Sunday, July 11, 2010

new view

At the back of the house Don build me a new deck, the deck we found on the dump.
It is almost finished, just needs to be painted.
Standing on the deck, looking around,
a new view of the mountains appeared.
It was actually clear all day, in the evening clouds rolled in in the South, rain clouds.
I liked the look of how the clouds rolled in.
Recently i saw a beautiful exposition in the Art Centre by .... ?(go to Nicole Bauberger)
Anyway her whole show was many paintings of the same mountain on different days over two years. Yehh :) now i would like to do that of that view. Oh Haagje Hagazussa inspired me too, she is making a photo everyday. Now i could make a painting of that mountain every day every way.

This was the first one
oops it came out a little different


klaproos said...

hoi jozien,
wat een geweldig uitzicht,als je zo elke morgen mag wakker worden
en dit zien dan heb je verder weinig meer nodig hé.:-)

dank je wel voor je bezoek aan mijn weblog

Hagazussa said...

Ook ik was door iemand anders geinspireerd dus zo maken we een cirkel wereld wijd. Fantastisch uitzicht heb je zo op het dak. Mooie omgeving waar je woont, dat moet echt genieten zijn.

Liefs, Haagje

Brian said...

Enjoy your new view, keeper of the wild place. Do you use bark for your artwork Jozien? Your painting's are very vibrant and they tell your story .Nice stuff :)Brian(:

jozien said...

Thank you 3x
Brian, yes the kiss is on bark, on the inside of the bark, i scrape it clean, sand it, and this one primed primed.