Wednesday, January 15, 2014

the start of the storm

which roared all night

and now all is calm

Monday, January 13, 2014

more about snow

Driving down the Kusawa road
The river seem to be frozen farther up towards the lake then ever before.
Second photo at the big bend in the road, where those two poplars are.
First photo, just before the next big bend, here we turned around, as we didn't want to go down the hill there.
All winter the river had lots of ice floes and slush in it, which to me causes it to freeze over. Which of course is caused by the steady snowfall.
Just my observation, that the freezing of the Takhini river at the outlet by the Lake, freezes up faster, more due to the amount of snow, than  to extreme cold temperatures (which we haven't had this winter)

i wonder
if I
who was 
approached by an icefloe
if I
suffocated him?
He a man much like 
you Christopher
a man that understands me
ice floes and snow 
just a different
form of the same reality
where did he go?
my flowing ice floe
that gave me so much joy

What i am saying,
the otters, everything
the weather always reflects my emotional state of being
energies always aligned
my shoulder still hurts
the load to heavy, that way too

tomorrow the radio says: plus six!
plus six, can you imagine?!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

snow upon snow upon snow

Snow took on a different meaning this year.
I don't know quite what to do with it.
The Queen of the North,
what is she trying to say?
She does let us dig ourselves out and breath.

I found joy in not going too far

This is what i want to ask;
Do we grow contently lonely?
Happy to just be?
Be mindful in the moment?

Last night after an evening of laughter and fun, i did lay in bed and felt, that i could feel, if i wished, that all was good.

What is this searching for truth,
if such thing as truth might not even exist.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Last night

there were northern lights,
and stars,
and sun today!
before the northern lights i had a dream
a good dream
certavi et vi
i have fought and conquered
in a strange looking wilderness, falling from incredible heights, crossing uncrossable rivers on thin ice, swinging in the canopy of thin extremely tall trees
down down down till where,
the dream ended, where i saw the way out,
just a little ways ahead
it was a dream after i couldn't sleep
after i cried
i cried...heavingly
great big sobs
as  i laid in bed,
my face felt small
the sockets of my eyes full of big tear drops
the sockets of my eyes feeling like wash basins
the tears rolling into my ears filling my ears
with an ocean
my fingers thick and big compared to my small face
trying to wipe the unstoppable flood
i felt you too
not comforting
but you were there
i did not want to stop crying
i wanted to cry forever
it felt warm and comforting

before the heaving started
i thought of a certain childhood memory
nothing horrific
just a memory
brought on by something happening earlier that day
the otter family Dec 8, 2013