Monday, September 12, 2011

sweet smell

thanks Cicero :)
The discussion on artsnet, is full on this morning
And i wonder if the deer eat sweet clover, now who would want to up root the deer?
The deer are slowly coming farther North.

this is fireweed seeding

Sunday, September 11, 2011


What invasion? i don't see anything wrong...

I know this is maybe a charged topic, on artsnet a Yukon yahoo group a discussion started about invasive plant species. One party wanting to pull white clover out, a species that doesn't used to grow here, the other stating, every plant has 300.000 seeds that can live 20 years...
I am kind of on Sylvie's side, the White Clover is here and there is not much we can do about that. To me it reminds me of wanting to keep borders secure, so no 'bad' species of people can get in, or worse...
I like to think, when Alva still had his way, i'ld be Spanish.
The weed we are talking is coincidently related to alfalfa ( which probably is also called invasive' here not being a native species)
I' 'd love to be Spanish, and in a way i of course am, having descendent from the people that occupied southern Holland in the 1500, they were under Spanish rule.
(Alva, i googled it is the Dutch name, of this horrendous man, i think it is Alba in English)
Why do we always fight change?
why do we always wanting to change things?

I am an immigrant, i am not native to this country
White Clover, yes it did not used to grow here

I like to think when things naturally change, that is the way it is....

And really White Clover is here because i am here.... in the sense it is brought up by the way of the highway, built by men, and grows along the highway, not at sweet little Moose skull lake, and when it would? who am i to fight it?

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Today i am digging up potatoes.
A friend asked me what i did yesterday, 10 years ago.
I don't know if i have told the story here before.
But here for Rob my story.
Don and i were digging up potatoes, it was a glorious day like today. Don likes to have the radio on in the house, so at one point when we come in the house for a break.
There is this news... Indeed. you know the story.
Then there is this local announcement that Whitehorse is being evacuated.
It appears the States has send an Korean air-plane over to Whitehorse to land under their guidance. Because there was no radio contact with this plane....
I phone the school, which Alexander attends, and indeed i better pick him up.
I walk over to the neighbours, who have a child in the school too. My neighbour not listening to the radio, knows nothing. Why didn't the school notify us? I guess here in Whitehorse they assume everybody works for the government (90% do:) and they now all have the day off, and will automatically pick up here kids.
Anyway. Margriet and i drive in (an hour) and sure enough our poor children
would have been.... they are the last two in the school with two remaining staff members (thanks so much to them!) . In the meantime the plane has landed, and there was no foul play, just it happened that that day their radio broke down.
Long story short it caused for quite the excitement, real time, in Whitehorse. And yes as the plane was considerate a treat, and Whitehorse had a big enough landing strip, and if the pilot had bad intentions, not some many people would have died considering how few people live here.

And to connect this with vistas

let me think about that one, what is my comprehended mental view of this event?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

more mushrooms

abundance of Shaggy-mane, in 10 minutes Don and I picked three baskets full.
The top mushroom in the photo is a little inky, preferably we pick them when the are just popping out of the ground, totally white.
I, now, am washing them slightly under running water, put them in ziploc freezer bags, straight in the freezer.