Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mount Coudert

No, i didn't climb Mount Coudert today.
Quite early this morning i set of to go to the top of my own mountain here. Which really is not much more then a hill. From the house at the most a 1000 feet elevation gain.
The weather is quite good. -10C, no wind and an arch of blue sky in the South.
I am heading North into the dark, again. Earlier on today feeling quite sad anyway.
Cross country skiing, carrying my snow shoes on my back. The trail is fast, In no time i am on the little lake. Where the ski tracks are yet again invisible, both because of the flat light and the new snow. I know i am on the trail though , by the way i float, being carried. I would know when i would fall off the trail, by the way you sink in deep.
Blue China Swamp; in no time i am at the end of a skiable trail, I change to snow shoes. I skip all the regular rest stops, because my pace is perfect today.
Again in no time I am at the foot of the mountain, a little ways up i leave the snow shoes, as it is now to steep for that.
Again, this is all too easy. Same mountain always different.
I have a nice rest overlooking the valley. The arch of blue kind of disappearing and snow starting to fall, very minimal.
On the side of the mountain, deep snow was blown of , well it is all collected at the top. But by now i am so close I carry on.
After many drifts, deep snow, some hard crust, I do reach the very top!

Look South.Look North.

I spend over an hour just enjoying it. I love this most of anything. Just looking, listening. Then i wonder what about feeling.
I guess one could call it Grace.
I feel the luckiest person on the planet.
Have you ever had that? Where you feel good, no matter what.
The whole top feels very peaceful, there is so much tenderness.
It actually stops snowing and starts clearing up a bit.
The walk down is lovely as always.
I wonder about the fact that normally any high point always feels somehow harsher then lower in the valley. Today maybe it was all opposite.
Till i come down overlooking Blue China swamp.
This sounds kind of pathetic, but you might have had such a thing ever happen to you too. I am totally struck by Love. The sweetness of it all. Not knowing really what.

Back at home, i feel somehow down again. And sure now it starts snowing big time.

Well i guess this all happens when you live in the mountains.
Blessedly so.


christopher said...

Carried On The Wind

Today it was love
that came on the wind
and lifted the skirts of life
in order to make
more love, enough for
tomorrow's need, enough for
you on the mountain,
me at the river,
enough for all the small ones.

Faith said...

I read your post last night and thought about it all night long...
This really resonated within me --

"This sounds kind of pathetic, but you might have had such a thing ever happen to you too. I am totally struck by Love. The sweetness of it all. Not knowing really what."

Not pathetic at all. I have glimpses of this feeling too when I am outside somewhere beautiful. It makes your heart feel so huge inside.

I think Christopher's poem says it well.

Sue said...

How beautiful!

I wish I could come with you!

I've had that feeling too, you would laugh, but once I had it while washing dishes (and I hate washing dishes!) It felt like it came from outside of me...

Creation and God and Love are all over the world, I'm sure, and much stronger in such a beautiful place, but still I think they are everywhere :D

jozien said...

Thank you all.
Yes Sue, everywhere, even or maybe especially when doing something... like dishes.

Anja said...

What a beautiful post Jozien. I was trying to find something about heart and this is what came up:
"He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men".