting.
Paul, thanks for being here, so i can talk to you, (i do read your posts) This reaching out, here on blog yesterday, is miraculous.
So again thank you all you lifted my spirits.

jozien said...

ps, The short film from Celia, 'last stop for miles', is amazing! Also the fact that not many people here in the Yukon, i knew all the actors (3). Just the other day, I was running and singing and almost bumbed into Lonny, and his smiles and words made me happier yet.