Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wegener arc or Parhelic circle

I now believe i might have seen a  Wegener arc in the sky.
or was it  a Parhelic circle, more likely, but i had the impression that the circle was above the sun.

the Wegener arc is connected to the Tangent arc, and the dipped rainbow line above the sun is called Tangent arc, i definitely saw a Tangent arc.ehhh or called Parry's tangent?

This was March 28 in Whitehorse around noon. me know if you have seen it!

Friday, March 29, 2013

circumzenithal arc

All i can find is that the arc i saw yesterday was a circumzenithal arc. Contradictory to what i can find on the the Internet. It was white , not rainbow colored and it was , and i think what i saw yesterday was a full circle. Also i read somewhere that for such halo, we need ice crystals in cirrum clouds, well that was possibel. But another fact it mentioned. For a circumzenithal arc, the sun has to be below 32 degrees above the horizon. It was 1 pm, i do hope our sun is higher then 32 degrees, i don't know.

The photos taken wednesday, 4 walking hours, in a straight line south, away from here
somewhere halfway on the mountain south of here

the vertical lines in the ice indicated to me that the ice was once melting but now frozen solid again.
and what creates those sparkles?


No photo,
Yesterday at around noon, driving in to town, i spotted  what i call a double pair of sundogs to either side of the sun, there also appeared to go white lines coming out of these sundogs. As i stood watching them with Gerry in Hillcrest. The outer sundog on the left of the sun, did look like the beginning of a rainbow, arching towards the North. Above the sun appeared now a bent rainbow , a rainbow colored line arched above the sun but dipping down in the middle.
Later, after one o'clock, i watched from several locations in town. There was this almost perfect circle straight overhead in the sky, a white circle, the width of a rainbow, but white.

Did you see it? What did you see and what do you call all these phenomena?

Monday, March 25, 2013


This otter was having fun!
And in a book from Louise R. Forrest i read that they do live in beaver.. well this was a small beaver dam. That was constructed this past year, as it wasn't there last year around this time.
I wander about the relationship of these beavers and otters, the otter a carnivore and the beaver a herbivore, so a nice friendship can be imagined.

Friday, March 22, 2013

the river ice is dropping

Now that doesn't mean spring is coming. It probably just means there is so little water under the ice that the ice just collapses and falls in the water below.
In my last post i also didn't mean that  i am anxious for spring to come. I just meant that sometimes we do not see any signs of things to come yet we know. In Nature that is obvious, but i often see that truth in other aspects of life too.

I know that beside taking positive action, a positive outlook does have an effect and how i experience things.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Especially here in the Yukon, especially this year it seems, as we are waking up every morning to 25 below, and everyday will be as glorious as the one before.  We all know that in a month form now, there might be flowers blooming.
I looked yesterday in places that they will, and you can guess, there is nothing, nothing that make it seems so.
yet we know they will. with like 99.9% certainty.

it's cold out there right now
the air bites right through my clothes
the sun relentless
blinding me
does anything ever changes?
today i will walk in circles
when you join in
 we come to a spin

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

let's look at the sky

these photos don't quite match, and i would love to talk about the healing powers of ice crystals mentioned by Sean..

I woke up empty this morning, Don cuddled  up and gave me a good rub, i searched for my majestic powers and thinking about Truth, i started laughing.

I arrived at a spot where i had been before; As soon as trying to describe 'what is true for me' it crumbles.
I like the idea that it doesn't want to be captured in words. That is somewhere beyond what can be explained. i suppose that is true for me.

I liked how Master Fwap explained karma and free will, As in Christianity i found there is a similar dilemma  When all is God's will, where do i come in?

So i like to describe it this way...tada!
All i have is this moment, and only in this place at this time. As soon as i move all has changed.
Somehow there is always me coming with me, never anyone else, my awareness always me.
Because i am so connected to myself weather i want it or not, i do believe  i create every next moment.

Now as not letting it all go to my head.  Seeing,  sensing in many ways, that there is an 'outside' of me too,
It/we must be all made of the same stuff, all with its/our own personal awareness.

I Do Not Know,
how i came to be. And all explanations in that direction  to me are futile. As there is no way to prove any of it.

What i do know is that i have a certain control over my next moment what the outcome will be. In the logical sense.  Like if i type this and post it, it will be momentarily typed and posted. Which is also  based on very many past moments, at one point i learned to speak, then write, type, use a computer.

And who dropped out of the sky? it is Don and he is making lunch, so the typing of this post will be delayed a bit, because i choose to eat a bit too.

Now all that is common sense, i think...

From experience i have reason to believe, that not only my action have influence on the next moment.
( i know i keep talking about the next moment, well this one is already spoken for, it is what it is, even if i might think about it differently later)

I found that what i think has an influence on what i experience.

 hey, see you tomorrow, i will have lunch now

Monday, March 18, 2013

The different faces of ice

The more water solidifies the more faces it has. So is my truth quite different then yours even if we are both mostly water. Ha! can you imagine how different from eachother we would look if we actually become still for a long time? I can write anything i want, it might be right or wrong, a lie or not , made up or actually experienced.
What i am getting at is that we all have our own truth, your path is not necessary mine. When to be Catholic ( i am just saying, no pun intended) works for you,  that is fantastic. Even if it is all smoke ( i did think the smoke would stay black forever, it didn't).
This morning it is minus 30 Celsius again, but the sun is already glorious, and we know it will win.
And i who remember to wake up happy as a child, only being afraid of the lion under my bed, lately i have been waking up distressed, every morning, it already faded the sun shining too brightly to keep me there.
Master Fwap ( surfing the Himalayas) tells me what i feel is majestic power of particular dimensions. Well master Fwap is full of Bologna (baloney). yet like everybody  ( fictional or real) we all must have an essence of the same. Now the essence, That! is that what i call truth? Can even be my essence quite different then yours? How do you describe your water when it's frozen solid?

I hope to write every morning in my time of majestic power (dread) a little bit about what is essentially true for me.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


when i put my clothes back on
they smell of smoke
 a hole chopped in the ice
the nesting box was full of feathers
we saw mergansers 
 brightly black and white in the cold river
and a dipper busy lower down
and i climbed  high 
upon the barren rocks
windblown hillside
scrambling up
my bones want you
my hard bones want your firm grip
you see my ribs when my body arches
for your love
maybe i am skinny
because i need to feel your hands 
pulling on my hipbones

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

cherry blossom

my world is made of sugar

can you imagine, everything you can imaging can be made with ice and snow
mind you it might not last as long as cherry blossom
disappearing when the sun comes out
but often longer 
when caught in glacier ice
it's there for centuries to come

i pick and choose my kind of candy