Monday, April 29, 2013

a slight hint

today there is a slight hint of spring in the air
It's Big
maybe all is not lost
yesterday i went birding again
if i would have woken up out of long sleep
i would have said
winter is here
it arrived today

imagine we'd skip a summer 
i could  
and still feel good

ha , but the birds keep telling me different

Saturday, April 27, 2013

love birds

about  a certain Joy
i need to talk to someone to draw out the words, but who? 
even people who listen, the story takes a turn to where i think they understand
so let me here on paper  try to create someone who totally understands
who actually has words for what i feel
someone comes to mind, a woman i kissed in the bathtub once
i can't write her name
you can't write truths in a single sentence, they are a lifetime long

i rather tell stories where i don't shine
when i myself read a story which starts...
she was beautiful...
i am put off, i feel well that ain't me

am i beautiful in the eyes of him?, you know who.
( of course here too i cannot use his real name, here for different reasons. Voldemort comes to mind, did  J.K .Rowling touch upon something that is inherent in this day and age. Do we live stories now more then ever that contain things, that must not be named.

there is great pleasure in meeting him.
I like it very much that he is beautiful to look at

Yes yes suddenly the answer comes to me

i have to learn to dwell in Joy
not wondering what is right or wrong
if it is right or wrong

when the moment is

well then it is

i see the sparkle in his eyes, his slight smile, his body leaning into me

Monday, April 22, 2013

Siberian Tigers

A Northern Harrier.
is it?  I saw at least three kinds of bird's of prey yesterday.
Not recognizing them  for who they are, always this confusion in my head, the excitement of seeing but then always thrown in a state of, which one is it.
( i will try to identify all of them and post them on

Last night i went to the Tiger Talk by John Valliant.
What i do know now is that i do want to read the book...
Because i want to learn about these tigers and  and i want to learn how people did live basically harmoniously with them for ... what was it 12 million years.
Tigers and people apparently co-existed since the beginning of  human time.

What confuses me greatly after such talk , was again, how it didn't get to the heart of the fact that i am the problem of the decline in numbers.

I am the problem!
I as a  modern human being. I feel i am having a larger footprint then theoretically possible for all humans to have and sustain the Earth as it was.

I do not know how to overcome this?

How do i stand up for the Tiger and all of Nature?


Friday, April 19, 2013


Swans at the Takhini river.
on April 15, 2013
Seemingly nowhere to go, as all the lakes and ponds around here are still solidly frozen.
Today i did see a flock of bohemian waxwings, which is.... possible every month of the year, but it was the first flock i saw here this year.

Crocus buds are forthcoming but very tiny.

And for spring's sake i went on a butterfly hunt. The mourning cloak is often on the wing in the middle of April, not this year.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

for Stacie

As a reply to her comment; well Stacie it was kind of a mystery to us too. On that last day of march ( before the fresh dump of snow)  The meadows west of the 911-pond were bare as in the picture, Coming your way there was more snow left. Yet the river at the 911-pond was still fine to cross. The photo of this big hole in the ice, was taken by the river crossing  straight south from my place ( in between you and the 911-pond i suppose. Do you know i hung a piece of blue flagging for you were it is easy to get off the river onto the meadow there?
It seems the river ice drops in places, overflow fills the created hole, frost freezes it shut again, snow falls, and all seems as it was before. till! spring is truly here.
For the other readers, Stacie and i are neighbours , we met only once, needless to say it was on the trails. Some how our connection is only on the land and on the Internet, i do feel dearly about her.

March 30, i was skidoing in her neck of the woods. And  i met two lynx. Don spotted them first. For a while me and Don had seen tracks on the trails, which i thought were wolfs, being on the skidoo i didn't take time to inspect them, and again it shows me how little i know.
First spotting them they looked like wolfs to me. Then i became aware the one in the back was blondish. As i had a sideways view of it it appeared it had little horns and a little tail sticking up, ha. the thought of a goat came to mind, having grown up on a farm i suppose. Then the next second i knew it was a lynx. The tufts on his ears looking like little horns.

And it is April 7 today. On years past, the the beginning and middle of April means the yard is bare for a bit and  Elven creek starts flowing. This year; not yet.
re-frozen ice

the end of April flowers will be blooming
and migratory birds will be here.

Monday, April 1, 2013


 Like a typical Yukon Easter,  a Christmas landscape
 the Mendenhal river becoming unfit for travel
not in the photos, but it was sunny saturday and most of sunday and i did get some sun tanning done.
and today
it snows again.
i love it.