Monday, July 5, 2010

single delight

I had kind of a rough day today, really of my own creation.
Has anybody ever said to you, about something you love to do, that you do that for solace. well this fairly well known spiritual teacher, that i happened to meet. Told me; how nice that i walk in the woods... for solace.
"Woman! i walk in the woods because i totally love it, it is for me the most glorious thing to do"
Well today i went for 2 walks and did find solace (however you use that treacherous word)
But really in between the two i already was on my way. This is what happened in between. My son (i know he is 19) left Saturday morning on a road trip.(He is not the reason i am sad.) He had NOT phoned yet. So i say to my self; i try his cellphone again (which most often doesn't work, because of being out of range)and when he answers and is healthy and well, i will be the happiest woman alive. Well he is in Grand Prairie. Some 1600km from here happy and healthy.
So now i have my priorities straight again.

First walk i am surrounded by birds in the trees and ducklings on the pond and that screamer the yellowlegs. Second walk: orchids everywhere, fields of labrador, louseworts, tofieldias, potentillas and actually i set of to see if the dogwood is blooming(the big bush that is uncommon here)And yes it is.
But what do i find mostly; Single Delights! my favorite:)flower, honestly. So many of them, i have never seen that many together.
And it tells me something, that i am to be delighted singly. Just me. No one can make me happy or not. We are all on our own in a way, delightfully so.

My head still feels like fluff
from the tears i have been crying
The cottongrass tells me
what ever will be
sometimes you cry
sometimes you feel like walking in stars
that too will disperse in the wind

:) still i really don't know......


Jos said...

Ah Joz, isn't it so true that no-one can make us happy ... or unhappy. Life events of course do impact upon us but we do still have a choice about how we feel a lot of the time. And sometimes we do feel like crying, and there is release and perhaps even solace in letting the tears fall rather than attempting to hold them in. We are rivers not dams I guess. xx Jos

Brian said...

Hey keeper of the wild places
Not calling home is a boy thing when I was young I was guilty of not calling home . To walk in the woods , meadows, or seashores is to be enriched with gentle breezes and being part of where you are while your there. Solace is escape. But we don't seek it as its there already!! :)Brian(:

jozien said...

We are rivers not dams, i like that :) do you say i am aloud to cry? forever? Now that feels like solace.

Brian you always write so beautifully about the woods, the gentle breezes and such, being part. Yes its there! :)

Jos said...

Allowed? Now there's a thought. Yes you are allowed to cry forever if that's what you want to do. People feel such pressure that they do not allow themselves to be open to self expression in all sorts of ways. Not just tears.

And now I read he has called home. Yippee! I am glad. Glad that this will make you smile. xx Jos