Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jo-jo peak

Here is a better picture of the landscape towards Jo-jo lake.
I am standing North of the 911 pond. a willow thicket in the foreground.
The black line above that is the beginning of the moraine. And really the end from the glacier's point of view.
Here in my neck of the woods the glaciers came from the South, the coast.
You see how probably melt water, cut a little trench in it.
The trail goes through that trench. But first follows the white patches. One of them the steep hill.

The glacier made the peak so steep. And it is as pointy as it looks, I sat on top a few years ago, and didn't dare to stand up. The mountain on the right, which i had the honor of visiting too, was the only one around here, that peaked out, when all was ice-fields.


Faith said...

Beautiful. I don't think I would dare climb the peak! Let alone stand up! Jozien, you are truly the "keeper of wild places"!

jozien said...

Thank you Faith. Oh, i'm so brave.:) I just wonder why i need to hear that so much?

Robert V. Sobczak said...

I got a shiver in my legs (my inner vertigo taking over) thinking about being up that high and looking down. It's somehow captivating and intoxicating, but also paralyzing. I want to look over but can't get too close, and don't want to go away. It's a paradox of sorts. As for the moraines, we have plenty of them down here in south Florida -- fake ones, they built them in miniature at the golf courses to give it that Scottish feel.