Sunday, August 1, 2010

acid lake

This is what i call austere.
I love austerity
i think...
but when i look it up in the dictionary, it doesn't quite say what i mean
I in a place like this, i am totally...
Climbing up the mountain when coming above the treeline, that is were i am in my element. It's exactly where i want to be.
Reaching the top of the mountain, is more than a bonus.
but to swim in a lake like this, naked, I am elated, beyond.

i guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, i think it's extremely beautiful.
Mary and i are trying to find out what kind of mineral is in those rocks, very many explorers have done so before us, so we might find out through their reports, whatever it was, it was luckily not worth mining. down below, the road we came up there is an old gold mine.

Later on i will post what most amazing flowers actually can grow close to a deposit like this, nothing grew right on the orange and purple rock, and to me it smelled like Sulphur. The water tasted like metal.


steveroni said...

It is indeed a strikingly awesome picture you paint--first with photos, then with words. Amazing, I could feel the chill, as I swam in those lofty waters, above most of the earth.

Though I am a warm-water "warm-everything" guy, YOU are the first to make it sound like real FUN: to climb, swim, frolic...above the tree-line.

Thank you for a perspective other than my usual.

You have just now inspired my blog for tonight--it will be the last one for a week, lots of work to do.


steveroni said...

Number TWO:

For "austere" I chose the word "stark", having connotation more of a difference (from my normal)

And start, as in "utterly" or "stark beauty of earth's top"...thank you for allowing me these thoughts beyond your expressions. IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!! --grin!

steveroni said...

Number 3--This is the FIRST time I've ever commented thricely...BUT I just wished for you to pop over and read my little poem which was inspired by this post. If you are disturbed that I linked your blog, it will be removed ASAP. OK?

Thanks for all your patience with my commenting.......

PEACE! Brrrrrrr!

Meandering Michael said...

That lake looks awesome! Where is it? (Or is that a secret?)

jozien said...

I am coming Steveroni! :)
thanks for all you say here, i very much apriciate the word 'stark'. as you might know English not my first language. And language mot my strenght as it is :)
Michael, it's on a ridge of to the North on Jubilee mnt! no secrets here:)

Claudia said...

wow - love this lake - looks refreshing and amazing --came here by steve..

Meandering Michael said...