Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Has anybody seen a juvenile eagle around?

Yesterday we went to see the eagles again, no sign of the young one. Both parents were still around. The nest had totally fallen apart.

Exactly two weeks ago, it was still there, looking good.

Now Don and i only observe them for a half an hour or so, when we go there. The young one could have been flying around elsewhere exploring the world, who knows.

We have seen a lot of raptors lately, it seems to be a good year:)  in the yard there are the  4 Northern Goshawks. Recently we have seen Kestrels, Peregrine Falcons and we are not quite sure what this is, it was flying over the Mendenhall Meadows

Sunday, July 9, 2017

an eaglet in the aerie

Seemingly one eaglet, but we don't know, not much activity today.
A few weeks ago, (we go look once a week) we did see an eaglet poop, that was pretty cool; it lifted up it's bum and shot a white stream ( of poop) over the edge of the nest.
Maybe one more week for it/them to start thinking of leaving the nest.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

incredible eagles

"Oh dear" today we made it out to look at our family of bald eagles again; we only saw one adult sitting on the nest, motionless the whole time we were watching 10 minutes. It seemed if the nest was smaller, as if the bottom had fallen off. I feared that all eaglets had fallen out and the lone parent was grieving. Don said, "no she/he is just sitting on them" as it was raining a bit, "to protect them."  I was all sad though, i couldn't imagine those big eaglets all underneath her/him.
an hour later on our way back, i went to check again.
I saw two adults, and! at least one eaglet.
Now looking at the photos from last week too, it is actually obvious that a whole addition was build onto the nest. The shape of the nest not as round but more rectangle, which had give ( for me) the impression that it was smaller, but in fact it was twice as big.


Wednesday, June 28, 2017


reposted from my facebook page:
Yes, maybe still looking pretty good, and staying fit.. but for a year now, i have been waking up ( and getting out of the car) rather stiff, stiff legs. I know i am getting older too, but i wonder if anybody has any suggestions. When you are my age or older and are still totally agile, i would love to know what you think could be your secret. Thanks!
laying back in the reindeermos
ancient sand dunes covered in lichen

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Bald eaglets

Today we will go look at the eaglets if they are okay.
Last week after the rain the nest look a little precarious.

There seem to be two eaglets

According to the research, incubation is 35 days ( 5 weeks)
and the eaglets being nestlings 56 till 98 days ( 8 to over 12 weeks)

We first saw the Eagle on  Jan 13 2017
We saw them together on Jan. 29 2017
We saw them standing on the nest  and  close to the nest in February and March. (March 26 they were not yet sitting on the nest)
We saw one Eagle sitting deep into the nest on April 15
and from then on.
 and June 3 we saw Eaglets!

Now assuming that they were sitting on eggs  before April 15
plus 35 days
is  before May 20

Assuming that they were hatched before May 20
that could bring us to them being fledglings before July 15 or as late as August 15, 2017

Still a ways to go

And last week the eaglets  were big but still grey and not standing up in the nest yet.
All is well! 
a very peacefull family
so according to what i am reading, and saw today, they could be 5 weeks old.
right on.

Friday, June 16, 2017

spot land applications

In the last few days something kind of became clearer for me.

Not in a good way.

In Whitehorse there is an idea that spot land application are BAD
with spot land application i mean, what it means to me:

residency in the the middle of nature...well it is already by law established you can't be right in the middle, you have to be close to an existing road.

The story goes, all these people wanting to live outside of the city limits, create a very large footprint on the environment. the story goes that they demand government services. Hence which would create a very large footprint.

As does our new water well here in the community, which i was dead set against.

I can only speak for myself, but i am sure there are more who think the same

I came to live rurally, to be without many amenities.

Like one thing of the problem is that the government feels it should provide all these amenities.

Like there is a statement "to give everybody clean water/ internet access" etc etc

I think they/we confuse two things.

There are people who are born and raised in poor conditions and are suffering because of that and yes, i do think my government has a responsibility to provide accessibility to education, water etc.

But hence, it seems to me, that now under that rule of looking after, they impose upon me that i be looked after.

I am not asking, i am not even wanting all these services.

I CHOOSE to live they way i do.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

bears have long tongues

I did not know that.
 And this bear might like oranges, it plonked into the water behind me as i was peeling my orange. It definitely was coming to us ( Don and I) . We were having our lunch on an island in the river, and had been eating ham sandwiches  half an hour earlier.
Quickly we jumped in the canoe and paddled/motored away. The bear did stop it's approach after we kind of yelled at it "whoa bear" kind of thing. Leisurely it climbed back on shore and traveled the same direction as us.

But talking about food, so yes no more plastic packaging or any packaging for that matter.
Since last post, i did not buy anything in a package yet. Oranges can be bought without being in a bag, i can bring my own to the store. Bread, same. Ham, maybe when i buy it from the butcher in Porter Creek.  I am not particularly interested in ham , i can live without it. And i actually do not eat much bread

I have to say, in my household my husband does most of the shopping, so it is going to ask for some self discipline to only eat  foods that come whole without being packaged. I am weaning myself off slowly.

Dinner tonight; chili made with beans,  and wild herbs and rhubarb from the garden,