Saturday, June 3, 2023

sustainable living

 To me, that we have to live with less is clear,  and i like to say;   when we live with less, we get  more,   more living to do.

Today i biked over to the AGM in our neighbourhood,  (biked with a peddle bike.)

I brought a cloth napkin, to receive the food that would be offered. 

 But the group of neighbours that  I sat close to, and socialized with before and after the meeting, they all impressed me with their travel habits.  It show me again that  we neighbours are kindred spirits, we all live here in this faraway neighbourhood, because we have  at least some similar values.

 I was telling them i was travelling next week for a few days to Pemberton BC, we laughed at the horrendousness of what one neighbour called; using an airplane as a taxi service. We all got it. People here in the Yukon are in general, if i may say  quite rich, and do  seem to use airplanes as a taxi service. But not so some of my neighbours as it turned out. K had not been flying for a long time, his grandchildren are far away but driving  to see them is possible. H has his parents in Europe and will go down there this year first time in 6 years. and E did recently take a plane ride to go to a meeting for work but had not travelled by plane since 2018 or so.

 Still we here in the Yukon, this might be much more air travel we do then people in your neck of the woods. I at least was impressed.

And that  is it, we all have to do what we can. But i do hope we all make a change, because to keep living the way we do up till now is not sustainable.

And what about the living more you might ask; as i biked back i came upon an elk, i took my bike  home and ventured in the woods where i had seen it. I  heard them call and grunt, and found the area where they have frequented lately by their prints in the moss, and from there i let them be. I always wanting to see the wildlife but not wanting to disturb them too much. Don and i had seen their prints on the dusty drive way for several days now, so it was nice to finally meet them, all for free, no airplane needed.

Friday, May 26, 2023

blessed rain

 Yesterday we had the first drop of the year. And this morning while I was collecting wild greens for today's lunch, the sky turned dark and sure enough we had a bit of a shower, 5 minutes worth. So it normally is for the Yukon, in my experience,  But i will say the few previous summers we did have a bit of more rain.

Did i say i was planning on more gardening, I know now for me I will need a bit more rain to help me along, I am happy to water a bit, but not extensively.

I am trying to harvest more of the wild, then what  we can eat daily, but that is not happening yet. And today i have friends visiting for lunch  so i want to pick 6 cups of wild green instead of the normal two.

And an update here about the deleting; I  am  still distressed how much i put on the Internet over the years. And am  still slowly chugging away deleting what is not relevant anymore. How many months has it been now?

And about the chewing; Yes i am still chewing away, eating my food more mindfully. Impressed with myself on this front. And in this case not worried that I ate rushed for 60 plus years. Haha luckily i do not have to clean up my computer for what has been collected for 60 years, but just 20. I fear for young people.

One more thing, I am still reading Walden Pond. I can't believe how much i like that Thoreau, what did i read yesterday; About walking in the dark! Something i like too. He was suggesting, let your body walk you do not look with your eyes, when walking home through pitch black. 

And OMG that about that the government trying to protect us,  will hurt us more, he calls it molest :), then if we would just leave it be....

I am not very good as repeating his exact words. I would have to read the whole chapter again, I think it was 'The Village' chapter. And as i most often read in bed I do not underline things, so i would be able to find them and tell you properly.

Love you all, respect you for your ways. Thank you for reading this.

Thursday, May 18, 2023


 After a very long tentative spring we are suddenly blasted into summer.

Monday sitting in the garden I could see the trees getting green

And yes i have been swimming for 3 days now. 

yesterday with my friend Cindy

Cindy managed about 9 strokes in one dip. I dipped in more often but i think i only got to 7 strokes.

 Swimming for now is in the Takhini river. Monday i forded the river to an island, where i know there is a pool, the pool still had floating ice, so i just jumped in and out.

I have an interest in the Wim Hoff method, and Tuesday i managed four strokes while a kept breathing. Don and i drove  up mud road, which still had quite a bit of ice, to go to an island closer to the shore. so the fording was easier, and i did those four strokes in that stretch, and on the island i found a shallow pool where i could actually lay in and be quite comfortable.

Yesterday see photo, spectacular i say. plus Mergansers floating by

Saturday, May 13, 2023

.I am following a tree. Are you?

 Thanks to the

 Earlier this morning i had breakfast at the tree i am following.

And I am sure through  the tree, squirrelbasket, Hollis and the power of mind, there were 8 crocuses blooming at the foot of the tree. I have never seen so much on that side of the erratic rock, ha, there was none on the east side of the rock, where i usually see more crocuses.

The goose berry bush shows green leaves, and the rose has leave buds. Also in this 2 photo you see how the two trees, were actually one tree, still a twin of sorts, like i wrote before. The one died and this one very much alive.  As you see i measured the tree, to see next year if it actually does grow.

No photo, but a few strong big Poplars in the yard do  have catkins

But here is ours! green buds at at the top of the tree!

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

wandering the wild places.

 Sunday i realized again how i appreciate living in the wild, to wander endlessly.

Yesterday i went on a long walk-about, into a forest that i actually had not set foot in. When you know me, you might know how i have lived here for almost 30 years, but  I always like  to explore. For me the greatest joy is finding a new 'special ' place, in my old surroundings.

But why i realized this again; Sunday afternoon i climbed up 'my' crocus hill half a kilometer from here. The first 20 years i must have climbed that hill weekly, if not once a month for sure. But as a neighbour moved into the lot in between me and the hill, i had to get there round about, not that they do not want me on their property (lucky i have only one neighbour like that), most people here have lots of wild space and no fences, so wandering the neighbourhood is... kind of ok. But with more and more people living here.. it has changed for me. First i climb up the hill, 2 k from here and sure enough  i run into the neighbour who lives there ( we have 10 to 20 acre parcels.) Nice enough to see him, but he says, don't scare my wife, she is laying in the hammock. So I take a wide berth around that house.  A public path would be nice, i think, at least neighbours will expect people and not just bears. But i do not want public paths, the national parks here are bad enough (haha not as bad as down south). Yes yes i am very egocentric, wish the world for myself. It is a bind I am sure Thoreau talked about it.

And i like to say; fences maybe make good neighbours, but they keep me imprisoned.

Anyways i just have to walk farther for a crocus. Or just wait,  because they will bloom here around the house, eventually.

So yesterday I planned a 4 hour  walk, I forgot my camera and my husband now dreads being left home alone, (I feel he is quite capable) but I did it in 3.

 Tadada,  I explored a  kind of plateau, mainly small poplars grow there, climbing up to it and on the edge it was snow free, and low and behold i do find myself on a kind of path. Yes some of us, me incl. we do make paths here. It is kind of frowned upon close to the parcels, like i do not make a path around the neighbours lot, but have many going from my lot, that I appreciate being used by others. Again a path gives an unspoken ok.

But here today now an hours walk away from any house, I am delighted to find a path ,I think it is Jay's, I will ask him, from way back in the days. And sure enough when in ends I see tiny pieces of tape. 

As the terrain start to go down, I walk a bit in the snow covered forest away from the edge of the plateau, towards the middle  so to speak. And amazingly quite a centre it has, like a navel on a flat belly.

First i don't see it is a navel, I just see through the still bare small poplars a giant Pine, the only one. A pine is always special here, because the forest is Spruce/Poplar with Willows.  So i brave the half a foot deep snow.

And a special place it is, a little moose meadow,  a depression in the ground with well browsed  willows. lined with big Poplar and a giant Pine! As i have my snack there and lay down on a needle strewn bare spot, in bright sunshine. And guess who joins me, with it's loud song? The Yellow-rumped Warbler. A bird that makes me think of city parks, by it is bright colors. a city slicker!

And my husband, i brought him  home some crocuses from along the way, he had been totally fine and even had managed some chores.

Saturday, May 6, 2023


 Spring has sprung

And things are changing fast everyday now, 

birds and flowers that is.

 The whole winter we had bird song, but now many others have joined the orchestra.

And just yesterday, the ducks are not so much resting anymore from their long journey, but in a frenzy of feeding and courtship displays.

The Draba  and the Mossberry i am sure they are blooming today, and crocuses slow to appear, will be there in abundance today

As it  is  Saturday  today and i will walk with friends from town, we meet in the middle as usual, i hope to get a glimpse of  a  feral foal, that has been born in the recent days. And who know what else we will seen.

This is such an exciting time.

I did do a bit of raking in the garden,  taking the mulch of, the stinging nettles  wild  chives and rhubarb is coming up. And! i tapped the birch tree, and we had a small glass of birch elixir with breakfast today.

tiny things these two

and the glory of the crocus, which is actually an Anemone

Sunday, April 30, 2023

20/80 rule

 To me there is something about 20/80. And when i googled it, i read there is  the Pareto Principle. Cool!

The other day walking through the forest on snow,  the 80 percent thing came to me as in; if i stay on top for 8 steps and fall through the snow  two steps, i can still have an enjoyable walk.  But really i think the Pareto Principal doesn't apply here.

This morning i wondered if it applied to life in general.  In my morning meditation felt kind of down, because I had a whole list of beings and people that  I felt needed a little extra. So i devoted my whole meditation to that.

I did come out at a difficult spot, a time in  my childhood when i just was not happy. That one never gets easy. I try to apply the 20/80 rule. Now in my life i can happily say i am probably 80 % of the time happy. Or i have a good life, but of course there still might be 20% problematic things. But in that time  in childhood i feel i was 80% unhappy, but  still had many moments of happiness, probably also 80%.

Haha i realize i am dividing again, judging maybe.  Why? Yesterday was such a beautiful day, looking at the mountains they look 100 % gorgeous. Yet  I always feel pain looking at the mountains, because i want to be on top of them. I will recognize that feeling, but then realize i am on top of the mountain! I am right here, and quite literally so. I grew up below sea level, now i live at 725 meters above sea level. That is a mountain!

My meditation went well,  I came away with that feeling of just happy to be alive, thanks to sending love to a friend who .... is really crawling out of a what is considered very bad situation. She is just happy to wake up alive, nothing else is needed.

Ha! and here my pitiful account of being thrown back into 'my' pitiful bad spot ( sure related to that childhood . For today i had a date to go walking, a bioblitz event. Yes maybe you are part of it, it is the -city challenge- today! To see what is alive in your city, all over the world. I had planned to go to what i call a good friend, who lives  in the area included for Whitehorse. They cancelled, with some kind of lame story. With my dear husband we do discuss this and always will come out ok. But let me say it, i am pissed of, because their excuse for cancelling just doesn't add up, even if it is 80% true

haha my dear husband calls me for my walk, if he only is the instigator for 20% of the time i am happy! And he is.

Do check out the city challenge

even if one of you reading this participates, i am very happy:) even if you don't,  still happy.

How is your happiness quotient?