Saturday, July 17, 2010


OK quick, i was going to write about my nettle patch, this is it, it turned out perfect, when you look closely you see nettles, that is an improvement to last year.
But i gotta be quick, posting today.

Alexander phoned!!! He will be home in 45 minutes! I am sooo happy. ( even with his cast, yeh i know not so good)

But i here, being in my super day brimming with sunshine and positive energy.
I do always feel bad having expressed my downers, because they appear and disappear as fast, as the light travels and arrages and array of colors.(i do know what i want to say here about an array of colors, but the preceding word is totally off, if you know it, please help me out)
Ok i know i am a little schizo
definitely now
cooking macaroni with shrimp shaggy mane sauce/typing away/my mind racing.
That's what he phoned for: mom, cook me a nice supper i am very hungry


christopher said...


Hagazussa said...

Mijn dochters zeggen als ik ze vraag wat te eten, het maakt niet uit mam, als het maar iets is wat jij gemaakt heb. Mijn middelste is kok als ze advies nodig heeft, belt ze mij. Mama's eten is altijd goed, voor een goed gevoel.

Liefs, Haagje

Brian said...

Keeper of the wild place
Enjoy your family time. The nettle patch looks great :)Brian(:

aria said...

Jozien, beautiful, the pictures!!!

And Alexander .... give your mom a Big hug :-)!!!! She loves that!