Sunday, October 28, 2012


When i woke up this morning i remembered two dreams. I want to write them down, because i felt they were of a certain significance. And  yesterday i was talking  about dreams over the Internet with a special friend of mine, a shaman in French, Phoebe.

the one before waking up:
The dream was extremely vivid. I lived in this cabin with a group of loving friends, in front of the house there was a pond with swans. The swans were very large. The cabin was put togeher like some cabins here in the Yukon, put together with whatever comes along in different stages.
In some dreams i am in places that i have dreamed about before, this place was new. But in the the dream i had lived there for a long time, we talked and laughed about the long time ago fact , that this lovely place had actually come together from 23 dollars we had borrowed.
The dream was different in a way, because as the dreamer i was new to this place, but the person i was dreaming to be, which was also me, i knew the place. So there were all sorts of surprises, like finding old treasures one had forgotten about and things like, that i couldn't find things, that when i did find them, i knew that they had always been there, like where the spare key hangs.

the one before that:
I was climbing a mountain. I was with my brothers and sisters. The path was well worn, and only at the top it became very  steep and dangerous. One of us even slipped, but  he was able to stop his fall.
We had looked at this mountain from down below very often and knew it's look very well.
Now being on top i never looked at the view below.
We climbed down from the steep top and right underneath we came into a beautiful  cave like place, there was different coloured rocks to sit on and the walls and roof where consisting of small dense willow like trees (i would love to draw this place).

When i realized having had this dream i had a thought that maybe erroneously i had always valued the view from the top down more then the view from below looking up at the mountain.

So what i ask you, is what do you value more, looking at  a mountain or looking down from a mountain?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


i want to sit there and being flung in head spins watching crystals grow
my bare feet frozen in the ice that formed on the surface of the stream
what good is meditation when wild emotion dissipate
how much better is sex, or dance
my body convulsing, because my mind can't handle it
never again will i sit still again, all warm and cozy
never serene
to live i have to scream 
elevated as vapour
only when deeply cold i will turn crystal
so brittle
yes, i am in love

Sunday, October 14, 2012


the bears are still out.
going for a walk we saw this fresh large foot print at the mendenhall meadows today.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

ice roses

when the roses are frozen and life is just what it is
some people say it is not about happiness
not about being on top 

imagine the pink and soft petals, the fragrance

no matter what, but i know THAT is the true me 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I don't see geese very often around here.
In the summer months i can often find swans when i try.
Only with some luck i get to see them fairly close. and they are very good in front of the camera.
Now  ravens i probably see every day, but for me it is hard to get a good photo of them.

Ahhh let me know life is not black or white. Life is a geese, but i love my swans and ravens so much more.