Sunday, November 30, 2008

Canon powershot

I have had my camera for 2 years now, and am very happy with it. I say mine, but it is from all 3 of us. We purchased it with recycling money and points.
This morning i was going through its manual and found there is a setting for snow.
And it shows!
This picture i just took here on 'crocus hill'. And i say just, because sitting here my ears still feel rosy. It is not very cold and i was walking around without; scarf, toque and gloves. Of course it is still below zero Celsius, consequently the rosy ears.


Yesterday, i did go for a walk. Walking for me is always the most relaxing way to go on an outing. And it hasn't snowed for a while. With winter boots it is still easy to walk.

I just hear on the radio, that we are Yukon's hotspot; -2 C.

But what i was going to say, i am so busy blogging while on the computer, i barely have time to write my own post.
It is wonderful world!
Both the blogging world,
and our planet Earth.
Thank you all, for all the photos and stories!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

River Otter tracks

I guess.
Thank you Andy Fion

Friday, November 28, 2008


There are many trails that lead to the '919 pond'. And this morning i would like to check out the animal tracks on the Mendenhall river again. As the crow flies it is 4km. Along my new trail and then following the meadows it will be 5.5 km. But the trail is rough and only half done.
Along the power line access it is 7 km. In the summer i bike the highway which is, even with the Fire smart shortcut, longer yet. While i am contemplating which way to go, Don offers to drive me to the 911 sign on the highway. Good!

He drops me off at sun rise , the light is beautiful, at 10.15 am. The peak of Middle mountain catches the sun and is brightly colored, clouds around it and blue sky above.
I am probably at the river at 10.30 am. Ah wonderful, the tracks are still there, maybe a rabbit crossed them here or there.
I take lots of photos to have the tracks identified.
Which way to go? first i follow them left (East). Soon there is over flow, it filled up the tracks, which makes them stand out. I see that the animal checked something out in the bank.
As i am going East i hear: "tingeling a ling" behind me. The Horses! People from Champagne have grazing leases here for their pack horses.
When i have to climb over a tree I decide to go West first and check out the horses.
There is lots of overflow and i have to go on the bank at places, where i can actually take shortcuts,(the bends in the river).
The horses are in a meadow South of the river. They are so friendly, they probably think i come and bring them hay like their owners. I have nothing more to offer then the marsh grass. One lets me stroke him.

Back to the 'otter trail'.
Whatever it is, it is a smart animal, not following the meandering river, but.... the easiest route i guess, along the river.
Sliding marks over 2 meters long on the river, shorter through the forest or deeper snow on ponds.
I am loving it following these tracks, it must be an Otter, I feel playful like one.
Before noon I am back where I started on the river to have my lunch.

It might take 3 hours to ski back. The distances i gave you, i didn't figure them out till after.
It safer to measure time by what kind of terrain any way. I choose the 7 km route, which means i will be on a broken in trail, by skidoos and other off terrain vehicles.
The going is very good! I dread long straight stretches, but for no reason. The first piece is straight like an arrow across the pond.
But this pond i love so much, i stand still often to enjoy. Then there is a good bush road, then a little ways along the highway, next the 'Old Alaska highway', a little bush road and finally straight like an arrow again on the power line.
Because the skidoos have flatten everything out I go fast like an arrow too and am home in less then 2 hours. Amazing!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Natural Levee

Today i strap on the skies again, and wear almost the same as yesterday.
Because i did not want to get cold again. Of course i was overdressed and started transpiring, which is a no no too.
But not to worry it is only minus 5C.

Today i brought my watch. It takes me 1 hour to reach the closest Mendenhall river meadow. That is, along the way i still work on the trail. Last week i started this new trail through the woods. Now I am widening it out by removing dead branches on the spruce trees, removing small standing dead trees, and removing small dead trees on the ground. some time in the future I will bring my little saw, and will cut a few life branches and some small trees and bigger dead fall. That is my life as a trail maker.

Coming to the meadow, the sky is beautiful, different blues and all sort of clouds. The sun doesn't want to get out of the clouds. And i take no photos.
My goal today is finding a natural trail in direction of the '911 pond'. I have it on an aerial photograph.
I go West and follow high ground through very open forest, to the next meadow. AH this is a big one, I cross it in its full length, South-West. Sure enough there at the end, are three openings. According to the aerial photo, one should continue.
So it does, i think it is an old shore line from the river, it is an old natural levee.

Thank you Robert for saying; "getting caught up in the mystery!" Yes, that is what i love.

The mystery of this natural path; when a river goes through it throws up a levee higher then itself. And, i surmise, that because it is higher then the surrounding ground, it was to dry for trees to grow on.

foot note: Instead of the word 'levee' i was using the word 'dike'. I realized my mistake as i was reading a geology book. I corrected it in this post but i might have used the word 'dike' before, where i meant 'levee'. (My first language and surroundings being Dutch, i hope you forgive me my mistake.)

Monday, November 24, 2008

River Otter

This is last weeks picture of the Mendenhall river. Today, some 3km from here, Don and i saw some very interesting tracks. On the ice of the river is one inch of loose snow. It is very good for sliding! And that's what this animal seemed to have done. 2pairs of tracks and a 2 meter sliding mark 4 prints again and again 2 meters of sliding. All this for a longer distance then we checked out.
Don (who does know everything) figured it is a River Otter. And at home i found Andy Fyon's website and that kind of confirmed it.

This morning we left early and had a wonderful time skidoing. I didn't wear enough though. One day i will give you a list of many many layers of clothing i wear when on the skidoo. Any way i came back frozen ,spend 2 hours recovering. Then my son phones....

Oh my... You're are the first one i tell. Typing is easier. My throat ceases up thinking i would have to say the words.
He is in his last year of high school now, and just applied to SAIT in Calgary.
That is very very far away from here!

And guess what Steven D. Farmer says about Otters:
-Surrender- 'let go of control'
That's the teaching of an Otter when it crosses your path.
Too much!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thorton W. Burgess

My favorite children's writer, he has a series of 'the adventures of...' books.
in those books a central figure is Farmer Brown.
Well today i met farmer Brown.
It is only -5 C. a good day for skidoing. Don and i set off, following a coyote trail on the Power line access. I am wondering where the coyote goes, it seems to go many kilometers , without interruption. As we are not really following its trail, i can't tell you what it is up to. And Thorton doesn't write about coyotes.
Don and i are actually heading to the farmers field, to see if there is Bison tracks.
It is a long way through the forest. Many years ago we came upon the field by accident. It is a gorgeous field. Somewhere on the map beside 'nipple mnt.'
The view is totally panoramic. The mountains to the South, looking straight into the Sifton Range, and the Saint Elias Range.
We cruise through the fields, crossing a pond, we do see some 'old'(days ago) sign.
We do see fresh Ptarmigan or Grouse sign;

As i am writing:4.30 pm. Don is off with the skidoo again in a glorious evening sky, blue with broad bands of pink.

The birds seemingly slept here last night. There is little holes in the snow, at the bottom 'grouse' droppings. Lots of tracks. And some other tracks and black scat an inch long. Is this where the Coyote went?

As we cross the lake again i see a truck at the lone cabin. And movement, I catch up to Don and we decide to introduce ourselves. Indeed it is farmer Brown.
While Don and he do most the talking I enjoy the incredible view, i've been on top of a dozen of Mountains i can see, but there are many more that are calling me.( what arrogance, who am i.)

Friday, November 21, 2008

The short cut

Is coming along pretty good!
I am on my way to Jo-Jo Lake.
I left here before noon and was going to time myself to see how long things take, but so often what i plan, doesn't work out the way i thought it would.
Anyway it is -20 C and i put on the skies. Following the route i walked a few days ago (see post Fallen trees).
The trail i made through the forest, still needs some work, but is ski able (walking pace). This is as far i got last week and now i continue where Jane and i went that Saturday (see post Mendenhall river, Nov.15,2008). There is a strong smell of mud in the meadow, but no sign of wetness. I hop onto the river again, and where there maybe was a Dipper, i do see a bird fly away. No open water here though. Around the bend is one tiny opening in the river, i wonder if birds or animals keep it open. There are tracks around it.
I go past where Jane and i turned around. In my pocket i carry a little drawing of all the bends in the river, taken from Google Earth. And amazingly on the spot i expected, there is a little channel going onto a meadow on the South side of the river.
In this meadow there is fairly fresh sign of Bison.
At the end of the meadow i turn around, there is no obvious sign of where the next meadow is. I leave that adventure for another day.

On the way home, when i cross the highway i see a car parked close by. They drive towards me and lo and behold it is Sylvie, who i met years ago with Easter on the Summit (yes, the big Easter snow gathering). She and her partner(yes?) Michel where watching a Hawk Owl.

By the way, I heard lots of woodpeckers again by the river, it seems that every peninsula (folds in the bends of the river) is home to one of them.

Anyway when we stand there talking on the side of the road, we start shivering and i ask them to drive me home for a cup of tea. We've got a deal. Wonderful!

Down Town

Nov 19&20 2008
With that cold weather, the Yukon River is trying to freeze up. Which creates a lot of fog down town Whitehorse. And all that fog makes beautiful hoar frost.
Whitehorse is like a winter wonderland, In the evening the streetlights highlighting all those winter wonder trees.

Barb's fen

Tuesday Nov. 18,2008


Tuesday Nov 18, 2008
Coming home from my outing this very cold day, I was greeted by a Grosbeak sitting on my doorstep. I have a porch around the front door, a very pleasant place with big windows on the east side and open on the south side. Right by the door sits a Grosbeak, very calmly, not moving, even when i come close. I am afraid it is a casualty, that didn't quite know his way out, only the chickadees are that smart.

Erroneously i think i should help it a little bit, My Goodness, as soon as i pick it up (tenderly) it screams madly, i let it go in a fright, it starts rolling around like a top, screaming. I try to somehow help it calm down. Only when i put it right by the door again, it relaxes. i sneak inside, only closing the outside door, leaving the inside door open, so even more warm air can get to it. Because i think,
that was the bird's idea.
An hour or so later, i forgot about it, opened the door, and off it flew, obviously recovered. Amazing!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fairy Shrimp

I think they won't make it much longer in the wiggly state.

I did a little bit of research on the Internet, and found that indeed these creatures are Fairy Shrimp. They live in vernal pools, these are pools that dry up periodically. Well our Lake here doesn't dry up, but does freeze up totally. And that prevents fish from living in it. Which in order makes it suitable for Fairy Shrimp. Last week (see post:Giant Water Bug) they where still copulating, some of them clasped together; laying eggs for the winter in the mud.
This time, which the picture doesn't show, only some where still alive and wiggling,
They seemed to be hanging around the hole, which was totally frozen over today, but still had some light coming in.

-35 Celcius

Today we woke up and down by the outhouse it was -35 C. I say by the outhouse, because the thermometer attached to the house will always say more.
Hmmm.. maybe i don't go skiing today.
The sun is brilliant today, like always in cold weather, the sky dark blue.
At noon i went for walk (see next(above) two posts).
On the way back, on the Fire smart. The fog from the mendenhall river had lifted and created this scenery. Which would be around 1.30 pm. When i come home it has warmed up to -25 C.
Already the end of November, only one month away from the longest night.
Now looking out of the window,3.45 pm, the sun has gone down west of this mountain in the dip. It has skimmed across it for the last hour.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fallen trees

There are lots of fallen trees in the forest here, but i had never seen it quite like this.

Today i went for a walk again. Although the skiing is very good. Yesterday i skied the Beach Trail, which is a trail with several challenges, i found it to be rather easy. Now i wonder if not only the conditions are good, but probably my skills have improved!

Back to today; I had a great desire to check the shortcut to the meadow in Saturday's photo (Nov 15, Mendenhall river).It is a foggy day and going in the direction of the river means descending in the fog even more. It is beautiful though, quiet yet again. I follow the Fire Smart. Where the grasses grow, and it's here i pick some of the mystery grass. (see next (last) post).
I will turn my route into a ski trail and at the bottom of the hill coming into the trees i choose a route straight ahead. The actual trail goes either left or right, which is, even with my improved skills, hard for me. Turning while flying down hill through trees.
I cross the highway, where there is a little dam in the ditch. I also use this spot in the summer while biking. Either way the less extreme the dips and raises, the better.
Crossing the Highway, advancing straight South, through 'uncharted' forest.
I left a little ribbon, where i descended. I walk with my compass in hand to keep a rather straight line. The going is good. Somewhere along the way i took the picture of the fallen trees. It is only a third of a kilometer, through the forest. The trail will be, i estimate, half a kilometer. And then there is the meadow!
Tomorrow i might ski it.

Hordeum jubatum

Jubilant i am, to discover that the umbrella like grass on Kip's field is...Really Foxtail. Which always kind of has a bad name, getting stuck in a dog's throat and such. Seeing it around here jubilantly, doing no harm. I will call it by it's proper name Hordeum jubatum. (see photo a few days back, Nov 11, 'so quiet'.)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mendenhall river

Skiing with Jane Vincent.
It is a beautiful sunny day, somewhere around minus 8 C.
We leave from her house, cross the Alaska Highway and go onto the bluff. She is breaking trail, the conditions just perfect. From the bluff we take the trail towards the Mendenhall river. And hang a left to follow the meadows for a while.
The trail goes from meadow to meadow following little natural dikes. Both of us have been here many times, but it is always a puzzle again. We turn South crossing the second meadow we come upon, to find the river.

In the photo you see this meadow on our way back. Looking South into the Sifton Range, you see 'jozina maria mnt.', 'nipple mnt.', and 'the fire tower mnt'. The white ones in the back, yet, unnamed.

We both recognize where we come out, and Jane finds a little trail she cut long time ago, to get to the river. Easy as pie! With our skis on we drop onto the river. ( easy for her, i follow and actually easy for me too). The river is frozen over and all ready covered with an inch of snow.

I love the river! The way it meanders. Where it bends back on itself, i don't really notice it , till i look to my side through the trees and see Jane skiing the opposite direction, just 20 feet away.

We come to open water in the middle of the river. It is what i am afraid of; it is a flowing river and this time of year the channel could be insufficiently frozen to carry us. But up to the opening, the ice appears quite thick and i even lay on my stomach on my skis to have a drink; delicious.

At the next opening, Jane sees a bird flying off; a Dipper maybe.
Here we turn around.

At home i look at google earth, wondering if this is a nice route to ski to Jo-Jo Lake. Maybe. As always; lots of country at my doorstep to be explored. This way
bypassing the 911 pond. It would make it more attractive, being able to start skiing right from the house.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Giant Water Bug

After photographing this bug underneath the ice, i checked Peterson's Field Guide for Insects and found that this bug could be a Giant water Bug. Well i believe it, sounds true enough.
Please let me know if i am correct.
The little 'fishes' swimming around it, are not fishes, i always called them shrimp. According to the field guide that could be true too. I hope they are Fairy Shrimp (Anostraca).
The Giant Water Bug a Belostoma.

So much to learn.
First this morning i went to , where the water flows into 'moose skull lake'.
The first part definitely looks like a creek, but that is only 100 feet or so, then it becomes more like a wetland. Now i have already spoken about many wetlands around here. Today i am totally confused again what to name them; bog, marsh and now fen.

I would like to call this place 'barb's fen'. Remember my friend Jose, her name, (it's never simple) is Barbara. And her last name; van de Ven, ven meaning, you got it; fen.

An incredible area, which i have described in a few of last week's posts. I explored it some more for a ski trail, but past the first flat open spot it is very uneven to get to the next ones. And from the last one to get to a trail (which we tried, almost getting lost) is still a ways.

Nevertheless happy, i now return to the lake. The ice bubbling before i ski onto it.
There are all sort of sounds, cracking really. Today i am not too worried though. This is not a very deep lake as it is and the overflow frozen now. Even if i would fall through the overflow ice, underneath it will be another layer.
I am drawn to all the stars in the ice. It turns out most of them are frozen solid, like the one in the picture. I do find one with water. There are so many of those little shrimp, pale brown and pale orange, average 1 cm long. When i stir up the hole with my ski pole, they seem to increase in number. I can't get with my pole to the bottom of the lake. I kneel and try my hand; the ice i am on, seems only one inch thick, then there is an inch of water and then there is ice again, which seems at least 2 inches thick. There is a beautiful round little hole through it, too small for my hand. Through it i can clearly see the bottom of the lake, which is kind of a white mud. Now very excited i want to find a bigger hole. I found none, but did find this one with the water bug. In Peterson's book it says; they sometimes fly and are attracted to lights. Well this one definitely likes to hang around close to the opening (light). The lake is covered with snow except for these 'stars'. No luck for flying today, as his hole has clear ice covering it. Peterson also tells us; it bites!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Takhini river

The moon. As i am sitting outside in the dark (uhum, on the outhouse), suddenly i see lights in the forest, lighting up the snow. It gets brighter and brighter, the moon is up!

Yesterday i went to town;
Things here had cleared up since the fog, now i find myself descending back into the fog. Before the Takhini river crossing i drove into it. Right where i want to go for a walk.
I park my car on the east side of the bridge (Alaska Highway). I actually never really went for a walk here, and look at the river where it will be best to walk.
I choose the East bank , walking down stream, North.
The Sounds! Ice floes are flowing down the river, crashing into the frozen shore line ice and frozen islands. What an interesting sound... you gotta listen!
The sight is even more surreal. In the mist. The river is dark green, the ice floes look like sores on skin. Some are brown, some the color of the river, they all have white frizzled edges, and white spots on them.
Today nobody is winning, the river neither melting nor freezing over.
I walk the shoreline for one bend (an hour) On my way back I climb the highest bank, and see that i am not far from where i started, and go back in a straight line.
It has cleared up a bit. Things are very interesting today. There is no wind and it feels warm. Here on the bank i have a feeling, that if you would tell me ; this is a warm, plus 20 degree C, place, a forest covered in white... fluff, i would believe it.
What is that? Have any of you snow lovers ever had that feeling?

Ah what a day, when i come to the city, there is no power, wonderful, quite peaceful, people talking in the streets.
The river just keeps on flowing. Different then the Takhinni, the Yukon river here is a solid blue line meandering through the wide, white frozen river. Beautiful!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So quiet

As you can tell i love snow.
This picture was taken in Kip's field. Kip is our next door neighbour.I stayed so close to home, because my tailbone was still hurting. (it is much better now).
What a beautiful space this field is. The sky was incredible, deep blue with pink clouds.
I had a hard time taking this picture, because bending was still uncomfortable. I wanted that grass in with the umbrellas. What is it? The darker dried seed head is Northern Yarrow.

(see answer Nov 17, 2008)

This morning.
There are deer tracks in our yard. And again everything is so quiet, this morning sounds: The wingbeat of the Magpie; very quitly. And soft chattering of the Grey Jays.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Above the clouds

This morning it was foggy outside and very still.
I was wondering; one day i will post sounds on this blog. I was listening to the fluttering of the wings of a chickadee.
Looking up i noticed that the fog is not that thick when you look up, that's when i decided to go for the next adventure.
It is evening now and i am still sore.

Skiing up the 'fire smart trail', going on the bush road around 'moose skull lake'.
As it is at least -15 C the skiing is very good, I never use wax on, to be waxed skies. Without wax i find the colder temperature favorable to ski uphill.
In the swamp i meet 3 skidoers. Allard thank you for breaking trail for me! Past the swamp the trail gets rather hilly and on steep sections to fishtail up is easier on snowmobile tracks.
What i am saying the conditions are very good. Which is the reason i will make it all the way up 'maria mnt.' I do leave my skies behind on the last esker.

I am writing this entry in bits and pieces; i am very sore!

On the last esker is where the trail ends anyway, This winter i might finish it.
There are fairly fresh Moose (or Elk) tracks in the dark dip before the mountain.
As i climbing up the steep mountain side, the fog seems to get thicker. I wonder if it is all in vain, maybe by the time i get to the top the cloud has risen.
In the snow, sometimes a foot thick with a crust i break through, i sit on a rock or stump, every 5 minutes.

The snow is gorgeously looking up here, in patterns. And the hoar frost is thick.
I am close to blue sky, but still in the cloud. A weak sun shining through the clouds.
On the top i follow what looks like a porcupine track. Looking into the Sifton Range
there is no clouds. Taye lake is in the fog.

Finally i reach the very top; I am in the blue sky and when i turn around to the South. Tyler, Kelvin and Bratnober are slivers sticking out above the Cloud.
It is fantastic. And i stay around till my toes are frozen. The mountains come out even more. And then there is a sun dog! Middle mnt. comes out too.

I slide back into the fog. I have always enjoyed this sliding, but maybe not so early in the season, last week i ripped my pants. Today i hit my tail bone, and that's why i am so sore now.

Back on skies; i don't feel my tail bone that much, but do feel more tired. I decide to take the short cut across the lake. The over flow looks different again. And there are lots of star like holes in the ice. Is this all musk rat activity?

When i cross i hear and later see a crack, hmmm... maybe best to go around and stay close to the shore. I end up in thick slush. And never really get all the ice off the bottom of my skies, I am too tired, and figure i be home soon, mostly downhill.
Of course it is more tiring to ski with ice on your skies.

Ah my husband! He must have guessed my predicament and comes to pick me up with the skidoo. I gladly accept the invitation. Uhmm... I should have know. He is a madman, and at the end without letting me off he takes me on a superfast spin on the driveway.
I think i die. I scream and he laughs.

Loving all of it, I lay, played out, on the sun room floor while peeling of clothes.

Sun dog

Ice crystals in the air lit up by the sun.
I actually don't know if this phenomena is called a sun dog, but it sure is beautiful.

Friday, November 7, 2008


'moose skull lake'
Today i set out on skies. I got back last night and there is more snow. Early this morning the stars were out and i knew it would be a beautiful day and so it is.
I am drawn again to my 'new' favorite spot; the creek flowing into 'moose skull lake'.
I would like to name this short little creek.
As my mind wanders, searching for a name. I am reminded of last nights 'wild' experience;

Driving home with Alexander on the Alaska Highway, we both are startled by Elk on the highway. Lots of them! It is like a wall of brown bodies. The roads are slippery and i am very aware of not to over-react. As i brake careful, pumping, i head straight for the Elk. Certainly i am going to hit them. Luckily for us the elk move swiftly en masse, and an opening appears, in the middle of the road. A big bull the last one in the middle. Actually we never even get close to hitting them.
It was a close call though.

Safer to be on skies!
Anyway; Direction 'moose skull lake' , fish tailing up the 'fire-smart', sliding at perfect speed towards the lake. Uhm, there is overflow on the lake, in the middle there are definitely wet patches, i stay on the side of the lake. I expect lots of water close to the creek, but there is none. I brought a clipper, and clip some willows that over hang and grow in the creek. Most are dead branches. I remove some dead spruce stems that have fallen over the creek. Quite easily i get to ski to the meadow.
Alas, no camera again, i left it in my pack, which i left at the lake, where i started to clear a ski-trail. it is an amazing area though and when I name it i hope to have a picture for you.
I ski back on the north side of the lake ; see photo. It seems the Lynx is not afraid to cross. By the little inlet, i have a trail towards 'maria mnt.'
Right underneath the drumlins (or esker) i find this snow draping the willows.
I climb up the esker and connect with another trail, which i follow all the way home. There are wonderful descents. Skiing is Joy!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Snow and Sun

Just to give you a quick look at what it is like out here this week.
I am off to town today for a few days, while it is totally glorious out here.
The picture doesn't even show half of it.
There are crystals in the snow everywhere, birds flying of and on to the bird feeder; chickadees, grosbeaks, magpies and juncos.
The trail on the picture is made by the coyote, a regular visitor over the last few winters. The one-eyed one.
Sometimes a branch lets go of the hoarfrost, or snow load, which makes a shower of snow. It is melting of the roof, which makes for long icicles.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Saturday Jose picked the title, today Nov.3 2008, it's a surprising title,
as surprises popped out everywhere.
First, after a few days of snow showers. I woke up with the sun shining in my eyes. What a surprising world; after a few grey days everything bathing in sunlight, the snow 6 inches thick.
Yesterday, surprise meant, that Saturday, Jose and i found a place close to the house, so incredibly beautiful and i didn't know it was there.
Today i went there again, and when i come out of the thick forest, covered in snow, as i step on a path, miraculously Margriet( my wonderful neighbour) appears on skies. We are happy to see each other and continue our travels together.
The last surprise more humbling, as i read my last post, i realize i didn't even name our catch. A rabbit. And surprisingly it was delicious!

About what i initially called 'Surprise':
Saturday, for our last walk (for now) together Jose would like to go to the little lake. Somehow we don't stop there, but keep going. I lead her to where the water comes into the lake. In the summer this is a very wet area, and i have never really explored it. Today is the day! First there is a little creek, we walk on the ice and work through and around the bent over willows. The creek becomes more open, and entices us to go on. There is yellow green ice, overflow. An open meadow is next.
(no photos, an excuse everyday;today, i left it in the van and the van is in town)
I'll try to describe it. Grass is sticking out through the snow, hummocks with bushes everywhere, dead trees, their smooth grey trunks, sticking out, little pools, frozen, with overflow, or covered in snow. Birds singing, and the cougar tracks.
Rabbit tracks in the surrounding forest. And North of us the mountains.

I am unstoppable and give Jose the feeling; that we must be totally lost now. Luckily i have her home before dark. Today i went there again to see if there is option for a path (an easy way to get there and back).

The overflow totally changed, on the lake getting close to the creek, the snow i walk on feels soft somehow, and suddenly i am sloshing through water on the ice under the snow. As i follow the creek, all has changed, but equally beautiful.