Thursday, July 22, 2010


I am still only thinking smoke, no clear vision yet.
-I am doing it-
but that's it, i came home early, only to almost fail.
What do i do? what do i do when i get up from this computer? I am running out of steam.
-I will persevere-
thank you again for all the support, it helps so much.

This is the view of the mountain, (that i draw everyday) from the Alaska Highway, around where i pick berries.

I can tell you two stories, that are keeper of wild places-ish.

This morning i almost was not going to work. Last night i decided not to go, i just needed to somehow overcome THIS. I'll do anything, except smoking, i never never want to go through this again!!!
Anyway i do wake up at 5 am. With A SMILE ON MY FACE i have no idea where that came from. So i am awake i am happy, so indeed i might as well go to work. I don't start that early, but on Thursday morning i go to a meditation group at 7 am, and meditate for an hour. Ain't i Good? (sarcastically)
At this job i have Thursday morning, there is a crying dog, i cannot handle crying dogs, especially not today! So while being payed and not having asked my boss, i take the dog for a long walk.
:) there's trails to treasures everywhere .
It is lovely, i have often looked down this trail while driving by, it looks straight and flat. Well it is not. It turns into a lovely dark moss bos (a name Margriet, who is Dutch and i came up with, bos means forest) The dog pulls this way and that, as i am already overstepping boundaries, i dare not let him loose. Up and down the trail we go, there is an opening in the forest ahead, the terrain more gravelly now. It seems an old creek bed, or ancient gravelpit, i don't now. It is just a swale in the forest. It might be wet there in the bottom, among the willows. Hey you know me, i would go in :) and probably the dog too. But we are not supposed to be here. :) We walk back, I bring the dog in, and quit my job :) thinking she will be okay when i am not around.

Story two

I am not much of berry picker really. I wander off, or play. Don't you love it, when you're with your lover, trying to pick berries, the juices and the warm rocks, it's just too much (sorry i wandered off a bit)
And i know i am not a real picker, because i never have that were i keep my patch secret, I like to share! So i my self will pick longer, when being able to talk with company (as long as it is not that lover)

I do feel like a real berry picker, because the berries are always giving themselves so abundantly to me (and to my husband by the way, now there's a berry picker if you ever met one) He and i always find berries.
And i have to admit i often ignore their calling me. I hardly picked any wild strawberries this year.
Today i went straight to the raspberry motherload. I was able to find places to sit on a nice big boulder and just pick pick pick. The terrain very steep, i soon ran out of such perfect spots, or was just my wanderlust? I wandered off and well this is so typically Don or me, i found a better spot yet. Well Don would have picked the first spot clean before moving on. But well he is working. At least someone around here does takes work serious!

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