Monday, July 19, 2010

shocking II

God provides.
Northern Pike
from the Takhini river
we'll eat it tonight

In the last post, i referred to an Alanon slogan. I am Alanon, not AA.
So now I wonder, how do you actually stop, how do you it?
I do do the steps; i am powerless over cigarettes. haha that sounds so funny, i can see that cigarette doing all kind of antics to get to me, to get me to....haha
Ok i am not so nice today, you will find me here quite cynical.

But as for Alanon and other Paths i have taken. They are all beautiful, like my walks in the wild. I will today post yesterday's photo's of the Beauty i daily live in.

But step 2 and 3. I realize now, my God as i understand him, is benevolent, fun, beauty, love (he even loves naughty loving;), etc anything i wish for!
So maybe maybe today i am ready for a God who is a little stricter...hmmmm

Yesterday i finally saw the pair of crossbeaks, a bright red, black and white flash, that has been frequenting our yard, i'll go sit outside by the rain water basin to try to get a photo. I am trying to keep myself busy, especially in a transittion. That's why i am telling you what i do next, so i don't have a gap, of even two seconds.
And not too busy, because i find when i over exert myself, i feel i deserve a cigarette.


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