Monday, July 12, 2010

Amazing Grace

Life is just so good
I had to come in and blog about it.

As i am sitting on my new deck in my pink bathrobe in the setting sun,
the forest a glow with evening light
blue sky with white clouds
ever so slightly turning color
some bees still buzzing
in the magenta fireweed
As i am sitting here
a raven flies by, doing somersaults
in the distance he joins the others
crackling, talking to me
at that moment music comes from inside the house
guess what
how good can it get
indeed; someone (in a movie:) sings, Amazing Grace

A Colias on an Oxytrope.

In the afternoon, i already found similar bliss, sauntering around the woods chasing butterflies, the little blues and the bright yellow sulphurs.
As he rests here you only see the outside of the wings, the inside totally bright yellow.
Dreaming in the grass,
my thoughts they flutter and .....yellow.

(Please fill in the dotted lines with your most brilliant names for colors:)


fireweed meadow said...

How beautiful. I've never seen a butterfly anything like that before.

Hagazussa said...

Wat een prachtige schutkleuren, net als de bloem.

Liefs, Haagje