Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 2

I am kind of neurotic now
Nighttime was easy, the sweetness of sleep :)
I am going to pick raspberries.
I am scared to go away from the house.

Before i was a smoker, as soon i would get home, i would take a dive for the fridge. Even if i just ate. When i smoked, as soon as i got home i would....indeed, i do not want to say it anymore.
Do you have behavior like that?
By the way, it did not effect my weight at all, when i changed. I don't think i will gain now, when i start diving for the fridge more. Weight is not my issue, i am very blessed that way, I have been 68 kilos for almost 20 years.

Thanks thanks thanks for hanging in there with me!


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Keep at it! These first few days will be the worst. Invite non-smoker friends to come with you, or come for tea. You will need the support!

fireweedmeadow said...

When I get home, I dive for the kettle and make a cup of tea of some sort. It's habit I picked up in England, though I don't actually like black tea. Green tea sometimes, at thee moment I'm often picking a few leaves off the anise hyssop plant by the door and making a nice tea out of that. Tea addiction may be worth a try.

Brian said...

Did you notice the taste of the raspberries and blueberries. Now that your a non smoker I bet they taste amazing .Your doing fine keeper of the wild place stick at it it gets better!!! :)Brian(:

Cicero Sings said...

Keep on there Jozien. You can do it.

Weight was never an issue with me until I hit about 48 years. Then hmmm, I suddenly developed a pot. While I have lost 10 lbs since D died, that little pot still remains ... just not as big. D was some kind of cook and eating in company ... always holds more appeal ... food just tastes better. Food will definitely start tasting better the longer you continue down the non-smoking road (at least so I am told ... I have never smoked though my siblings both did ... just never held any appeal).