Monday, July 19, 2010


I was a smoker.
I stopped this morning
My last puff was 11 pm last night, which is 9 hours ago
I am stopping, FOREVER, not this for this moment or just for today thing, that has not worked.
I, i, i, it's all about me today, i'll keep you updated.

Any suggestion or questions appreciated!


Jos said...

Keep thinking of it as something in the past tense. So ... once I was a smoker but not any more. Keep in mind that you are escaping from a trap ... a lucky escape at that! If you can avoid thinking of it as depriving yourself then it will egt easier much faster.

I remember giving up smoking. Tried oodles of times and then one day I just packed it in. No gum, no patches, just slung the last pack of ciggies in the bin and said to myself "I've had enough fo this". Funny thing was every other attempt I was tetchy and miserable for days and even weeks, but that last time I hardly even noticed. Sometimes these things just "click" I guess. Good lock Joz. xx Jos

jozien said...

Thanks so much Jos!
Once i was a smoker,
I am escaping from a trap.
It does seem to click today. (haha it's rather early in the game)
But i envision that after, i can say like Jos, one day i just packed it in, never craved another cigarette.

Brian said...

Hey keeper of the wild places stick at it . I had a few stop starts at smoking when I was younger but gave up for good 5 years ago. And I could'nt imagine smoking now. Keep at it and think of some nice art supplies you could have with your puff money. And how fast you will hike round the wild places, with the new lung capacity stay focused :)Brian(:

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Good for you!! Do whatever you can to quit- try aids, prescriptions, anything. Your life is worth it. We lost Matts father to lung cancer at age 51; he was a heavy smoker for a long time. After that, I told Matts mom, who was also a smoker, that we would not visit and she would not be allowed to see her grandkids (they weren't even born yet!) if she kept smoking. She stopped and has been smoke free for 5 years.

You can do it! Tell everyone you know that you have stopped and then be accountable to yourself and them. Keep updating us on the blog.

Keep it up!!!

jozien said...

Oops, crazy things happen when stressed out,
what i was saying; Thanks Brian and Tara, it's working, thanks so much for your help.