Saturday, May 30, 2015

still caught in your web

the distant hills soft
softer as on normal days
the new leaves long turned dark green
the meadow (where we lay)
gained purple and yellow
as being touched
as if it noticed the change
just in time a moving out of the way
the crashing thunder
as you fell from the sky
a down pour
how could i have known?
as the sun kept shining
dark grey thoughts opposing
the hammering continues
love songs keep playing
we pick the petals from a daisy just to see

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

a summer as no other

And this summer began almost in April.
And it is not just the swimming.
Outside all day
Walking leisurely half naked in the heat.
Summer smells
No mosquitoes to speak of
just butterflies and bees and yes some pesky houseflies.
We are outside till late at night..
And the sun always out and as usual always up.
Blue skies and just a little breeze for perfection
The leaves i forgot when they appeared,
but full green was reached in just a few days.
Plants are growing inches per day.
flowers blooming everywhere.
And it is not even June!
Winter is this year truly far away.

Monday, May 25, 2015

for R

hey babe
you gotta live it babe
love it
high frequency sensations
red hot feelings in the low light night
spiders reflecting an orange glow
dark blue ripples
silver strands
the sand is hot
the way it should be 
white granite polished like the old sink
you are so beautiful
like the zen beaches of black rocks in the sand
like the deep moss forest where the spiders live
the sink is in the old french house
where we were supposed to live
you the mountain
i the lake
i caress your feet
but you stand above me
out of reach
if it wasn't for the elegant lupine
reaching over, laying low
always, always the sand saves me
mountains, falling rock
rolling boulders
all in perfect order down to the finest grain
i don't want to know now, that one day it will be clay 
clay again
remember i was born from the clay
and you?
where do i look for you when it is our time again
still i vibrate
still caught in your web

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

the grotto

of course i am the water
how did i miss
that i flow gently over the seabed
dotted with tiny flowers pink and purple
how far away i hear a bird?
through the sound of the sea
swimming in me
are creatures i have never seen
just felt when passing through
when i look up
bluegreen algae my lashes
i see you on the distant shore
mirroring your face
unaware that it is me
nothing do we know
me the sea

it's if i was a young girl that lives in the forest

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mourning Cloaks

The Naked Eye
Like all living creatures, I had a mother and father; but I never knew them. I know that they met each other last summer; for several days they flew side by side and together sipped from the same flowers. Then for several hours they united. During this union my father pressed the tip of his belly against my mother; it is in this way he was able to slip tiny grains into her body, grains so small no person could see them with his naked eye.
—Animals and Their Families: The Butterfly
In a book by Martha Baillie
I wish i would have written it....
on that day

when i wrote that slightly perverted poem
Martha describes it more with the softness i felt when laying beside them, witnessing such wonder, to me she also captures the slight feeling of being lost... which i felt on that day, when i was aching for simple loving.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

covered up in purple

His gaze straight ahead.
Batholith tattoos.
The green speculum showing.
A small crevice.
Suddenly the front wheels of the jeep sink in.
 After bouncing through the desert,
 the ground littered with dense tufts of grass,
first looking out over the land from a high ridge. 
up to the axles in mud.
In that instant he remembered;
the slivers being pulled out of festering skin.
A baby? 
A baby? they ask
in surprise.
The pendulum slowly swinging.
A real life, soft, pink, gurgling, baby in a cradle!?
The laughter, the pure joy.
Everything coming together.
 An abbreviation of events.
 Infinite softness experienced.