Sunday, May 27, 2012

sweet sweet sweet

Yesterday, i climbed all the way up my small mountain here, to enjoy the tiny wildflowers that are starting to bloom in the heat of the rock. I even found a tiny lovely new pine tree. (among flowers i had already met this spring there was now also the saxifraga  reflexa (check my yukon wildflower blog)
But! i wasn't prepared for the glory that met me in the valley below, on my way down i made a quick visit to the little creek, and there was this 30 cm high big chrysanteum like flower. I assumed it was a coltsfoot, but different then the common one. 
 And.. i forgot to smell, so this morning i ran to the creek, got all wet to kneel down  and...
it smells soooo sweet.  what a treasure.
Today  i will go to a big patch i know of the more common one, and when there are lots i will pick a few of its flower stems, because slightly cooked they are delicious.

Monday, May 21, 2012

spring has sprung

 no end to the glory of crocuses this year
i swear hdt has something to do with it
him glorifying them
And the leaves are out, and suddenly more, different kind, of flowers are blooming. I will make a link here to my wildflower blog, because that's were i'll post the new comers.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

some color for hdt

 Don spotting the Great Blue Heron
 Crocuses everywhere this year 
 Because of warm April and cool May the spring flowers last a long time
Fields of  Northern Jasmine
beautiful names for this tiny abundant flower:
Androsace septentrionalis or
Fairy Candelabra

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Great Blue Heron

at Mendenhall landing

 This is the first time i have seen this bird in the Yukon! I think it does stop by occasionally, but usually sticks closer to the coast.

right about now

right about now, the sun is coming up over Coudert mountain, shining on the exposed sandy beaches along the west side of Kusawa lake pristine, layed out as a zen garden, sand in between black and white rock My dream, to live like that to be layed out perfectly to trust the Universe that all is provided. Maybe us people are scared of time? Do you know the overpowering strength of time, if it was all we had? If everything we needed was provided. That we lay there warmed by the sun, loving eachother, that our bellies were full, because what we needed to nourish eachother was just there to pick up. This morning i watch the ducks in the little lake (Kusawa is too far to run to on my morning run) How calm they are, how totally content did they swam in my direction, there clors shining bright, diving leisurely for their food. I dream of a life like that. People talk of a shift coming. I invision that that is what is in front us, within our grasp. If we could only handle time. If we could resist the urge to run around to aquire what is already ours. work work eat sleep. Why not stop? and be. I'll try today and let you know. will you follow me? or are you already there? Am i the one behind, do you already know how to live perfectly content in harmony with time? Could i handle having all the time of the world?