Friday, February 13, 2009

Still cold

Oh i can not write a poem.
I am much too much awake.
Maybe you have to be a dreamer or so,
but how do i dream,
bursting wide open?

I just like to write about this weather here.
That's all.

A gigantic Storm
washes over me
Big Booms make me fly franticly for cover
Strikes light up the scary sky

It's not a storm of sadness
It's sheer madness!
lightning, thunder,
sheets of rain

Oh I wish.
Oh I wish,
spring would come this way.

reality is:
It's dark and still outside, only ice and snow...

Waking up this morning it is still -30 C below weather here in Mendenhall.
What do you do?


christopher said...

Many people yearn to not write poetry like you do not :)

You are a mistress of the word,
A catcher of spring in the middle of winter.

At thirty below you are still blood warm in your heart.

aria said...

What do I do? I am sitting behind the window, looking at my computer screen :-) and loving to read your poems and your experiences in the snow, looking at the sky.
A big hug from the Netherlands!

Faith said...

Wonderful, Jozien. "Much too much awake". I am having moments like that these days...if only words would dance from my fingers the way they dance from yours! -30 C? Ouch! Yesterday it was raining here and then turned to snow. But the light has changed...longer afternoons. Spring is coming.

What do you do? Oh, keep writing and sharing. I love this poem!

Sue said...

I have a cup of tea under a blanket and hide from everything and everyone in a book :)

But you are strong, you'll get through the storms and spring will get here before you know it