Sunday, July 4, 2010

caballo caballo

This picture taken, somewhere around 11 pm
Brian, i know i should be talking about the wild places in nature, but my life here in the yard, (really,just a pinpoint in the middle of the wilderness) sometimes turns a little wild.
(When i think of my life here, it's never 'in my house', it is 'in my yard' our house is just one part of that space.)
A while ago, my attention drifted and my profile not totally accurate. I say now; the wilderness can keep it self quite well without me, it has done so for ions of time.
So anyway here a post about my personal(not so much) wild life.
Last night i watched a movie; 'it's complicated' with Meryl Streep, with a movie like that i become a bit wired. So when Don and i go to bed, we have some.... (don't read on if you don't want to know) fairly wild sex :) like galloping horses :) When we lay there exhausted in each others arms, i still manage to say; Don i long for a more exciting life. Of course he is not too happy with this remark, "how wild do you want it?" As in ain't this enough.
As we lay there dreaming away in our own self. We hear "cling clingelingeling"
I try to think which wind chime that possible could be. As often, i do not think outside of the box, only thinking of what i know. Where Don says, "it's the horses!" Then it's i that jumps up, where he stays in bed. Indeed 4 or 5 free range horses are walking through our yard, heading for the garden. Reluctantly i chase them away, because well we can't have them eat the garden, it would take them 5 minutes, but i do like things like this, this is part of the excitement of my life. And really, really, should that not be enough i wonder, well, they should have been stampeding, 20 of them, i riding one of them bareback :)


Brian said...

Hey keeper of the wild places
I think your free range horses are wild enough. And I think we all long for things we dont or cant have. Even though we know they are not better than what we have. Sometimes being content is hard when we look into deep cool pools and mossy forests. And see simplicity away from bills and stresses :)Brian(:

dogsled_stacie said...

I sometimes wonder too if my life is "exciting" or "wild" enough... then I look out in my yard and see those same horses (see my latest blog post) or some grizzlies, and think... yep! It's wild enough! :)

aria said...

hi dear Jozien,
what a wild life you have :-). here I'm looking at my balcony without horses walking by. Do we have to create this wild life ourselvelves? Or do we just need to see it?
Warm hug!

christopher said...

Jozien, you would choke on the fumes of my neighborhood, fumes given off by the phrase, "nothing ever happens here".

I assure you, even the raccoons have left. Only thin legged squirrels and the laziest birds are left around here.

There are no free range horses at all.