Tuesday, June 9, 2015

lilacs and all

a garden in a tree stump

click click click
i love the sound of high heels
of course here on the dirt
you can't hear it
hey beauty
i talk to my big lilac bush blooming
how did you get here?
i can't remember ever planting you
between the wild willows and the aspen
my skirt flares up
and there another friendly face
a beautiful elegant birch
i think you are the reason
there are yellow sapsuckers nesting here
i know when you were planted
we found you years ago in the forest on the north side
you took, you liked it here
you could just say you were a good actor
if you are an actor that is
or if you were sincere
you  say
that was me then
and this is now
i have changed
i put all the pressure on my toes
to not let the heels sink in
you asked me why
i tell you why
especially because it is not functional
that is the reason why
and you could just say
it is because you're primal
you live life from the gut
and there are two pines
planted at the same time
one is 15 feet tall
the other barely grew
i enjoy my forest
my specially for me spruce forest
it doesn't matter what you say
and that i can't hear the sound
of my own heels
what matters is
that the sapsucker
found a mate
and the peewees are nesting in a poplar tree
i dress myself with roses
and my heart
it is forever free