Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This was an hour ago

right now the sun is out brilliantly, there is flocks of birds in the sky, but i can't see them, only hear there happy calls, there's fresh deer prints in the yard.

I do not care what you think.
I love winter
you don't know what you're missing
to have the world draped in white and shine
to hear the clear bells of migratory birds in total stillness
ruffling in the branches of birds who stay
to smell the highbush cranberries as the frost is breaking them open

ah i feel i am cheating again (i just said that in my comments last post) cheating in the sense that i say one thing, but do the other.

So here i am loving this snow, and there i am having to tell you that i am going to the Southern States for a month or so. I am leaving the 25th of October.
Now i am thinking; that's why winter came so early, so i can still post lots of winter snow and ice pictures, tell lots of stories of cold weather by the warm wood stove, before i enter this different world of sand and red rocks where only the adobe houses are white. I imagine, i haven't been there yet, and haven't done much reading and looking at pictures yet.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mendenhall Harvest Fair

Yesterday, the mendenhall community held it's first ever harvest fair!
Thanks to Kathy!(on the left).
And thanks to all that helped out and all that came out!
We are a small community, what was it Kathy?; 55 lots and approximately the same amount of people living here.
To put something on like this in a small community. Every individual taking part is very essential! We had so much fun.

note! look through the window; SNOW
Don't you love it!?
And then there was mud (Muddyhall, the place was called when we first moved here 15 years ago. Mud is good it means the snow is trying to melt.
And our new playground(which is build on sand) was opened last night is now named -Mendenhall Hooligans- The kids played there of and on till late in the very dark. Till... they heard a bear in the bushes and rushed to the safety of us standing around the fire. Time to go home!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

aurora borealis

This is a new website, where you can see the Aurora borealis life, somewhere in the sky above Yellowknife NWT.

Here the sky is grey
the world still dark
and very very still
snow covering
summer so recently
i wish i wish
my words were magic
and contained
the peace
the peace i feel
when i walk in the darkness of the early morning
in this white white snow

Friday, September 24, 2010


it's here!
Yesterday i was gloriously happy,
with the first dusting,
the fall colors more outstanding by the whole array. Today more sobering
giggling really;
it's here
and one never knows if it's here to stay.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Another beautiful day in paradise.

White-winged crossbill
The potatoes are in, i brought in all the lettuce that was left in the garden and left the swiss chard which can stand a little more frost. We also picked more cranberries today and brought home a grouse for thanksgiving dinner.
By the way, we eat a lot of cranberries these days. I snack on them, put them in the salad, have them for breakfast, cook them in curries or with any meat. I made some jam and juice.
and really while everybody uses them in baking, i promise i will too, it's just i don't bake very often. And i forgot i do have to make some cranberry sauce yet to go with the grouse.

Monday, September 20, 2010

patato harvest

Don went hunting
i am still digging
not a bumper crop
but enough to last us all winter into next summer

yes, this is our little helper
later the cats came out to
help us with that one


the spruce tree tops are loaded with cones
say it's going to be a cold winter

meditation meadow

waking up on sunday morning
at Canyon Creek

only a 40 minute drive from my house
a place where i always wanted to go

surrounded by castle mountains

Sunday, September 19, 2010

little brown bats

here is a nice article about our yukon little brown bat, thank you Kara and Brian, because i did not even know it is called 'little brown bat' , myotis lucifugus.

it doesn't end

this glorious weather. This photo just taken an hour ago,

morning glory and evening light lasting for hours,

i have been out and about all weekend and savoured the outdoors fully with this ongoing warm weather.

I'll post more, gotta go

Saturday, September 18, 2010

a bat

this...took up residence in our shop

purple water

clouds with golden lining
mountains bright red
and peace surrounding me
As the days have been so hot here lately, the nights frosty, only small white caps are left on our mountains. As the heat, the frost will also evaporate any moisture.
Yesterday evening Don and i went to Mendenhall landing, to pick some more Shaggy mane mushrooms. Whatever the reason, they did had little flies in them, but not that they seem invested with them. I am cleaning them now and they seem very much okay and the flies gone, (i left them outside overnight). And they tasted good! and no flies, eggs or larvae on my plate.

Last night at the landing it was beautiful. As i didn't feel like picking too much mushroom (because of the flies) and Don fishing, i just walked out to the sound of the ducks , shrill in this still evening. We heard a great splash! The beaver was out swimming again, i saw her here two weeks ago in the same light. I think beavers like to swim at sunset. Some 10 years ago i swam with a beaver in purple water in little Atlin lake, it was magical.
Last night i sat at the end of a little spit of land and the beaver swam up that river, floated down , back and forth, closer and closer to where i sat. Sometimes turning with a splash disappearing under water for a while. When swimming, his little head pushing the water, sticking out beady eyes and perked up ears. His body like a piece of wood floating on the water.

I was getting cold and Don was catching no fish, so i finally moved, the ducks scattered and the beaver took off with a big splash of his tail.

the sunset now bright orange , clouds violet with golden lining, above that a still bright blue sky. the mountains red with here and there a white cap, the forest dark and the poplars yellow.
and the water dark shining purple.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

there's a light mist this morning.
yes, i had a few puffs, to add some smoke to the scene.
to make it all more impossible to see clearly.
i am not at home in my own house
my life is riddled with mysteries
i used to write my stories here
the glory of living on planet earth
believing what we feel passionate about
we attract
maybe even create
sharing it
this life a mysterious thing
now i only write
when i see no way out
the nights are dark now
this fall is wet
is it Jupiter that lights up the evening sky?
the days are sunny and light
yesterday another short rainstorm
it rained in front of the house
but not at the sides or at the back
only the future
is where i can't see through
what do i do?
i pride myself
on breezing through life so easily
knowing where the sun shines
knowing that here in the North
snow will soon fall :)
(i am not trying to create something here)
the sunlight will be reflected a thousand times
in all directions
past and future
here and there
giving warmth within

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

i can't think of

The name of this plant. But maybe i will think of it while typing away.
It's not a native species, but it grows very easily in the Yukon, on certain location.
It is a beautiful climbing vine, but i find it hard to see it's beauty when you don't really look.
It likes growing in industrial areas on chain link fences. (You know the name right?)
For most of the year it has these grey puffs, from a distance it just looks like a grey mop sticking to the fence. I often wonder; now does it improve the look of the fence or not?
But really it's beautiful the yellow flowers quite striking when look at them from close by and look at its delicate bright green leaves.
This morning it was all sparkling, because of the melting frost and lifting fog
First when i woke up we are in a cloud.
The cloud dissipates.
this moment i took the photo
you see at the bottom of the photo the fog is rising out of the river, a half hour later
we are in the clouds again,
And then when that lifts,
A Bright Sunny Day! up to 16C and we sunbathing while soaking in the Takhini Hotsprings

Now what's the name of that vine?

Monday, September 6, 2010


I had a dream last night, when i pay attention i remember a lot of dreams in the morning.
Tonight i had a significant one.
My reoccurring dreams that bother me, are about me being very angry and nobody even noticing me and another of my 'favorite' themes is where i have no control over my students.
In daily life i think... i do not have much anger and don't have control issues. :)
But as i am an old time reader of Jung's work, i take my dreams very serious.

Tonight's Liberation!
Saying the previous, i was very happy with the following dream. Hoping that somehow i have made progress in life.

I am in a kind of school setting. I happened to hear that tomorrow there is a race, England and French the favorites. I and the people i am with, have never participated. I go in our room, lots of young adult males that i am supposed to know, but have forgotten their names. I call for attention, after a bit the room quiets down, and they listen! and they want to participate.
I choose 4 males and one female, i feel embarrassed about having forgotten their names, but nobody cares they are all into the races. And people gather by my side to help.
We come in second place!

In real life i knew the males from past, guys with whom there was a slight attraction sexually/romantically, but not much came of it.
In real life i don't think i ever take charge that way......

hmmmm what do you think?
And i love to hear your dreams over morning coffee.
I've got hot coffee on the woodstove!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Today a rainy day.
Yesterday's photos, sun with clouds and fresh snow on the mountain tops.
Now the clouds are lifting, and i suspect even more white.
I haven't been on-line very much lately, it's called visitors.
Not a lack of wilderness stories really, fall is progressing beautifully.
Now, after not having written for a while it is hard to pick up the thread.
Today's story; After Don digs up some fresh potatoes and i make rosehip jam, we take Don's daughter, Faith, into the rain. Driving through the mud, we finally find that at the landing our some shaggy mane mushrooms, Don does one cast at the point right into the junction of the two rivers and pulls out a pike, just to impress his daughter. Through more mud we drive to our favorite cranberry patch, and pick 4 liters in no time. ( i suppose it's a good cranberry year)
And now we are going to have supper, I love that, most of the food caught/gathered today.