Tuesday, March 29, 2016

two years ago today

Today Mendenhall subdivision, mainly sunny and plus 10 Celsius

And plus ten this time of year is! and feels! Hot!

Two years ago on the same day, I hiked up Stony Creek, only a little snow around the krumholz, the east slope polished by  sun and wind, and  the trail lower  deteriorating pretty fast as you see.

And for today I ran up the hill/mountain, in the back here
to see
if  a crocus was blooming.
if the kinnikinnick was blooming
not quite

What I saw

an exploded puffball
a peek into a little creek
no sight of the volcano spewing ash in Alaska
but still far enough views, some 100 km away, in the direction of Haines jct.

from left to right: Martha black, Archibald, 2 peaks belonging to Decoeli, Decoeli, and Paint mountain below Decoeli.
And what? could  that be the Alsek river 
you see it?
Ehhh It is even warmer in Haines jct, so could it be ....

nono say Don, that is white snow...and looking at maps it might be Thunderegg creek

Monday, March 28, 2016

last year's header

the pink flower, a douglasia,
was blooming April 17, 2015
Kusawa ridge with Mary Whitley
Here are some photos of that hike.

and last year I did post the pink glory that will soon bloom there again.

warm and cloudy

viburnum, picea glauca
treading on moss
forever on

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

yesterday's feather

Happy Easter to everybody in the world.
Listening to the news while boiling eggs, 
why don't we hear news about
good stuff.
here all is peaceful :) but also, I have a friend in Jordan
and Jordan as I understand is quite a peaceful country.

hmmm maybe I can encourage you here to share peace for you there somewhere in the world.

My husband and I here cooking breakfast
and with neighbours I am on facebook, we are stepping outside and sharing the weather.
how the temperature is sometimes here above zero
or just under
snowflakes where here
and now there
the colors in the sky
Sue closer to the sun then I am
by a fraction

Saturday, March 26, 2016

cleaning is cleansing

The tension of friends coming over,
not in a bad way,
a slight zooming sensation in the body
Don says,
"Are they coming?"
"I suppose so."
soon enough all is happy chatter and peace returns to my body.

(photos: March31 2014)

2 years behind

I realized I am two years behind.

Otter playground

March 16 2014

Friday, March 25, 2016

Not wanting to give up

I do want to keep blogging...Maybe a new template will do it
And posting last years photos as I am organizing them, and being now a year behind, the pictures will still be in season. March 12, 2015