Monday, July 19, 2010

Linnaea borealis

or shocking IV a field of twin flowers.

the blueberries are ripe
so are the raspberries

I did not smoke today
i will go to bed early
it's hard, what is hard are the intense moments of craving. and that's just what they are; moments of craving, they don't make me unhappy or sad. I just feel like dropping on the floor, and kind of die, feeling i never make it.
Hey you know what i do not even have to literally fall on the floor. In other occasions i have done that.

Hey but what i want to write,
This is one amazing summer! Most days are warm enough to sit outside:), even hot for Yukon standards. And the most amazing thing i c

Oh my... a penis, maybe i go now :)

Even making love is done outside in this neck of the woods, because what i was going to say; NO MOSQUITOES here this summer. As i am painting a lot and not hiking so much, i do find that quite amazing. Other years one usually has to move, to stay ahead of the mosquitoes.

hey i better go to that man of mine.



fireweed meadow said...

I LOVE this little flower. I was told by a botanist earlier this summer that it was Carlos Linnaeus' favourite plant - I wonder if that's true?

Hardly any mosquitoes here either and I'm not complaining.

It is shocking that you were a smoker - never would have imagined it. Happy to hear you are moving on from that.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

ahhhahahahaha oh this post made me laugh!!

jozien said...

I think that is true, about Linnaeus.

Kara thanks for laughing, with me :)