Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Living in the wilderness

One of the beauties of living the way i do is that i can express myself vocally, as in singing my heart out, anytime anywhere i please.
Most of you reading this, are maybe surrounded by people and buildings etc. most of the time.
That's where i come short. When i see you, surrounded,
you do walk so gracefully, being you so perfectly.
Mostly, I couldn't be that strong, i think.
No matter what; we are all on some kind of Path.

This morning i stepped outside,
and if you could have heard,
I sang a primal song of sounds.

As of lately,
i was singing love songs
in the woods.

With some feeling of loss
I wondered
Where is my
so familiar primal voice
Native sounds
of deeper down the Earth
totally in harmony

Sometimes i sing a hymn to God
When i am scared;
a children's song

Singing here this morning
I see my order of all things

Maybe you reminded me
I heard your song
from far away
It is a sound so clear and light
one of total Grace
where as my love songs are
mainly egocentric

I know for now which path i have to take
It's just
I love to stray

Only when i will find
the guttural sounds of Inuit

Maybe then
I will sing a song that really counts
It's music still in shrouds for me


Faith said...

You amaze me with your posts. I feel so much that I am on a path too. Song can be so spiritual. Letting the sounds out. You are right that so many of us are surrounded by buildings and people. I hardly ever sing out. My daughter is a singer. Where ever she goes she sings. She is never afraid to sing. She sings like she breaths. She can't not sing. It sometimes drives her brother crazy, but it is beautiful. She fills the air with song.

Your poems are songs that really count. I wish I could have heard you this morning. :). "I love to stray" Maybe that in itself is a path:).

Keep Singing:)

Sue said...

This is so beautiful

I think we have opposite lives, you and I... I would love to sing out loud whenever I wanted, and be so strong as you!

christopher said...

And me as well, really happy to know you sing out and feel you are free like that. The path is itself alive and moves with you, you know, does not stand itself so still that it is so easy to wander away. Your job is not to find the path but to find your sensitivity so you do not feel so lost. The path would prefer you to lead. It works better that way. That requires from you learning how to lead your spirit path. That is a matter of clarifying far more than it is a matter of learning new information.

Then it is a matter of singing and dancing as you very well know.

jozien said...

Thank you all!
It is your song i heard from far away.