Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year

It is very nice to have my son home for a bit over the Christmas holidays.

Yesterday the weather finally warmed up here, but as it is i am staying indoors to rest.
The case is i have sore toes. I have asked around and googled things. Not finding and getting a lot of useful information.But i decided the most sensible thing to  do seems to stay warm and rest. and massages as many as i can get.

As metaphysical causes i found feet stand for future, but the big toe for dominance. -repressed desire to dominate- i found somewhere.
 Okay i will think about that. The future  might make sense, i do feel  more ever recently that i have to make a decision about my future. And for dominance :) ERASE what i say next:: i wonder if i should really look for a new partner, one that i can lovingly dominate .

back to the basic facts.
On Christmas eve i got my toes really cold, but not colder then usually after a long trip in severe weather.
I do have to say, this year i wear normal ski boots, compared to my big boots. I was tired of skiing on heavy duty skies, that have bindings fit for bunny boots.
Anyway warming up my toes at home, wnt fairly normal. I remember one year i once had incruciating pain while warming them up. 
Now the pain seemed to come later, somehow delayed. pins and needles feeling.
On boxing day i went out for a prolonged time again, and after that trip the pins and needles had worsened, or maybe more now i was truly alerted.

On google i found so little , the 811 nurse. Only helped by saying , i might have some nerve ending damage. her book said to go to the doctor immediately. Which i haven't done yet.

Anyway somewhere i did read rest/massage and that it might take a few days to a week.

So i will go with that, and let you know.

I did find though that frostbite is a very serious condition

I suppose we live a little on the edge here in the Yukon
The nurse ( from down south) asked me if i often have sensitive skin to the cold. Yes  i do! 
Which to her book requires a visit to a physician. But i figure living here, being outdoors a lot, that is daily life. My cheeks have put up with a lot over the years.

And one more note, one year i did get frostbite on my cheek, a hard patch of white skin, it recovered well, but for a few years that would be a sensitive spot to the old, i had to cover my cheek with a scarve being outside in  sub minus 20 temperatures. That spot has now totally recovered, even on those days last week my cheeks stood up to the weather uncovered.

I just wanted to tell this, maybe you have similar experiences, or questions
or some answers for me.

Thank you
ps and i drink my herbal teas: nettle, labrador, rose , potentilla, artemisia etc

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Morgan le Fay

fata morgana, mirage

same mountains on different days

all i want to say actually is that i am upset with botany, first i found out this year that fireweed is not epilobium anymore, now you might think, what is your point, but now i find out that even asters that are asters are not asters.
we all know asters right?
you go check my wild flower blog if you want to know more.

and i know that it is me that is slightly obsessed with the name of a flower.
what is my reasoning? 
when i actually know something
a flower
a little detail of love

Sunday, December 9, 2012

sun dog

yesterday's poem is much longer, some times emotions are not to catch in four sentences, neither are they in a page long poem, so i suffice with telling you about facts of today's day. Yet even facts can have an ellusive quality to them.
This morning we were gazing at the sky, from here, from up the hill and from the neighbours deck. What was being clear was not so clear now. Our neighbours saw something in the sky , that didn't seem to be explained rationally like a sun dog. We'll have to look again tomorrow night.
Then at home after days of silent weather a whirlwind blew through our yard, putting us in a white out, now all is calm again and pink.
And.... i am still not smoking, and i KNOW i won't ever again, it's just what it is.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

sun pillar

a sun pillar
it was you wasn't it?
i walk around my feet not touching the ground
it is very tiresome that way
my heart screams and i don't know if i laugh or cry