Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada day

The fireweed is now blooming everywhere. It's the floral emblem of the Yukon

baby grouse

Our official bird is the raven, but i didn't really see much of them today.
Saw a bay grouse though!
And the yard here is full of little Pine Siskins, they have been here for quite a few days, flying in a flock, descending on the gravel around the house, and pecking in the trees. They are quite a joyful bunch. They do do fly into my windows quite a bit, and today i had to rescue two of them who had flown into the porch.

My cats, yessss i have cats, outdoor cats without bells, some birders would not like me. Anyway last night in the wet world, it rained here for a whole night and day, the cats where outside sitting in the wet bushes, i wonder.... cats do not like wet i know that much.... My cats never bring me a bird i do know that much too. Maybe they know me to well, to do a thing like that.

But what do you think, do they like Pine Siskins too? No! not my cats,
Loesje the queen and Bubbelina Georgina, Bubbles for short.
You know i do believe, they don't eat birds. Honestly i do talk to them, and i always feel they listen, well i don't ask much and give a lot.
My cats they can have all the mice they want. (I feed them cat food too)

I keep rattling on today, but that reminds me, i would love to feed the cats, bison meat, is that possible? Does anyone out there cooks for their cats?

Hey and today i went to a Canada Day show, right here in the neighbourhood. Eden and Nora put it on. Thank you girls, it was amazing!

ps. My Bubbles has been sitting behind me on the chair all this time, and i didn't even know, see, she's the best!

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