Saturday, March 12, 2011

I am sorry

' i am sorry, mostly to me from me'
writing here i might come upon a better line explaining what i feel
sometimes i think i have got all the answers
other times i get a glimpse of how i am just going around in circles
right now i feel on the downside of things
not deeply
my life rarely comes to a screaming halt
an earthquake here only felt as a slight ramble
and when things are shaken up
they straighten out again quite smoothly
often i feel i am very blessed that way
and it's not that i am hoping for a big earth quack hitting me
and i do feel for all those people, praying for them
But i wish,
i wish
yes what do i wish?
I remember having a party life
long time ago
suddenly i got tired of it all and left that life behind
now for a few years i had my parties on the Internet
yes here blogging and such
and it is fun! well you know that.
and lately i was partying on fetlife
yes i know, the parties kind of wilder
i imagine like on facebook
i never did facebook :)
but right now i feel it is coming to an end
i am sorry to you
that i don't feel like talking to you anymore
and the funny thing is here i sit rambling
rambling as always
thinking i might figure myself out
when i just ramble on
and the river flows.......
what happens when i truly accept who i am?
the river flows
:) nothing really changes

but look at the beauty! of
ice dipping in freezing cold water flowing

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

and the river flows

it flows faster than i can keep up
my life has always been that way

how come it always seems
that looking back
i got so much accomplished
where now
always now
i can't get it all done
always on thin ice

Monday, March 7, 2011

ice pebbles

what is that on the horizon?
is it mist or is it spray?
today i wonder when will unease evaporate
i realized i found my self waiting
i found i wait a lot
do i wait for the sun the wind and water
to turn boulders into sand?

better wait for salt, the ebb and flow, the weather

to create ice pebbles
because you see, it can be done

when whatever i am waiting for
when whatever that it is
before it even happens

my longing it evaporates

and my smile appears

every single time :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

is it silver bay?

today i went on a long walk
but this was not today

today still cold but bright blue sky
i didn't want to walk today

do you have that some times
where you have to force yourself
for me today
when i started off
i turned around
tried my skis
no i do not want that either
walked again, my feet dragging heavy through fresh snow
and then!
what is that?
a moment of forgetfulness
suddenly not far up the hill
i realize my happiness
my joy for walking
the path it takes me
it takes me where i want to go....

and these photos
that was last week
can you see me sitting
where i want to be
in a dark cave in the rock
goldeneyes feeding at my feet
you know, i am happy being neither here nor there or anywhere
it's very good the way it is

Friday, March 4, 2011

in 55 words

in limited amount of words
i will surface here today
it is a water animal i am
under water it is calm
my marriage stands
he the brave one
and i, i play
practicing for graceful jumps
jumps of joy and love
sometimes one get hurts
when we wouldn't leap
who would know
we're dolphins

Spring time

It is still minus 33 here in Mendenhall
but the air smells like spring
and today for the woodpecker started hammering, calling for a mate!

the next announcement i copied and paste

some upcoming Junction Arts & Music (JAM) events happening in March and April:

Brenda Lee Quartet - Saturday, March 5th - 8:00pm - St. Elias Convention Centre - $15 at the door/ $5 for students/ 12 & under are free and must be accompanied by an adult

Printmaking Workshop with Marty Ritchie - Friday & Saturday, March 11th (6:30 to 8:30pm) & 12th (10:00am to 3:00pm) - St. Elias School Artroom - $60 (materials included) - There are still spaces available - Pre-registration and payment guarantees your spot

Family Fest at Kathleen Lake in Kluane National Park & Reserve - Saturday, March 19th - Look for the following activities in the cookshack: Aspen bark painting workshop with Jozien Keijzer starting at 11:00am and music by Silver Ravens (Gary Lachance, Rob Hunter and Andrew Pauls) starting at noon. Lots of other fun winter activities.

Multi-instrumentalist Radim Zenkl and Pianist Bill Schuck - Saturday, March 26th - 8:00pm - St. Christophers Anglican Church - Tickets at the door $15 (Thank you Jazz Yukon!)
Music workshop with Radim before the concert - 3:00 to 5:00pm - Village of HJ Council Chambers - Just $5 - Please pre-register with JAM

Jorge Miguel Flamenco Ensemble - Friday, April 1st - 8:00pm - St. Elias Convention Centre (Thank you Whitehorse Concerts!)

Yukon Writers Festival - Saturday, April 30th - St. Elias Convention Centre (Thank you Yukon Public Libraries and Whitehorse partners!)

Contact JAM at 634-2366 or hjarts@northwestel for more info.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

and some snow

all is well
there's been a lot of water under the (snow)bridge since

the least i can do

is keep you updated about Alexander
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