Friday, July 23, 2010

garden update

It's raining and the sun is shining.
That says it for me too.
The garden is loving it! and everything is coming along as expected :)
I am not loving it, today i did cry. If anything i have now a very deep respect for people who quit anything they hang on to. Just a few days ago the gophers returned to my garden. I am not asking them to leave yet. Now why should i ask anybody to give up anything they love.
But seriously, if you know me longer, i will talk to the critters of the woods, and they do listen. As for gophers i will ask them not to move in under my house.
If you have any trouble with critters, i urge you to try this method first, it is most gentle and very respectful and VERY EFFECTIVE.
When crying, because this is just too hard for me, i saunter in my garden and truly there is always something that lifts the spirit.
and my sorrows forgotten. Close to the rain barrel, there are at least 6 young Juncos, a Junco is not a shy bird as it is, but these little ones have less fear for me as their smaller looking, more streamlined parents.
In the thick foliage of my wild garden, the wild strawberries are now ripe
My picture maybe didn't work out for the tiny juicy shining strawberries.
I kind of liked it how it did turn out.
Day 5
what a life


fireweed meadow said...

Your strawberry photo did turn out very cool - a gopher's eye view.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jozien,
Hope you don't mind but I just went through your blog and saved a bunch of your animal and scenery pictures to use when teaching. It is unbelievable what gorgeous, close up photos you have. It will be a great introduction to a lesson on Canadian animals!
Love Bella

jozien said...

Indeed a gopher's eye view, i like that.
Hi Bella! How are you!? That is wonderful that you use my pictures. Are you teaching a lot?

Brian said...

Hey keeper of the wild place
.I hope things are getting easier for you by now . Great pictures do you always have a camera with you? And remember this they say that quitting smoking Is harder than quitting heroin so it is major thing. Putting your body through this keep at it does really get better I promise .Take care in the wild place :)Brian(:

jozien said...

Hey Brian, i am right here :)

rose white said...

A gopher’s eye view it is awesome. I love the gopher’s photo and it seems that he loves your garden ambiance. Your garden looks great as I see on the photos. Yummy strawberry by the way.