Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kusawa park

March 31, 2009 is the deadline to give my input on the development of Kusawa Park.
The website
I didn't go to the website yet.
But i would have like to have gone to the lake today. It being the Big Frozen lake i mentioned yesterday. It is not just frozen, but maybe inaccessible this year. I need to find the right person to go for a drive and check it out.
Anybody interested? I have the use of a truck, i just need somebody good with a shovel, in case we get stuck.:)
Kusawa is beautiful any day, and the river coming out of it stays open all year. A wonderful thing in the winter. With Dippers (Birds) spotted in the water, if i am lucky.
The park will include Jo-Jo lake, but not the 911 pond.

I did go on a nice walk today, staying on the road mainly.
And quite glorious, above the valley hangs a haze, the sky above blue.
Just like an early summer morning spend on the beaches of the North Sea.
I just had to imagine the smell of salty air.

Alexander just walks in from a day at Sima. Snow boarding.
There was a competition. He got 2nd.
He had an amazing day. I am more disappointed as he is, he got beat by 1.5 points.
And he informs me as i sit here typing; he is not going to school tomorrow!


Robert V. Sobczak said...

Sounds like you have your hands full. Raising the children is more art than science, plus it's a work in progress. Monday's can be a drag all the way around though.

christopher said...

I can't even imagine announcing I wasn't going to school. My dad was Vice Principal and Dean of Boys. No way I would get away with that. So I had to play sick. I was a sickly kid, such a sickly kid. All those fevers...

Hot light bulb and skill at stopping short. Knock it back to, oh 100.2F or so. One time I had to break the thermometer because I overheated it and it was stuck. So I broke it and stayed home anyway, because I was too sick to not drop the thermometer. Poor me.

I either got away with it or my folks didn't care to bust me. Don't know which.

jozien said...

I like that Robert. It's an art all right.
And he does get away with it.
He does know his marks have to go up after he skips. I'll let you know.

Sue said...

I'll go! I'll go!

Oh, wait, it might take a while to get there, and I don't have off tomorrow...

Anyway, I'm gonna go check out the snowboard website and show my boys. They probably couldn't keep up with your son, but I know they'd love to try :D
We have a big ski trip planned and they can't wait!

jozien said...

too bad Sue you didn't have the day off. I would to go on an adventure with you.
And you can see Alexander on the front page of
Proud mom.:)