Monday, January 21, 2013


Yesterday at the Kusawa road, Don and i saw caribou tracks. 

A few months ago i went into the building at Burns road, whatever it is called now, Wildlife Management, maybe. 
Anyway i asked them about the status of the Ibex Caribou Herd, now i forgot where i put the information that i got.
The Ibex herd is a small herd living on the mountain south west of Kusawa Lake, i recall they said, there are around 750 caribou in that herd now and it is stable.

What i know for sure! is that there are tracks on this side (east side of the lake) and maybe one day we will see more caribou around here. I did see one a few years back. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013


and blown a hole in the cold
 an old hurt stung
when i realized there never was a cut
all feathers will be gone by morn'
as i fly with the wind

Thursday, January 10, 2013

road and water

my story which goes with this picture is in what's up yukon. , I always try to get the paper when i am in , but i didn't get this issue, i do not know which photos they printed, so here is one.

I did get cold feet that day, more extreme then usual, but that was when i was still smoking, ( i still don't smoke!) ( the easy way Allen Carr).
But as you might know on Christmas eve i did freeze my feet, a little beyond what's being just cold feet.
I think my feet are recovering well, i have been skiing  again, but with the weather much warmer it is hard to say if i will have problems.
I do not buy it anyway. many people here will say, oh now you will always have problems.

:) i am going to beat the odds. and keep on pampering my feet, which are nicely tingling now after a hot footbath. I do not know what the best remedy is.

But i did some googling again  today , and someone said when nerves are regenerating, there are  weird pangs.
A few days ago, it felt like a an insect was crawling around in my sock and biting. I hope it was my nerves recovering, i did not find an insect.
And sometimes i do feel little pangs.
Today , i was on my feet all day, now at night after the hot footbath they are tingling.

and recovery might indeed be long, i do not have much discomfort and there is feeling in my toes ( a lot actually, when Don massages my feet it is quite hilarious, i won't go into details, but i do squeal like a little piggy.

And as long as  i do still have those 'not normal' sensations, i keep treating those tootsies

Sorry if i bore you
soon i hope to be normal again

Friday, January 4, 2013

looking out of the window

Giving my feet a rest again today, they have improved a great deal. (see last post  i froze my toes a week ago)
Yesterday i went to work, and no problems. Although in the evening my toes were hot and tingling again.
Which is to me an indication not to overdo it.

Talking to others about frostbite, there is those who always keep having problems after, and those who have no problems anymore. This one trucker from Alaska did describe the same sensations he had in his hands as i have in my feet  He's one that doesn't have problems anymore, but he will always take extreme precaution, to keep things warm, he is a bushmen, meaning when he is not driving his truck he spends a lot of time outdoors.

Anyway i will be wiser in the future :)
And for now i will do everything to let it heal properly, before exposing my feet to extreme cold again.

To me it seems that what i did is working: rest, warmth, massage, footbaths. herbal teas. And when the hot pins and needles subsided i started to go for little walks in super warm boots.