Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Thank you Brian, Kara, Cicero and Fireweedmeadow (i forgot your name)
This really helps you know.
It kind of centres me, to sit here and listen to you and write about it.
IT is really hard now, my mind starts playing tricks on me, telling me stuff: like one is ok.... or tomorrow.... Not it is not ok and not even tomorrow.
I am making some tea (i give that a try instead of coffee that i did that yesterday.
And friends are good, I was in good company all morning, I will stay away from the smokers indeed.
This morning at 8 am i was at the raspberry patch, i found the motherload (shown here) when i was about to leave:)

I stepped outside for a bit here now, because the Ravens are making a commotion, i can't see what it is about. Well any distraction helps. They were just screaming 3 of them. I have no dogs or anything that really attracts Ravens, so they really only stop by to tell me something....
I am going to see if i can nap :) somewhere in the shadow, listen to the Ravens, they are still at it.
I feel i don't have much energy. Probably from trying to stay focused on non-smoking.
Next two days i am in town. That again is both good and not.
As i said, i am really a closet smoker, i never smoked during the day when in town.

Tell me again i can do it.



Cicero Sings said...

Yes, you can -- you CAN do it -- not smoke that is!!!

What a loaded raspberry bush. We get a few wild raspberries here but not like that. So dry here that the ground vegetation is drying up.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...


And you have to do it so you will be able to live a long, happy, healthy life in the Yukon.

I am so jealous of your raspberry patch! Haven't seen any here yet.

Brian said...

Hey keeper of the wild places. Things will start to feel better soon, your doing well. I also came upon a nice raspberry patch while out cycling. I shall be prepared the next time I'm out to gather these. Anyway you stick at this girl and the rewards will be tenfold :)Brian(:

Brian said...
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