Saturday, February 28, 2009

Great Big Waves!

How about serenity?
What about it?

I just love swimming in the surf.

Where is the ocean?
Where is the Sea?
even the big lake close to here,
it is frozen.

I love diving in big waves.
The power.
Going in, right when it breaks.

Crashing, the water
spray on my arms and face
being taken
struggling to surface
regaining footing
way closer to the beach now.

Again and again.
Laughter and Joy.

Till the cold and salt
make us want to go onto the warm sand.

Oh how recently,
I still feel the power.

Oh give me just one more of those waves...

All i see is an ocean of snow,
things covered in a soft gentle flow.

What about it?

Just for today,
I love this winter landscape.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Venus and the Moon

Ah, i finally know how to make photos in the dark.
The right setting, exposure time, a tripod and

Crystals in the air

Crystals, right now this very moment. And i am listening to music, Bizet, Carmen.(just to set the stage.)
These crystal are really tiny snow flakes lit up by the sunlight. But you all know that. It's just me that was in the dark again, just pulled out of that Dutch dark clay.

I went on a wonderful ski today, what's new? Barb's fen is lovely, as you see. I take a slightly different route on the way back. Limited to where to go these days, there is still always some new skidoo track. Which must have been there, as nobody is really breaking much new trail these days. I just didn't see it before.
From the top of Don's decent i glide down into a big tree forest, big poplars and big Spruce.
I meet some friendly chickadees on the way. And besides that not too much excitement.

Enough excitement last night i guess.

Northern lights again!

I didn't know they were expected. But when i woke up at four AM. I looked out of the window. Actually without glasses(or lenses) on, i have poor eyesight. They were so bright i could tell something was up.

First when i came out there was patches of light in the East , not moving much. In the West there were moving lights. Connected by an slight arch over head.
If you have ever seen a good display of Northern Lights, it is hard to describe really.
Anyway let me think; South-West some faint greens and red appear.
The arch turns brighter and rolls itself into a circle in the East.
More greens and red, somewhere. I forgot.
Big funnels of white light.
You would think i could tell more, i watched for over half an hour. And they are always moving.
Next time i also better know how my camera works for this kind of thing.
I had not seen a beautiful display like that for a long time.
Thank you sun!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mount Coudert

No, i didn't climb Mount Coudert today.
Quite early this morning i set of to go to the top of my own mountain here. Which really is not much more then a hill. From the house at the most a 1000 feet elevation gain.
The weather is quite good. -10C, no wind and an arch of blue sky in the South.
I am heading North into the dark, again. Earlier on today feeling quite sad anyway.
Cross country skiing, carrying my snow shoes on my back. The trail is fast, In no time i am on the little lake. Where the ski tracks are yet again invisible, both because of the flat light and the new snow. I know i am on the trail though , by the way i float, being carried. I would know when i would fall off the trail, by the way you sink in deep.
Blue China Swamp; in no time i am at the end of a skiable trail, I change to snow shoes. I skip all the regular rest stops, because my pace is perfect today.
Again in no time I am at the foot of the mountain, a little ways up i leave the snow shoes, as it is now to steep for that.
Again, this is all too easy. Same mountain always different.
I have a nice rest overlooking the valley. The arch of blue kind of disappearing and snow starting to fall, very minimal.
On the side of the mountain, deep snow was blown of , well it is all collected at the top. But by now i am so close I carry on.
After many drifts, deep snow, some hard crust, I do reach the very top!

Look South.Look North.

I spend over an hour just enjoying it. I love this most of anything. Just looking, listening. Then i wonder what about feeling.
I guess one could call it Grace.
I feel the luckiest person on the planet.
Have you ever had that? Where you feel good, no matter what.
The whole top feels very peaceful, there is so much tenderness.
It actually stops snowing and starts clearing up a bit.
The walk down is lovely as always.
I wonder about the fact that normally any high point always feels somehow harsher then lower in the valley. Today maybe it was all opposite.
Till i come down overlooking Blue China swamp.
This sounds kind of pathetic, but you might have had such a thing ever happen to you too. I am totally struck by Love. The sweetness of it all. Not knowing really what.

Back at home, i feel somehow down again. And sure now it starts snowing big time.

Well i guess this all happens when you live in the mountains.
Blessedly so.

Xanthoria elegans

Xanthoria elegans
'maria mountain'
Mendenhall, February 26 2009
elevation, 3100 feet

That tiny spot in the left hand bottom corner.
Actually the same rock as you see in the photo with me in it on the right of this post.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

wild ways

Really, i have been having to many stories lately. with some sort of vehicle involved.
Today again i did have fun, but how much fun is this?

We planned to work on the Jo-jo trail a little more, took the snowshoes, shovels.
We didn't get very far.
Before this, i already got stuck, in the ditch along the Alaska highway. There is this little stretch we have to follow the road. Don decides to make a trail in the ditch, like we do other years. He was good, but now i got stuck. And him being ahead, he didn't miss me for a while. I could not pull the skidoo out myself. Pulling and puffing to no avail, he luckily came back for me.

The weather is glorious!
And on we go. Instantly when we drop onto the Mendenhall river there is some overflow. I just follow at a save distant as fast as is safely to go. I have to admit i like these kind of wild trips.
Till around a bend, Don is standing still in the middle of a puddle. I pull up beside him to be... totally in the water. No, not that bad, just wet feet, winter boots are not made for water.
I am always a little anticipated about the flow of water under the ice. Don says that's no problem, you won't fall through, too many layers of frozen up overflow.
He says the problem is the machines, the water and slush in them will freeze up, enabling the machine to work properly.
(I do always carry all sorts of survival gear, no life jacket though)
Anyway we are not sinking, but i am happy to be able to get the skidoo on ice, see photo.
We keep going to find a place where we can turn, we really could have turned around here, but i guess we both like the ride.
More water and then ice, where there was water last week.
On land we take a break, and Don turns around in the meadow.
I am not so skilled, to turn in deep snow, go way out, the meadow not big enough for me, get stuck again. more pulling.
It keeps me fit!
Back through the water, there is no other way really. Now knowing what to expect we navigate :) the river safely.
Dry socks, dry toque, some tea and cookies, in the sun.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

around the farm

Today we are going skiing with four of us at the farm.
At noon we meet. The tracks freshly set (thanks Cliff).
Lots of fresh snow and still snowing a bit. The sun only a vague spot of light in the sky. The light flat.
As i always say, loving it anyway. Well that's quadrupled today. Lots of laughing.

I suppose a farm is not a wild place, but this one in the middle of the wilderness, It's fields surrounded, on the west a creek, on the South and East the Takhini river. And North the Stony creek range with the Alaska highway in between.
No view of mountains today though, only some hills that normally don't stand out because of the mountains behind it.
We follow the river for most of the way as the farm is nestled in a big bend.
Most of the time we don't really see the river, but see the bank on the other side.
We ski on top of the bank on this side of the river. After some 2 and a half hours, we are only two thirds around. Virginia calls the rescue party. Cliff comes out with a small cat, (i forgot what it's called, a bombardier?,i'll ask.) We all get in. Feeling like we're in some fancy ski resort, where you get driven around.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Skiing in big lazily falling flakes

-Maybe i am just scared of spring-
Snowflakes falling
carefully i step
into this white
so sensitive
one slight move i make
yielding to easily
I'm sliding now
there's no resistance
All is light
too much speed
I fall
lifted up in opening clouds
The sun a disk
I flinch
even before
a sunray reaches me
I know i'm lost
Ready to retrace the way
Trees pull me in
Ancient ones all knowing
I taste their golden pitch
-I guess winter cannot last eternally-

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jo-jo peak

Here is a better picture of the landscape towards Jo-jo lake.
I am standing North of the 911 pond. a willow thicket in the foreground.
The black line above that is the beginning of the moraine. And really the end from the glacier's point of view.
Here in my neck of the woods the glaciers came from the South, the coast.
You see how probably melt water, cut a little trench in it.
The trail goes through that trench. But first follows the white patches. One of them the steep hill.

The glacier made the peak so steep. And it is as pointy as it looks, I sat on top a few years ago, and didn't dare to stand up. The mountain on the right, which i had the honor of visiting too, was the only one around here, that peaked out, when all was ice-fields.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jo-jo Lake

We make it half way today!
From the end of the Mendenhall meadows here, you see Jo-jo Peak. The peak drops straight into the lake on the right side.
I can say i am fortunate enough to have made it to the lake quite a number of times. All long stories in itself. There is never guaranties. In winter we go mostly by skidoo. By the way of the 911 pond ,the river, the meadows, the willow swamp, Pond Creek, and another long and beautiful way. With one steep hill, where i have to go full throttle, racing on an edge, one side you could roll of , the other side some perilous trees, till you reach;
Our treasured Pine Tree. A tree with some history; at has a deep scar! And when i say ours, i mean the few people that go here, i think most of us stop at this tree, one time or another.
The trail has been taken a few times this winter, and we travel on a previous set skidoo trail, Don only falls of a few times, where we have to lift the skidoo back on the trail. I don't fall off, my Bravo lighter and Don is breaking the trail for me. The trail deteriorates. Soon it seems all winter only one machine has been before us.
This is the way, with the group who does come out here, we all work on the trail. If lucky some of us will reach the end before break-up.

Here we enter the gorge as you kind of see in the first picture.

Soon we come to the end of skidoo tracks. Here someone has snowshoed another kilometer or so. We bravely carry on.
And this is what it's like.
Very heavy work. At the end of the snowshoe tracks, we are forced to turn around.
Which as difficult as you can imagine.

The way back we race, leaning, ducking, swerving, speeding or slowing. The river is a dream, first stretch racing through green water, luckily there's ice underneath.
On the river's bends i realize when i go fast enough and lean, the skidoo will take me through without me really steering.

Living in the wilderness

One of the beauties of living the way i do is that i can express myself vocally, as in singing my heart out, anytime anywhere i please.
Most of you reading this, are maybe surrounded by people and buildings etc. most of the time.
That's where i come short. When i see you, surrounded,
you do walk so gracefully, being you so perfectly.
Mostly, I couldn't be that strong, i think.
No matter what; we are all on some kind of Path.

This morning i stepped outside,
and if you could have heard,
I sang a primal song of sounds.

As of lately,
i was singing love songs
in the woods.

With some feeling of loss
I wondered
Where is my
so familiar primal voice
Native sounds
of deeper down the Earth
totally in harmony

Sometimes i sing a hymn to God
When i am scared;
a children's song

Singing here this morning
I see my order of all things

Maybe you reminded me
I heard your song
from far away
It is a sound so clear and light
one of total Grace
where as my love songs are
mainly egocentric

I know for now which path i have to take
It's just
I love to stray

Only when i will find
the guttural sounds of Inuit

Maybe then
I will sing a song that really counts
It's music still in shrouds for me

Monday, February 16, 2009

Takhini River

We made it to the river today!
In the morning. i first ski out to the little lake, to get a closer look at the lichen. I didn't look at it with a microscope, but i think it is safe to say that it is indeed the Xanthoria candelaria. Plants of Northern British Columbia, states that it does grow on wood, dead and alive. And that it is more common at the coast. This being a 'salty' lake, why not.

In the afternoon Margriet is here to pick me up. We are off to Virginia's. I didn't want to take my car, as it scooped up quite a bit of snow yesterday.
Margriet borrowed her husband's car, because her husband took her's today, for unknown reason to me, but as it turns out this car stops half way.
Well be! We leave the car, hitch hike home. (We do get a kick out of the whole thing.) Thanks whoever you were. He brings us to my doorstep. Margriet and I hop in the orange van and try again. (the broken cars, i have to admit, we leave solely to the care of our husbands, they like it that way.)
At Virginia's we hop on the skis, and of we are.
The weather is gorgeous. -10 C or something like that, the best! It feels like spring, ( the Redpolls agree, they finally arrived, lots of twitter in the garden.)
The skiing is fast, we are skiing on set tracks, and in no time we come to the first bank. We all make it down safely.
We come into an open aspen forest, the trees very old but really not that big.
Soon we get views from the opposite banks of the river, Under the sun, the bank shines silver.
Ah...,too soon we stand above that big river.
We ski a little ways along it and then turn back. Again glorious views, now of the Stony Creek Range. The sun shining on it and some dappled shadows from the few clouds. Beautiful.
Thanks! lots of laughter, us 3 Dutch gals!

ps The fox seemed to have been sleeping in it's snow den again.

Xanthoria candelaria.
Moose skull lake, Mendenhall subdivision.
Xantho is Greek for yellow; yellow candle.

Hoi Bart!

Bart is my favorite nephew. Bart, you probably forgot, so did I.
But Bart's bedroom used to be mine. The room with the balcony. That balcony was my private sanctuary, growing up in a big family.
Bart, maybe you heard, Alexander was in big trouble yesterday. When i was in trouble as a teenager, i used to enter my room by means of that balcony, using the rain pipe.
Bart, can you step outside for me and tell me what you see, from that balcony.

Looking at last night's, digging out, post, (through your plasma, big screen TV.)
One could of course see anything; clarity, loneliness, desolation, or decay.
Today i will look at the decay some more; the orange lichen on the dead branch;
Is it a;
Xanthoria candelaria.
I like that name.
And have to go back out there with a looking glass.
Just so i know.

In the mean time i ask?
Looking at these photos or out from your balcony.
What do you see here today?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

digging out

Today Faith asked; how many scars do you feel in the woods today? (check out her blog Stones of Forgiveness. I love her poetry, i think we have some scars in common.)

Today my neck of the woods only revealed a stark beauty.

I knew that wasn't true.

Towards the end of the day,
Alexander even drove the car in the ditch,
and we had to do quite a bit of digging.

These are minor things
and don't leave scars
They bring us all together
strangers showing generousity

Some times the wood is telling me
All is Good
very good.

Aurora Borealis

On there is a beautiful paragraph on the Northern lights from the last few nights, that i am getting a glimpse of. With a photo!

Being woken up
"hey honey, northern lights."
instantly excitedly
still very sleepily
slipping out from underneath warm cover
moving in the dark
winter coat and insulated pants
sliding over naked skin
bare feet in boots
fingers freezing on the door knob
The air is very cold
The moon barely visible

An arch of white light
dispersing higher
pulsating around Big Bear

cold face, sore neck
softly laying down
on our back
South side of the North Star

in Awe
so quiet

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Northern Lights

This morning at 4 AM i watched the Northern lights for a while. I haven't seen them for a long time. No colors, just white light swirling around the stars. No great symphonies, but moving fast enough to be a song.

Today i went to the farm again, to go for a ski with Virginia. I am happy to tell that i could keep up with her today.
And her Elk stayed around long enough for me to get some pictures. They are getting used to their confinement again I suppose. When Virginia whistles at them they stop and listen. These are the Elk of the Takhini Elk herd. (On the Internet you can read more about them, if you want)

The skiing was wonderful, -20 C, this morning we woke up with 34 C below, which i have to admit, was kind of shock again.
Today there are crystals in the air. While talking and skiing i didn't see them.
But when i am all quiet and kind of look sideways, there they are, tiny, tiny diamonds in the sun light

On our ski we did see this; a little fox probably camped out here for a night. Digging a hole down to the grass.

Friday, February 13, 2009

ice crystals

I know, i seemed upset about the cold this morning. But you don't know, or i forgot, these are the most glorious days to me.
The sun shines very brightly, while climbing higher in the sky.
The Whitehorse weather report on the Internet even called for; ice crystals in the air.
Well we didn't get that lucky here.
But lots of crystal shining on the snow.

I walk by the way of the road to 'teapot pond'. When i come to the fire truck access road(thanks c), it doesn't look like anybody's been there for a while. Uhmm, i would have liked a path. What is it with me and paths these days, if that ever stopped me.
First it's bad, climbing through the snow pile on the shoulder of the road.
Instead of following the access road, i cut straight to the pond.
Pretty good. Any time of year the terrain is difficult here. It being a swamp with several ponds.

I plan on going to the little creek that flows into the pond. Following the creek and then cutting towards another road from there. Kind of walking in a big circle.
There is something interesting going on with this circle. From my house i seem to be walking down hill, then the pond is flat, like any good pond.
I don't feel there is any uphill part. But the road i end up on, takes me down to bring me home. I don't get it.

After staying on the pond for a while, checking it out, looking here and there.
I will decide, when at the creek the snow is any deeper, i'll turn back the same way.
But the creek has frozen overflow, glaciation. It's wondrous. I do fall in a few soft (snowy) holes, but no deeper then my thighs. Too fast i end up at the origin of the creek. I get rewarded with some open water for a delicious drink.
Thanks for water welling up and crystal on the snow.

Still cold

Oh i can not write a poem.
I am much too much awake.
Maybe you have to be a dreamer or so,
but how do i dream,
bursting wide open?

I just like to write about this weather here.
That's all.

A gigantic Storm
washes over me
Big Booms make me fly franticly for cover
Strikes light up the scary sky

It's not a storm of sadness
It's sheer madness!
lightning, thunder,
sheets of rain

Oh I wish.
Oh I wish,
spring would come this way.

reality is:
It's dark and still outside, only ice and snow...

Waking up this morning it is still -30 C below weather here in Mendenhall.
What do you do?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I got an award from Rachel!

Thank you so much Rachel!
You can find Rachel at
the Waxing Moon.
She is responsible for my own poetic attempts these days.:)
fittingly, i will walk through the gateway to poetry.:) On the Mendenhall river today.

Ring of bright water

Yesterday's thoughts reminded me of a poem by Kathleen Raine.
We used it in our wedding ceremony. I won't post it here, partly because i don't quite understand it.
I thought i was growing wiser, but maybe i'm regressing.
or maybe i just never totally understood it.
I read the book by Gavin Maxwell who used the poem for his title, in those days.
This morning while snowing again i indulged in watching the movie.
And the song from the movie, oh, it just happens to describe the essence in all this for me.

Ring of Bright Water (theme from the movie sung by Val Doonican)

Where sun and wind play on a ring of bright water
Thats where my heartland will be
The deer on the hill in the first snows of winter
the gull in the sky flying free

I wandered away from the dark crowded city,
Leaving my old life behind,
And I came to a place where a ring of bright water,
Dazzled all cares from my mind.

So I live with the wonder of the sky and the sea
And I'll always remember who revealed them to me

But now you are gone with your whirlpools of laughter
Leading me down to the sea
But I'll always smile when a ring of bright water
Echoes your laughter to me.

(key change)

But now you are gone with your whirlpools of laughter
Racing me down to the sea
But I'll always smile when a ring of bright water
Echoes your laughter to me.
Echoes your laughter to me

And the movie is lovely too.
After that the sun came out slowly in a soft and sparkly way.
I thought it be nice to go to the 911 pond, where i saw the otter tracks in the beginning of the winter.

It is already 2 pm, i decide to drive to the 911 highway sign. And walk from there.
I don't know if there be recent skidoo tracks, but with hunting season still on, the changes are great. I don't feel like taking skis or snowshoes. I know it could be the better way to travel, faster. But sometimes i find these attachments on my legs cumbersome.
There is tracks, the walking easy!
I head for the river and as the trail takes a turn i don't know if they are going there. As in the path of life.
I come upon a track that does go there. The river is high. There must have been lots of overflow, but all covered in snow. Only one spot i walk through a bit of slush,
No water. And definitely no otter.
Wonderful anyway, walking through the arches. The bent over trees, with the sun shining through.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sarah Steele

Ah, in the meantime i went on two outings already.
Snowshoeing, in the late afternoon, yesterday.
And early this morning for a ski.

There is something about being outside, that you don't always perceive the space around you the same. Yesterday still cloudy and fading daylight. It gave me the feeling, that the edge of the space is close by as walls around me. I wonder if others have that too and not that your in the mist. How would you describe that?
I love mist, i need some mist. Then i could just say; oh i couldn't see anything. All sogged in. No it was clear, but the light very flat.

This morning, Mary and i were one of the first ones on the trails in town. I love that, being first. Ha!
The sun is out today. Being on the East side of a hill, the morning sun shining on the trees up hill,that i ski towards. (Out here in Mendenhall, no hills to the East, so to come to an East side, well the morning sun is gone, already in the South.)
So it was interesting how that was kind of different.
Mary has to go back and sends me on the Sarah Steele trails.
Now this is Interesting! Sarah Steele married Don and me, (She has passed away since then, bless her soul.) Any way it occurs to me that moment, how our marriage is bonded with steal.(oops, i meant steel, or did i now?)
How the mind can wander. I wonder.
I love to describe this beautiful trail to you, but with the line of thoughts i am in , that would be too personal.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Starting all over

Or shall i title it 'no apparent change'? But i borrowed that one from 'The Northern Wall'. Thanks, anyway.
It stopped snowing.
Everything looks white and as it already did for quite a while, so,
no apparent change.
But all the paths i have been diligently making are gone.
I shovel a bit and then go for a walk. Just down the driveway, now all my paths are snowed over. There still will be a base somewhere underneath, but i cannot see where. And i don't feel up for any strenuous exercise anyway.
The sky is nicely striped. whites, greys, blues. And when i first leave some pinks of the early morning.
As there is no other way to go, i turn onto the road. Blessed as i am, we are second last on this road, so not much change to meet any traffic.
But if you know me, i find it hard to just stay on the beaten track.
And when i see a still visible path going uphill, i take it anyway. It's not bad actually. No worse then what i get myself normally into.
I come out halfway up 'crocus hill'.
That's where i sit down by a spruce tree. I try to still my mind. Lots of chattering there lately.
The sky is still striped. The sun behind the clouds. The mountains clearly visible, but because of the way the sky is striped, bands of light shade and bands of light light. In front of the mountains also some wispy clouds. And some mountain tops connected by those clouds. All very subtle.
Sky , Mountains, no apparent difference.
First i sit, then rest on my elbow. Till i just lay down.
The spruce branches, with snow on top, look pretty neat from underneath.

But the Sky! The sky is GLORIOUS.
Look up and you will see.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Takhini river valley

It is snowing out side, big time.
I am listening to 'Tibetan Incantations'.
Thanks Aria, very soothing.Yesterday i did go for that ski with Virginia.
This is as far as we got.
No river in sight. Here the set trail stopped, we could have gone on breaking trail.
But Virginia, had not been there all winter i think. And that would mean very deep snow, and going down the slope, you see towards the right.
I always like to see, how the land is made through the time. Here we are i think by an old river bank of that Takhini river, who knows 1000s of years ago.
I will dig out the specific map today, to see how far that river is now, at that particular point. Virginia says, "oh, it's still quite a ways.

Looking out over her farm, i do see blue sky.

Oh Faith, about the sounds, you gotta come out and we both have to go investigating, in the dark i am too scared alone. (Just kidding.) And i haven't heard anymore strange sounds, outside that is.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Strange sounds in the woods

This morning i was standing outside in the moonlight. And hear some strange sounds.

I still send Alexander off to school, get up with him and such. It's his last year in high school. He took the car today not the bus.
About the sounds later, because he just phoned. I left a message for him to phone me when he arrives at school.
Because on the local radio we heard that the school bus is stuck. Now being the worrier i am, i forgot to tell him that the roads are very slippy. Yesterday driving, i would sometimes feel the car slightly sliding of to the side, down the camber of the road.
He arrived safely! Reassuringly he says sweetly,"i am a good driver mom."

Anyway the sounds; faintly, almost human. It's not birds or a coyote. Neither a distant dog.
At the end i just wonder if it's the wind blowing around something at the neighbor's.
I guess i never know.

Today i do want to start making some strange sounds. (oops i always did anyway)
As in words on paper, well on screen, nowadays.

For the longest time i wanted my stories here on the blog to mean more then just an account of my nature experiences. To me they always meant so much more, somehow.

Thank you, who already figured that anyway.
Now it seems that it was just me standing in the dark.

This is yesterday's poem, which started shaping in my head visiting a neighbor.

Today i fell in love, again
I saw a path so smooth and straight
Right through wide open space
heading for a hidden river bank

Come out someday and ski
Virginia said

Of course i cannot wait

Now i wonder
What kind of lover would you be?
Would you take me to a secret meadow right beside the stream
Would you take me to the cliffs above the river
Would you take me to a broad and open view of a waving ribbon

Or does this path abruptly end
the brush to thick
Reaching no river after all

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Woodpecker tree

This tree is in the back here, on the neighbours property actually. Mostly for me to enjoy. We each have 20 acres and no need for fences.
I didn't go very far today. When i got up with my men it was snowing and still dark anyway. I went back to bed, because i haven't been sleeping very much lately. With that moon out during the day, why not sleep a bit too.

Pelly rescued me! It is always amazing how when i don't feel so energetic, somebody gets me out. Pelly wanted to snowboard in the yard here and urged me; "come and look!" Thanks Pelly! Once i 'm out i always feel better.
I clear a bench and watch for a while, put on my snowshoes and reset the trails around the house.

There are sill clumps of old snow on the trees, but now fresh snow blown into the twigs.

I like these emoticons, the one for Laughing :D, but now i wonder what is the one for dancing, shouldn't that be D? Because that's what i do mostly today, dance around the house a bit.
Tomorrow back to work, for two whole days, yuck! :D

Monday, February 2, 2009

Colors in the clouds

Or my head in the clouds?
So off North i go this morning. The clouds still pinkish, from the morning sun, but mostly blue sky. (does that mean, still 6 weeks weeks of winter? well that's good! That means spring will be early.)
I ski the first part on established ski trails. Carry my snowshoes on my back. In May 2008 when i started this blog, i went this way every other day to check the Birch and later to collect the sap. Now all winter not even an animal has taken the trail.
I switch to snowshoes.
My snow shoes sink in deep. And that bit of crust in the middle somewhere, i break through it. Needless to say i go very slow. But it is glorious. February is exactly what it is supposed to be in my book.-5C today.
(when was it? Feb.2007; -47C)
It is hard work though, i only come as far as the top of a drumlin. I can see the Birch on top of the hill, they have a reddish shine to them. Very different then all the poplar here (quacking aspen). What i do come through is a little forest of Pine trees. I love those too, they are nice and light green compared to the spruce, and more...feminine somehow. About Pine; that doesn't grow around our house, because apparently it needs a forest fire to germinate its seeds. And here at this spot there is definitely some sign of fire, which could be in this semi-arid climate, 60 years ago.(something else to find out)

On my way home, i see that the moon is up already.
And then above my house there is this big interesting cloud. As i flop on a chair on my little deck, colors start to show. I have never seen this. And if you have a name for this phenomena, please let me know. Its a cloud above the sun.

With a sky like that, i sing along with the Jerusalem Passion by Australian composer Murray Wylie (thanks anonymous) my version conducted by Hans Malta, and one of the choirs Les Sirenes (my sister's, Ank)

Deep dark forest

A poem, again?

I like to say the following poem was inspired by an early arrival of an eagle.(the groundhog is not expected till May). The eagles not expected till the end of this month.
Or by the endless expanses of snow, which i think have similarities to a desert.
Or that i just long for summer.
But that all would be a lie
It came out of the deep dark forest of my own emotions.
The first 5 lines borrowed from a song i often listen too from the Jerusalem Passion.I'll find out by whom, my sister sings in it, in an accompanying choir.

Where are the eagles
Where are the eagles
Why don't they hear, why don't they see?
And why don't they fly home

No, he is not in the desert
Not in all that openness
In all that sweltering heat

I fall in the sand
feeling every grain with my skin

My mouth can not speak

And anyone reading this, don't worry now. I am not going to write poetry.
I am doing just fine, doing the way i do, taking you on my trips in the wilderness.

Today i will go North, finding some solace at big birch trees

Sunday, February 1, 2009


My favorite month. I get to sit out on the deck. The sun warm again, the snow reflecting it. Today started cool, the sun came out, with a speck of snow falling once in a while. But pleasant enough to indeed sit outside.
Don and i had planned to go skidoing today.
But my husband, well.. i don't go in details.
I get the skidoos ready. Which i do need his help with. He gets so crouchy.
Guess what i compare him with.
Indeed a big old Buffalo.
A good provider, but watch out.
So first i go for a spin by myself. You know i just don't like skidoing that much.
I am not very good at it, feel insecure, get stuck etc.
It's a family thing. When Don is with me , i love it. I would still rather be the one riding in the skiff (being pulled along) But Don prefers if i ride my own skidoo. A little Bravo by the way.
After i do 2 spins, clear some snow, watch the birds, he is finally up to it.

Off we go! Following a wide trail. (It's a hunter thing, i can't tell you where...) cutting through the forest, out in the open on a bluff, into a deep dark forest.
It's a joy to see Don ride. He is so good; where i would get stuck , he stands up, leans over and revs up.
Following a levee,the trees here still laden with snow, out on a meadow. Lots of days old Bison tracks. On to a winding narrow trail in the forest.
We are in thick big willow bush, i see the meadow through an opening ahead.
Suddenly Don stops.

I see it too, scramble for the camera, wish i would have gotten a picture of the willows too. But they are running!

They do actually stand still once and a while. I don't know if that is because of the deep snow, or is that actually how they flee; watching where the perceived danger actually is.
As sudden as we saw them, they have disappear in the woods.
Don takes off like a rocket. (I imagine now what my brother went through hunting with Don, that's another story, far more exciting, but not mine to tell.)
He doesn't follow the Bison, but maybe he is wondering if he can see them again on the other side of the forest. Thank goodness there is his skidoo tracks to follow for me. Eventually i do catch up with him. But because of the speed, my hat always gets undone. while adjusting it, i push my contact lens away from my pupil. Now i am half sighted. What a life!
Good and frozen we arrive home before dark.
The photos maybe not perfect, well they're perfect for being wild, we're not in the zoo here(although).
But what joy to share them right away, by the means of this wonderful blogging.