Sunday, July 25, 2010

Aeshna juncea

Darners, rushes, thoraxes. Sedge!
(mutter mutter)
Sedges have edges and rushes are round!
don't you know that?Now 'Aeshna' that's a beautiful name.
This dragonfly an Aeshna juncea.
Today, day 7, oh it's all up to my mind now? Well, i am very annoyed. It is very annoying to think of a wonderful cigarette, don't you love it, to deeply inhale, to go up in smoke, ahhh breath out :)
So today i am like a little child, stamping my feet.

And there was this beautiful dragonfly, he is dead.
But so we get to see it very clearly. It is a Darner and to be precise a Sedge Darner. It is amazing how the shape of the lines on the thorax determine which species. To think that there are all sorts of darners, but defined by little stitches like that.
When you look at the lace of their wings. Amazingly i see here in the book that all Emeralds, Darners and Skimmers use the same pattern to crochet their wings.

As for Juncea that word refers to Rushes, where in the book i use (Dragonflies of Alaska by John Hudson and Robert H. Armstrong) they give this dragonfly the common name of Sedge Darner. Which puts me on an edge, i would like to be round.


Hagazussa said...

Ik hou gewoon van libelles en van uren langs een slootje zitten om ze te bekijken. Ik weet de mooie plekjes altijd zo te vinden. Alsof ze me roepen.

Liefs, Haagje

Sue said...

That is so beautiful!

As for stamping your feet - I get like that about food. I'll never be skinny.

Tell me how you get past it. I need my attitude readjusted.