Saturday, February 28, 2009

Great Big Waves!

How about serenity?
What about it?

I just love swimming in the surf.

Where is the ocean?
Where is the Sea?
even the big lake close to here,
it is frozen.

I love diving in big waves.
The power.
Going in, right when it breaks.

Crashing, the water
spray on my arms and face
being taken
struggling to surface
regaining footing
way closer to the beach now.

Again and again.
Laughter and Joy.

Till the cold and salt
make us want to go onto the warm sand.

Oh how recently,
I still feel the power.

Oh give me just one more of those waves...

All i see is an ocean of snow,
things covered in a soft gentle flow.

What about it?

Just for today,
I love this winter landscape.


RachelW said...

The snow makes waves of its own, especially with the wind we've been having lately. I had to shovel a huge wave of snow out from behind my car before I could go grocery shopping yesterday. I've also been riding my bike through tough waves of snow, with great effort. But I'm with you, in my longing for the sea! We really can't dive into these waves of snow, only struggle through them. :)

christopher said...

Dolphins Broke It Open

Along the sea's shore
are many lives in the rocks,
under the wet sand,
and further out there
under the waves kelp replies,
it's cacaphony,
or it's symphony.
Yesterday dolphins broke it
open. A pair flashed
me and you, welcomed
us to the salt air, singing
out to each other.