Tuesday, July 27, 2010

still not smoking :)

I was not going to post today, but Sue you asked about it :) thanks, so here you go.
I do have to leave in 10 minutes though.
At moments i still do find it extremely hard, these moments become less and less indeed.
At such moments i sometimes even put a cigarette in my mouth, without lightning it (how sick:).
But this time around quitting, something clicked in my mind, that whatever i feel, i won't light up. I know i won't.
Till..... later later when i forget all about that strong conviction.
I promise here i will let you know if i do, i will make it public:)
As hard as it is and definitely was, i do think quitting smoking is easy compared to eating less or (Gerard:)exercising more. Because it is clear, everything is very clear. In my mind smoking is bad (which it isn't necessarily) and , it is clear that i can't have none! nothing of that more or less stuff. Also it is my own choice. I am not forced. I would have trouble with that, i do not like authority.
To get over the hump as i call it; i type , or i drink coffee.
To not fall into the longing: i plan clearly what i do next! as for me

I gotta go! Got that transformation (what's the right word?? help me) taken care of.


Sue said...

I'm glad I never started smoking, because I would have trouble stopping. You are strong. :) Keep going!!!

Brian said...

Happy birthday jozien. And drink as much coffee as you like!! Well done you for sticking at it :)Brian(:

The Iselin Times said...

Happy Birthday!!! I meant to say so today, but then didn't check in until just now and it's already tomorrow... but well, it's still today also, so I hope you have a great day, and a great year!

jozien said...

Thanks, you guys!
I am sure 40 was a calmer time, 50 gets me smiling from ear to ear.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Everyone in Belgium smokes (or so it seems). It's the sort of thing that catches up on you for sure. I waiving back and forth on coffee but can't seem to stay away, even after brief excursions with tea. Good to be back home to Florida! (I only had sporadic connection to the internet ... which was probably good.)