Monday, June 27, 2011

Artemisia furcata

Artemisia furcata
June 25 2011
Kusawa Ridge

Sunday, June 26, 2011

new camera

now after several beautiful trips, with the camera not working i bought a PowerShot Sx130 IS. I think it will do, i am quite pleased with two following photos

First i couldn't find the self timer, and was very upset about that, then i didn't like the macro setting.
But i think it will all be fine :)
So easily upset
hmmm but then there is my son, who is coming home but now stuck in Grand Prairie where his car broke down. That too will be solved somehow. That creates a deeper kind of concern in me, but nothing much i can do now, so i send him good vibes.

And then that my skype is not working, really, that doesn't bother me at all any more
yet i do have to deal with that some time too, because i like skyping with my family and friends.
And being in this space of what needs to be done, i don't like that
ahhhh there is always too much, somehow.

i will sit happily with my books, identifying the flowers i encountered yesterday on Kusawa ridge,
all from memory, no photos, not even notes

it was a most beautiful hike btw

have a lovely sunday!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

list of flowers i saw today

My camera is not working

first the smell of wild roses
pink every where - prickly rose
then the bluest cobalt blue - yukon beardtongue
bright yellow - arnica
little saxifragas,(three different kinds)
pussy toes,
tiny white and purple mustards - Arabis
- Northern Jasmin
and probably more
this was on the way along the path towards
The mountain is the garden
flowers everywhere
a sea of cream - Mountain Avens
and when i look closely lilac in every shade - Phlox
blowing in the breeze the large (comparatively) cream/bluish flowers -an anemone, the wind flower
And there from far i see the dark pink from the douglasia
ehhh it is the douglasia not moss campion and it is fragrant
i have put my nose to it and it has the sweetest scent.
agggghr i stop because i lost it again, last month i spend days identifying douglasia
now i do not know......
What i saw was gorgeous a pink cushion sometimes a foot in diameter and it's fragrant
I am lost.....

Okay lets just continue
i saw fragrant fern (yes it smells too, very strong very sweet, lovely)
- for-get-me-nots
- blackish (purple) oxytrope (tiny tiny)
low laying but very dark purple -lupines
small with big flowers -bluebells
and then the deep pink amazingly big and standing up straight - woolly lousewort
and then there was bright yellow big flowered tiny plants - cinquefoils

more will come to me
it was wonderful, it was at Stony Creek

I believe this mountain has flowers that according to the literature do not grow here.


the little bells of various berries -vacciniums, blueberries and cranberries
- labrador tea
and oh my how can i forget the Lapland Rosebay! A wonderful looking out of place, yukon rhododendron bush (small nevertheless, maybe a foot high and not quite a foot high)

And i saw a fireweed blooming! (my first this season)

Saturday, June 18, 2011


tiny flowers
less then 1cm wide

we are the giants
I met a giant, named Eliah, he is huge and lives on top of thunder mountain. Everyone thought that he killed his folks, but he didn't. The great black grizzly bear did. Yesterday i went to visit him, when i tripped he helped me up. I said to him to come to my house. His hands are huge, my whole face fits in it. He said to me, I will come down if your folks don't know. He came with me and i showed him my home. He went back up to thunder mountain into the sunset. I love Eliah.
story by Destiny

Friday, June 17, 2011

mosquito paradise

My beloved triglochin

Bog Rosemary

a Fritillary

I walked around moose skull lake today, and it was paradise and the mosquitoes weren't that bad at all.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

papilio canadensis

canadian tiger swallowtail

broken wings
but life goes on :)
it lives only one generation per year.
its caterpillars live here on the abundant poplar trees

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

wild violets

This morning upon awaking,
i found this wild violet,
growing in a shaded corner right by the deck.
My Joy is great,
to have a little wild one finding my place worthy to settle
violet love

PS of course my garden, the one, i am honoured to live in. earlier yet a rabbit hopped away as i entered which is of course his/her domain, a piece of wilderness full of wild flowers, but this violet one an exotic one.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Opal's Left Lung - Dumb But Awesome's Left Lung - Dumb But Awesome

ha! i might be still thinking too much about that one thing.
Still barely hanging in there, still longing....
I hope that you too can see the humor in this

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

two tree spirits

What do you see?
What expression?
They are mirror images of eachother.......


Lots of Scaups (probably the lesser scaup) on my little lake here (moose skull lake)
and in the far right back a Barrow's Goldeneye.
the weather lovely lately. And me?
Same as always; being my lovely fuddly me, more fuddly than ever
Painting a bit, in the garden a bit, walking a bit, tutoring today for two hours, lazing around, reading, on the computer, and working on that slab of wood that you see here a few posts below, it's coming beautifully.

I will one day take the time again to read about your day!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

yellow anemone

just one little flower
close to a little creek
in the dark dense forest
only leaves and lichen
on the forest floor
and horsetail
that will grow anywhere
what do you do there?
yellow anemone....
reminding us of sunshine
where no other flowers grow

Monday, June 6, 2011

scary stuff

The scary stuff being that i almost had forgotten my password to get in my blog, it took me four tries, i better write it down.
The black bear, always a thrill, but seen from the car it is and looks cute.
The owl scull, hmmm my friend Jane who i was walking with on the shores of Kusawa lake, found it sad; who would do that to a beautiful owl. I do agree, but mostly find it very intriguing.

Today i am harvesting!
This for me the best time. All the spring greens, nettle, lamb'squarter, dock, fireweed shoots, plantain, rasberry shoots, knotweed, northern bedstraw shoots.
I blanch and freeze them
And when making a salad i throw in some columbine flowers, for the beauty of it all

And i hope to pick spruce tips today, dry them, for tea.