Tuesday, January 26, 2016


covering the lens with my hand, holding the receiver down. sucking in the spaces on the screen. the rope cannot hold up itself, falling into coils on the fertile ground which is frozen. the grace of my rachilla taken from view, as my stem is bend in an arch by wind and snow. only the blade of the knife stands. shafts of sunlight illuminating what is lost. i carry on, taking frozen laundry from the line as if it is a normal thing to do. replace living breath by crystals. colors erupting, one at the time, one per decade, till the full spectrum is reached. and it has. it always was there. finally i will leave on the clothes that i came with, come rain or shine.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

on grass and stars

 When we look at clouds.
We see that looking straight up they are spread out,
close to the horizon compressed.
How is that with the stars, do stars do that? Just asking
grass just swaying in the wind hugging the earth making patterns in the snow

the stem 



To identify grasses, we first look if  the spikelets have a stalk ( as in panicle) or not ( spikes)
The bottom photo is such spike. (3)
the two above - the spikelets have stalks. 1&2

next we look at 1 &2  if the spikelets are one flowered or have two or more.

3- are the spikelets only to one side, No, here they are on opposite sides.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

the middle of the universe

for climbing hills
there is always a next hill
I found a tiny grass, 10 cm
compared to the meter long grass halms  
at the foot of the hill

the hoar frost
started growing again
already much bigger on the top 
then here down below

Recently a video from 
the flat earth society
claimed the Earth is not round
I didn't see any evidence either way

What i know is that I Am
I always the middle of my Universe
never stepping of the edge
but neither going around in circles
or spinning 
at incredible speeds

Quite still there up the hill

Monday, January 4, 2016


Don't you know
just feel right
so very very right
I could cup you up
when dancing through the water
running on the beach
don't you know
that you are it
water sparkles
in the sunlight
on our skin
seagulls watching us
you pick me up
 it is you that carries me
just because it is me
sees your

grasping grasses

I was out early this morning. The sun rising in the notch to be up even longer then the accounted for minutes.

I was picking grasses. Because with my wildflowers i feel i have come to a ceiling. To know the name of every next unidentified flower i meet, it feels impossible. So i resolute to take on grasses.
I know grasses from rushes and sedges.
But to know which grass it is; it is all a mystery to me. Is it fescue or a bluegrass this could be some kind of wild oats for all i know?

grasping for grasses
my last straw
 like grass my marriage persist

Sunday, January 3, 2016

patterns in the ice

a suspended ice shelve on the bank of the river.
hexagonal ice plates

With the increasing daylight and the sun being out, just below zero Celsius temperatures, it was lovely today.
I skied/walked to the Mendenhall river. Actually  I did see a human in the distance.
But as always I am more excited by animals.

I followed otter tracks for a long way, I also found hoof prints on the ice, an elk maybe?
I do wonder how the otters survives here, there is no open water to speak of. I did follow his trail to the meadow and it led me to a muskrat push-up. Yes otters do eat muskrat apparently, and are said to be ingenious hunters. As I stood above the muskrat push-up, trying to peek in, which is not possible. I did hear the water disturb, as if it had noticed me and swam of.

and not to forget I saw many tiny tiny trails, of the little creatures.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Our new year's day started with a wonderful sighting; first it looked like a strange duck, it was too small to be an otter.
We think it is a mink!
The American Mink is a species that does live in the Yukon, but I don't think I ever seen one. He stayed long enough for me to take a picture and then disappeared. We were at the Takhini river, towards Kusawa Lake. We also did see common goldeneyes

This afternoon, it looked like we saw one male with 6 females. But one of those 6 was a strange duck, a bufflehead.
The beginning of the year very good.
But so was the ending, celebrating with friends here at home, Northern lights were spectacular and we had one beautiful colorful firecracker!

Happy Nee Year to all of you that still do visit me here at times!