Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Grizzly cub

So cute!and actually i didn't get a photo when it was most adorable.
First it lumbered in the yard, shaking his long blond locks, of course i did not have my camera at that point
later when Destiny talked Bear to it, it stood up to check us out, i think my battery ran out, that time

But enough pictures in between.
Destiny and i were doing timetables at the pick nick table. I'm Destiny's tutor, 5 days a week. (And besides the point, i started another job today, home care for a friend here in the neighbourhood.) Anyway, as we are multiplying away, this cuddly thing walks in. 1 cub equals 2 or more. An answer like that totally disturbs our lesson.
We run in the house, and only momentarily shaky, we watch from the window.
We never do see momma bear. I think this is an a year old cub.
Today Destiny was going to ride her little scooter home, by herself, hmmm i phoned grandpa, who came and drove her home in his truck.
What is about kids these days, getting driven around all the time:)

And i have seen this before, the bear was definitely eating Oxytropis, Locoweed, poisonous to us people.


fireweed meadow said...

What a special visitor. thanks for the beautiful photos.

Brian said...

Jozien you have lots of surprises in the wild place that you are keeper of. Nothing like that in Scotland.But we do have a fox that parades along our street at bedtime . Take care in the wild places :)Brian(:

Anja said...

Friends of us drove to Alaska and most of the wildlife they saw was on the way back through Jasper and Banf.
Do you see bears regularly Jozien or is it few and far between? Very Nice pictures!

RachelW said...

Oh, how beautiful!

jozien said...

Anja, we don't see wildlife too often, because this is not a National Park, with the right permits hunting is aloud. The wildlife doesn't know who's got a permit or not, so they stay away from people in general.
This young kid obviously didn't know nothing about that yet, and was not scared of us at all.

christopher said...


I am sorry I missed this one. What a terrific privilege to see a creature so fresh to the world.

"1 cub equals 2 or more. An answer like that totally disturbs our lesson."

I completely understand! An answer like that actually gives quite another equally valuable lesson concerning where we stand in the nature of things. Momma grizzley offers a lesson you have no interest in learning up close and personal. People with license to kill or not, Momma grizzley will quite freely offer you the chance to smell her breath and body considerring her cub is so close by.

Thank you for the perfect mix of joy, glee and terror! I think for this particular day it is quite all right for Destiny to hitch a ride. 24 hours is probably the right distance between grizzly and small human along the road.